1. Re: 70+ Things to Read

      Thank you for mentioning A Good Man, it is the first time I encountered my novel on one of these forums.

    2. Re: American Transmigration or Isekai/Portal Novels

      My completed novel A Good Man is an American Isekai. Not much American stuff going on in the new world though.

    3. Re: Portal/Isekai Story List

      Check out my novel Frozen Armies is a portal fantasy where a militaristic empire marches through the portal to invade Yord, a low fantasy renaissance world.

    4. Re: Anybody know a portal fantasy where the MC is evil?

      Try mine, it might suit your tastes. It is a multiple perspective story on an invasion by gate. Some characters are straight up evil, but none think of themselves that way. 

    5. Re: ModernMilitary/fantasy/Transported to a fantasy world

      If you can live with a fantasy army invading another world my fiction might interest you. Frozen Armies It is slightly inspired by gate.

    6. Re: Strategy and fantasy genre

      My fiction Frozen Armies might have what you're looking for. There is quite a large cast of characters, many of them either part of the military or related to it. Strategy is a large part of the novel (...)

    7. Re: Real World Drug Use in Stories?

      I have written a story in which the main character gets addicted to otherworldly cocaine and never had a problem.

    8. Re: Slow Cooking. Novels Heavily Based On Dialogue/Character Interaction.

      I'm going to self advertise if you don't mind. Frozen Armies is a story about a warrior race, named visius, who invade another world because their own is running out of food sources. It is a novel which (...)

    9. Re: Assassin MC

      You can try mine:

    10. Re: looking for psychological grimdark anti-hero novel.

      You can try mine, the first book is finished. A Good Man. The story is all about power and how far people are willing to go to obtain it.

    11. Re: Confused about plot and characters

      Try a different approach. Now normally, you probably have a good idea and start writing. This approach will often get you the first 10.000 words, after which you will get stuck. Now instead of doing that (...)

    12. Re: Favorite hidden gems?

      Heya, Much thanks for calling my fiction A Good Man a hidden gem. Personally I've been enjoying Tome of Stealth quite a lot. Cheers, -Verus

    13. Re: Assassin Story

      So far I've received positive reviews, so I think my story is good. My fiction A Good Man features an assassin as the main character. The fiction is completed, 250 pages, 3,500 words per chapter. I'm currently (...)

    14. Re: Read my Rise To Power

      If you link it I will read it. I love crime stories.

    15. Re: Gunfire

      Heya, I'm looking for something with gunfire. Preferably not scy-fi, but something more contemporary. Please no mechas. Cheers, -Verus

    16. Re: Reccomend Your Stories

      Heya, you could give mine a try. The main character is quite evil, smart in some ways, ignorant in others. There is romance, much like the characters (...)

    17. Re: Looking for books about evil mc. (Read description below)

      Heya, You could try mine The main character isn't much of a scientist, but she is evil. In fact she is an ancient evil tasked by the heavens (...)

    18. Re: I need some reviews...

      Heya, Currently you have too little content for people to be interested enough to write a review. Keep writing, as long as people don't call it god awful you will get a review or two in some time. (...)

    19. Re: A novel written in first person, present tense?

      Lovely, I'm writing the last chapter now.