The Armorer and the Infinite Dungeon

The first chapter is a bit more artistic and passionate than normal, but everything that comes after it is pure gold. After hearing about the author's real world experiences, it actually becomes really understandable!

Style is well executed, you definitely lock more into how the author's thoughts flow after the first chapter or two. The illustrations are gorgeous and definitely add to the story since I'm really visual-based. Honestly, some amazing stuff in here.

This is one of the few stories where the time skipping and plot pacing seems to mesh perfectly. There's a lot of unique aspects to the world and the society that the MC finds themselves in, and it seems like the world and the author's imagination keeps going on forever like a certain Chasm...

Grammar is pretty good, just a few punctuation errors and misspelled words here and there. It doesn't detract from the story however, and a proofread or two more would do it right.

Characters fit with what we understand of their races, and I can't wait to learn more about the ones we know and how they interact with the bonds society places on them. Interesting possibilities with other possibly magical races and ghostly entities too....

Definitely worth the read


Time Loop, But Wait A Minute...This Thing Slaps

So at first I avoided this one because I was just thinking: "Ugh, another time loop story. Well, The Perfect Run was pretty good so I guess I'll give it a try....Wait a minute, this thing slaps.....aaaand I just read it all." 

So I guess I'll start this review off by saying that what makes the story is the MC's personality, the multi-layered plot, and that teeny tiny, almost insignificant addition of the randomized powers every run. It takes like 2-3 chapters to really get into it, but it's definitely worth the read. Some might say it's addicting, and that some is definitely me.

As of Chapter 20, the author has done extremely well with revealing extra layers of the plot and keeping the characters interesting through every loop. I maxed out the style, story, and character scores (They just wouldn't go to 6, sorry Elbowsnapper...) to reflect this. We don't get to have a perfect image of the universe, but it perfectly complements the charm of the time loop style. We get to see characters and their responses to all kinds of different scenarios and it really just works.

The only category that I didn't give the 5-star treatment is grammar, because it does have a few things here and there. It doesn't detract from the story at all though, and all it would take is some extra love, care, and strict proofreading to make perfect.

(Hey Elbow, preadandedit again. Hit me up if you're looking for a free proofreader, I'm cheap and do good work!)

Now that that's all out of the way....the part that I love the most about the story is the randomized powers every loop. It gives almost complete freedom to how each loop will play out, and they're almost always freaking awesome!

(I'm pretty sure the milk kinesis was actually calcium many bone jokes lost....)

Because he gets a new power each time and they're usually pretty useful, the MC gets to go through the plot in a completely unique way, revealing more bits and pieces of the overall mystery. Not to mention the source of this time loop thing and any possible downsides. It's like Elbowsnapper took all the best ideas and theories that fandoms, anime, and certain YouTube channels normally come up with and decided to run with them.

(Still want to see Davy Jones v. Cursed Black Pearl pirates... or maybe Harry Potter with cell phones. Freakin' awesomeness man....)

Almost every reset left me wanting more because they all had such good potential, which is exactly what should be happening in one of these kinds of stories. Every new power, relationship, and interaction left me wanting more. Seriously, read it......READ IT!

Copy, Paste: The Misadventures of Milo Two

I enjoyed reading this at first because I thought the MC was really relatable and the scenarios that he found himself in were interesting. I mean, losing a hand immediately and then having to survive with the stuff from five feet around you is pretty interesting. 

The characters, as few as there are, are also pretty interesting. Backlebutt is an... interesting name, and I can't wait for more to pop up. 

The dungeon itself is pretty interesting, seems to have a lot of cultural taboo and significance. I think it's the make or break part of the story because it will define so much of the characters actions and the world building of the story itself. If you're reading this author, a little light on when they can get out of the Depths or some of Backlebutt's culture would go a long way to fleshing out the story and propping it up for the long haul.

That was all well and good, but the extra special flavor in this story is the Munchkinry, capitol M because there's a difference. My favorite part of D&D and other magic systems is when you can twist the rules into a more awesome outcome, and this author definitely gets it. I came for the survival and stayed for the mischief. Welcome to Munchkinland.


Titanomachy - A Mecha Pilot In Another World

From what's been put out so far, this is pure gold. There's been an apparent gap in posting, but what's there is really interesting. Not the deepest world building, but all of the concepts are great. A bit more substance and it would be frobt page worthy.

The Cycle of Resentment

 I think there's definitely an idea here, but it's not being clearly conveyed through the writing. The writing itself has difficulty with grammar and flow, which is a large reason of why it's difficult to understand.

I get that not everyone knows proper grammar and writing technique (otherwise everyone would be doing it), but I think you need to plan out the story a bit more. Really dig deep into why the characters are the way they are, and read a few of the other fictions on here for some examples of descriptions. "Street cultivation"i a pretty good example of an realistic cultivation novel, while "The Godking's Legacy" is a lot more zany but still follows all of the grammar rules. 

Keep trying, but it's just not there yet. Try looking up online for a guide to writing.

Slime and Punishment

It's pretty good. Not world endingly good...yet.

I think this is a really good start to the story. It's really similar to Randidly Ghosthound, which the author likes to joke about, but whereas Ghosthound is complete seriousness in a Dragon Ball Z fashion, the MC Chris is potentially the most zany character I've read on the site. It's not as consistent as something like "He who fights with Monsters" or as purposeful as "How to Tame your Princess", but when it hits it's fantastic. 

The editing is pretty good, some random errors here and there but not overly distracting.

If the author spec'd into more unique characters like Blibl, it would definitely become one of the best fictions on the site. The fine line for whether it goes overboard is  how much the world starts bending to fit the characters themselves. Do it right and it's like Terry Pratchett. Do it wrong, and it degenerates into a bad loop of seemingly never-changing characters and boring situations.

I look forward to seeing what they do next though, because it could get really good really quickly. The pace of the author doesn't hurt either: having something to look forward to every day is awesome. 

It's definitely worth a read.

Brimstone Fantasy

Some of the best world building on the site

Brimstone fantasy is special in two ways. Firstly, the author is amazing at taking the same old, same old litRPG fare and breaking it down to a realistic level. The main character is a masterstroke of the perfect balance of knowing and not knowing, so you have all of these life experiences but little knowledge of how the actual world works. BUT, the MC will use those life experiences and work it out. And the CHARACTERS! They're a mix that you don't normally find outside of published physical paperbacks. I think it's because they have limitations and fears, but that's not their entire character.

Also, cool new concepts. 

Thank you author for making this story, it really is something special. If you ever need help with proofreading and editing, send it on my way.

Thank you for your time