Eyes of the Asura: A Superhero GameLit

This story sucked me in and wouldn't let me go till I caught up. I'm glad I tried it. I don't usually read Super fictions, but I'll make this one the exception.

The blend of hindu mythology and futuristic super world is well done, and every chapter keeps you wanting more. The way the author writes about karma and the hindu pantheon is extremely interesting.

If you're looking for a fast-paced and action packed read, this is the story for you.

Kano's Necromantic Comedy


All right,

Having read all of Book 1, I'm really enjoying the story thus far. The thing that stands out most is the setting: 

For starters, the world has ended and pretty much all the humans are dead. And its not via typical Zombie apocaplypse, but rather through unintentional apocalypse via god damn techno-necromancers. How cool is that? Life is gone, but something that looks a lot like life continues. There are ghouls which are a lot like people, and the necromancers which basically rule society. And strange beings like Kano, who are neither human, ghoul, nor necromancer. The concept of society somehow functioning despite everything being undead is awesome and pretty well fleshed out. I very much like how soul-based technology is a thing, as the soul is a domain typically reserved for magic.

All in all, the story is fairly straightforward. But the whismical fantasy expertly meshed in is what makes this a great read. It always has you begging for just a little bit more detail, which is how I like my stories.

With respect to characters, I found most of the character concepts interesting. Kano stands out the most, with her unusual and unclear past. Just when you think you know her a little better, another layer appears. Just when you think she's just a nihilistic sociopath, emotions appear.

The original story, I would have given it a 4.5, but after going through beta reading and editing, the quality definitely shines through. The subtle changes midway through the story and the revamped ending have made Book 1 so much better.

If you want a whimsical dark fantasy with an MC that kicks ass, takes names, and would honestly chew bubblegum if she had anyway, this story is for you. Plus. TECHNO- NECROMANCERS!

Dante's Immortality

You made me her like Rachel in TOG. Good job.

I don't see why this story gets so much hate. I'm basing my review on the first book I read on Kindle. I'm not sure how the grammar and style compare, but it flowed well, I saw no gramatical errors, and no inconsistent style. It's something my editor always hammers me with, so I assume he got one too for the kindle version. Full score for these, there's no way you can go above and beyond on things like this.

The story's pacing was good, and I felt that he left out just enough information to keep it interesting. There weren't any massive info dumps, and I like how he added a lot of learning effort and trial and error to the process of learning abilities, despite this being a litRPG setting where people typically instantly know everything.

Characters - Unlike many people, I really like how the character developement is going. He is an outcast, always suspicious. However, this is the start of his journey, so he makes some understandably naive mistakes. I also like how his professions are developing. Too many of these stories focus on sorcery, and its nice to see his sorcery be blade and close combat oriented.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I'm looking forward to how this story explores his mysterious heritage and his glove. Good job, and keep it up. I'll buy your next book when you release it.