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Gender: Male
Location: Finland
Bio: Aspiring fantasy author and geek working on a series under the subtitle "Nothing is Everything". That's the only interesting thing I can think of, but there is always the seldom used option of asking :)

I am always looking for people to make make my characters "come alive" in drawings, check my first two chapters for examples.

Addition: I've finished what I'm calling a first draft of "The Last Philosopher", and am now working on a revised draft. I've also started a short story collection from the same world, and occasionally I write a bit of the sequel "The First Philosopher".
I recently finished a first draft of "The Last Philosopher". So, I'm looking for beta readers, send me a message if you're interested.

Addition 2: Feel free to send me any feedback you might have, especially mean feedback the meaner the better :P Edit: After some consideration I've decided I will also begrudgingly accept positive feedback, since it might give me an indication as to what I should add more off.

For some maps and rare updates you can follow me at: or if you're for some reason interested in what I'm reading:
You can also join me in 'The Tavern' at
Or if you really want to show your support:

If you've read this far I guess you deserve some sort of treat, the truth is I dislike everyone. I may seem nice but it's all an act... Also I'm less than truthful not exactly 50% of the time.
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