Evil Dragon on Paper

I love the premise and I adore Ruth but I am sick of the POV changes.

I loath the goddess that mistakes ignorance for stupidity.

Why do the system messages get their own POV?

I honestly could care less about Heath.

And why do you keep switching to a character that doesn't even get a name?

I was so excited for a dragon living as a tiefling and I love Ruth's POV because it feels rather realistic to me but slowly the story is getting consumed by other characters. Just time skip like a normal person aah

The Preying City

Good case of show don't tell

I quite like how this story so far. (As of 'Elias (2)') It does not coddle you and you learn of the world rather naturally. Not once have I seen an info dump and it allows you to infer things or just see things in action. Heck, we are not entirely certain of what kind of creature the MC is and I feel the story is better for it. 

I also adore the way the leveling system works. There is no blue boxes to chart strength and I feel it is quite clear that while the higher level creatures are powerful, someone lower than them could take them down with some difficulty. Also I adore the artifacts concept and I look forward to how all the different elements of this story interact. I am rather excited to keep reading and to see what the future holds.

The Lair of Time

I have quite enjoyed this story so far. (Chapter 19 as of writing this) and it is fun to read about Kronos doing his thing. He is fun to watch and I am excited to see him finally in action. I am somewhat sad that he appears to not be the main character of the second part :c In all honesty, I have no interest in Eric though I suppose I cannot tell you how to write your story! I just hope to see more of Kronos in the future :3

The Demon Lord's Seal

Alright so I have been reading up until chapter 43 and I must say, the beginning was rough but when Derek leaves his village, it feels like the world just gets more vibrant. Also, Derek seems to be maturing in his own way. The info dumps become less heavy and more to just show how much of the world that Derek has yet to experience.


Though I do feel that Derek needs to stop collecting gods like pokemon. Honestly, I feel it would be more interesting if he became a hero with the blessings he has than drowning in the approval of every god he comes across. I would also like for more actual dialogue than being told characters talked.


Oh! And Alicia honestly feels like a non-character. Why is she there? No one knows! I think should either give her more character or just get rid of her entirely because right now she's just this pretty girl that has no purpose. 

Vastmire and the Planet Longan

This story is lovely. Though it's not my cup of tea, I can recognize that it can become something great. I can tell a lot of love and planning went into this story. I just know this would be one of those books with a lovely map of the world. 


I just wish I could love it as much as it deserves. Though I can't, I know that someone else can and I hope this review gets this story in front of such people! It deserves it.

God of Evolution

As of the 3rd chapter, I must say that I'm intruiged. I hope to see more of this in the future. I wish you luck, dear author and I hope to continue to enjoy this story.

Lone: The Wanderer [Rewrite]

I like this much better than the original. It's much less creepy and the two of them actually feel like regular people. I like how they aren't trusting and there is zero arrogance to be found. I look forward to seeing them grow as people and watch any other changes to come!


[As of Book 1 Chapter 17]


Ok so I tried to read this and I honestly don't understand these ratings? I read the summary and it has jank grammar then the first line of the first chapter had me closing the tab. No one talks like that. No one. Then I tried to read further but it just felt like this were getting worse?? I don't mind some bad grammar as long as there is writing to back it up. It just... doesn't feel like it is?? It feels like the start of a bad power trip manga. I'm sorry if my review sounds harsh but it really confuses me how this thing's got all these straight up five star ratings? They're all kind of fishy to me??

The Tale of G.O.D.

I love this story, I really do. I adore the characters and I love the new race they create. It is built on different ideas yet, original in its own way. I just... I keep growing to love characters only for new ones to be thrown in my face constantly and in all honesty, it feels a bit pointless. Not only that but the amount of technobabble in this is staggering. It has gotten to the point that I simply can't understand huge parts of chapters but the author is just trying to be too damn smart. Just say it's a giant robot or a works like a magic mirror or some shit. I can't understand all the elements and techology thrown around and frankly, it all hurts my head. Plus, there's like, this fake sense of urgency that comes to a grinding halt every, single, time things need to be explained or character perspective shifts. I HATE IT. But... I love it. Why do you hurt me so??

Thundering Godly Heavenly Sword Saint Asura Dragon Emperor Godking of Destruction Piercing the Seven Empyrean Heavens

Whoa, never have I tried to read a story with a such unlikable characters. Annoying cliches, yes. Generally hilarious jackasses, yes. But never have I read about characters so shallowly unlikable that it almost hurts. I know there are only a few chapters but it's painful trying to read this.