One Moo'r Plow [Minotaur farming LITRPG]

I'm not typically one for Isikia, but this has been done in quite the enjoyable way. The MC is ceritnaly OP for the region he is in, but that's sort of the point. You have some rural friendliness and rural anti-goverment mixed together for some trouble that won't leave him alone as he deals wtih the day-to-day problems of running a farm with magical things. 

If your looking for something with high stakes and great tension, this won't be for you. If your looking for a story that's a bit cheesy, but in the way of good nachoes, than this is yours. 

A bonus, the author seems to have a better idea about farming that a lot of the farming stories popping up and knows how to smoothly dance around what he doesn't or doesn't want to cover. On top of that, the character does have some interseting troubles, like not automatically understanding how to use his new body. I hope we can some more intersting troubles from his poor eye-sight and good nose in the future. 

Island Core

Very enjoyable read by someone that obviously knows his animal kingdom. Adds a lot of good flavor. He's also set up several things in his story to avoid the pitfalls you see in many other dungeon core stores. His core has purpose and drive, even if vague right now, has a personality beyond create and kill, and he has established the world in such a way that we will get a balance of core and other character perspectives while it feels perfectly natural. 

Casual Heroing

You spend a long, long time in the characters inner monlogue, often,  and its not an interseting one either. I could see some enjoying it, I personally know at least one person who would probably like the long winded internal monolgue, but thats not me.

The basics of grammer and spelling seem very solid. 

Star Wars: A Penumbral Path

This fiction has two great Star wars stories. Yes, I mean two. The author decided bounce back and forth between two characters thing, with each chapter being dedicated to one after the opening. While I can enjoy such a thing, the characters having nothing to do with each other after the first couple of chapters, makes it rather annoying. That being said, it's still a fantastic read if you go into it expecting that.

I would personally suggest picking a character, reading through until the end of whats writen for that character, and then jumping back to read from the other side. I myself started with the male as his personality is closser to mine than the girls. 

A Summoner Awakens [A Card-Based GameLit Progression Fantasy]

As of chapter 4 I'm still mostly reading walls of text that are attempts at world building, but instead of showing me the world is telling me about it. It seems he has front loaded a lot of his world building and how card decks work. Its not good. 

Apocalypse Tamer

Overall, it starts out strong and then falls flat. Grammer is very good, only a few errors here and there. The tittle and summary is at least mildly misleading. I've always put down Durands books in the past because of dislike of where the story was heading or the characters, not the writing skill of Durand. This is the first time its just flopped. Every author has a relatively bad book from time to time.


The characters are all two dimensional. Sometimes we will be told other characters have more than that, but we are never shown those diminsions so they might as well not exist.

There are several times where a character does not act along the emotion they have been stated to have, or do other actions that make no sense.

THe lack of drama from some characters was good and amusing at the start about certian subjects, but it turns into a lack of impact from story events instead of "this guy just doens't care about certian things".

It was nice not having a genius at the wheel for leveling up, and I do like that. This was a nice change of pace from other litRPG books.


1st, the tittle and summary could be said to be misleading. At the very least, its sets up wrong expectations in the reader. His main focus is being a berserker, not a monster tamer. Which leads to a great focus on combat, which I would say is a weak point of this story.

The authors is looking for snappy fights, but it comes out rushed. With the exeption of some of the first fights. Not enough time describing the scene everyone is fighting in, impact feels weird, toughness of characteres feels driven more by plot than by stats or realism. 

The touching current politics is brave, I will give him that, but it has become more annoying as time goes on. Almost a mirror of how more intense things are getting IRL and the author is unable to keep it out of his book. If you don't like IRL politics in your stories this will be a major turn off. 


World seems decently developed, and he has had a bit of fun weaving in memes into the world building.

Dungeon Tour Guide: A Dungeon Core LitRPG

Fun unqie take so far. Knows how to pace things so we don't spend too much time building, or getting what was built repeated to us, but we have enough info we can know whats going on. More character driven than system driven by a long shot, which I apporve of.


Feels like a 1st draft

If this was a first draft, I'd give it a 5 star. Its good for a first draft. As a final online serial book? I give it a "meh". 

The first 3-4 chapters are very good, but it drops off after. The polish is gone, the descriptions lacking, its hard to keep track of who is talking, characters and introduced too rapidly and then name changed. I saw a comment from the author stating he was afraid of going too slow for royalroad. I think he knee jerked too far in the opposite direction in terms of pacing and output speed, as the outputspeed is eating the quality.

The base idea he has here, alongside the worldbuilding, are good. He just needs to take this draft and do some polishing. Fix the plotholes, and paint pictures in my mind like he did at first. 

The Badger Dungeon

Cute story that leaves you feeling warm

A well written and cute story, the core feels like something that is inteligent, giddy, and young. It is driven by instincts, which he writes so well, but isn't inheritly malciious and can translate those instincts into soemthing different thanks to its inteligence. 

The badger perpsectves are fantastic and charming. The papa badger feeling like a complaining but hardworking fellow.

The Unnoticed Dungeon

Info Dump and overthinking the core story

If you love slogging through info dumps and the MC's everyt hought proccess, you will love this story. Much of the information he frontloads could be discussed later, glossed over to go into more detail later, or summerized in a fraction of the words he takes. The way he decided to start the story, with the core being told or flat knowing these things off the bat, makes it ever worse. There is good reason most Core stories have the core not knowing exactly whats up and exploring what they can do, its far easier to write without turnign the story into a massive infodump.