1. Re: 🌦️ Weekend Snippets 24/3 | WEEK 86 🌸 Spring has Arrived! 🚴🏼

      “It’s always sunny in the caverns.” -Knome administrator saying, the fact that it's an ironic combination of funny and sad has been lost to time

    2. Re: Prison Arc!

      Hey, does anyone know stories about a prison escape or something similar? There is no need for the entire story to be about that, even if it is only an arc is good, though not too short of an arc. I (...)

    3. Re: Opinions on using guns, in a medevil fantasy setting

      The title really asks the main question I have, but to reiterate. What are some of your opinions on having non magical, mundane traditional firearms in a medevil fantasy setting? I know some people dislike (...)

    4. Re: ☘️ Weekend Snippets 17/3 | WEEK 85 💚 Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍻

      “Curiosity almost killed the multiverse.” -Knome administrators about exclusive logicks

    5. Re: Recomendations on magic novels?

      I am looking for anything related to magic.  I have a story where what I call magick and sorcerers are a big part of the story, if you're interested it's in the signature...

    6. Re: Royal Road Only!

      Hi! I'm looking for recommendations! Please only give me reccs for things that are: ongoing/completed have more than 50 pages or 15k words have no comments in the first 10 chapters I'm not (...)

    7. Re: ☀️ Weekend Snippets 10/3 | WEEK 84 🕗🌟🕘 It's Daylight Savings Time! 🌕

      “Philosophers can be both imaginative in their ignorance and ignorant of their ability to imagine.” -Attercap Skvosip the Ladyship, survivor and keeper of Ystin philosophy

    8. Re: Series with relatively complicated cosmology or the existence of Extra-Planes in-relation to elements/concepts?

      Think of how Warcraft's got planes in-relation to its "Cosmic Forces", how Elder Scrolls has planets/planes that are the bodies of "Gods" who each represent things and how I think D&D precedes both by (...)

    9. Re: Promote your story by showing us your blurb!

      In the freezing mountains of Empris, Lyeasrakardsul, the oldest living sorcerer suffers from devastating nightmares. At the same time — far away in the sandstone desert of Zenon — Herschel, a man filled (...)

    10. Re: 🌻 Weekend Snippets 3/3 | WEEK 83 😀 World Wildlife Day! 🌍

      “Philosophers can be both imaginative in their ignorance and ignorant of their ability to imagine.” -Ms Skvosip Attercap

    11. Re: Poltical intrigue priority - fighting and such secondary

      I'm looking for a story along the lines of "surviving the succession" which I very much enjoyed. That is to say lots of political intrigue and being smart to win instead of a more fighting focused story. (...)

    12. Re: 🏆 Weekend Snippets 17/2 | WEEK 81 💻 The Royal Road Community Magazine Contest #3 🎖️ WINNERS! 🎖️

      “Cause only precedes effect when one limits oneself to thinking logically.” -Non-logic philosophy

    13. Re: Free reviews [Open]

      Hi So I have quite some free times to read and I have been receiving some reviews from the community, I want to review some stories to gain experience for future review swaps There is something I do (...)

    14. Re: Looking for novels with really old MC

      Hi guys, I really like the idea of really old and experienced people in the story, and I would like a mc like that. But one that doesn't fall into the 'cliche' of being an op mc that never goes through (...)

    15. Re: 🪅 Weekend Snippets 3/2 | WEEK 79 ❄️ The Royal Road Community Magazine #3 Writing Contest is CLOSED 🔒

      “The way to create the perfect pressure of excellence, is through the endless cycle of results, and pitting one sorcerers against another in strife and misery.” -The way of management, Xefef magick (...)

    16. Re: Promote your story by turning it into a prompt

      Thinking about thinking - what if the multiverse ran on philosophy? What would the world where philosophers first appeared look like?

    17. Re: How would high longevity affect the human psyche?

      Hello guys! I have recently started planning a novel project and a few questions have come to mind. I want to address one of them with you today. The question is, starting from the point where all sentient (...)

    18. Re: How can I portray a character’s thoughts as another character is speaking?

      How can I do it without having to emphasize it or ruining the flow? I have characters who have thoughts that have the quality of talking at them, some have said it's done well. I'm not sure about that, (...)

    19. Re: Promote your story by telling me what's unique to it

      Does it count that other people have told me it's unique? :P

    20. Re: Recommendations for Someone new to the platform.

      Im new to the site and want to read some good examples of what the site has to offer. I’m interested in light sci fi and fanasty. (I’m also a fan of the DiscWorld books). I’m looking for something shorter (...)