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    1. Re: Ten years of writing and finally got on Royal Road.

      heya there. welcome to RR. Hope you enjoy your time here. 


       This post was sheer stupidity. Someone flipping out just because something they wanted to put up was rejected for very real, concernable reasons? That's bullshit and you know it. RR has ALWAYS taken popularization (...)

    3. Re: Is it just me, or is the forum very dead?

      Only that which has lived can die. :angel: That which is ded may never die, only experience undeath via the dreaded necrobumps. 

    4. Re: Sci-fi first contact stories.

      The Deathworlders. It’s fucking fantastic. Not on RoyalRoad, but it has its own website. The chapters are all long and as proof of a good author, he makes 3k+ on Patreon PER chapter. I was gonna suggest (...)

    5. Re: My Outline Method and Thoughts on Writing

      Did someone really necrobump this thread? And is that a bot i see above?

    6. Re: Is it just me, or is the forum very dead?

       Not particularly. It has never been accused of being fast But the RR forums are very much alive. I regularly go through them and chat, help and say my two cents.   Oh, yes, they don't really compare (...)

    7. Re: Two Factor Authentication?

       Why do you think RR requires this? It already has a secure login/bot detection system. Not to be bitchy about it, but setting this up would take some time and effort from the mod team, and from what i (...)

    8. Re: Need Help with Starting a Story

      One idea for the intro I had was that Stella goes to the capital in order to seek a job, but when she does find one she also runs into the other characters, and they're looking for the artifact too. (...)

    9. Re: Modern world LitRPG

      I'd plug my own story, since it fits everything you're asking for (modern day System apocalypse, alien entertainment companies sellling Earth's fate to the highest bidder, stat screens, etc etc) but it's (...)

    10. Re: new to royalroad

      Hullo. Have fun, follow the rules, be polite and we'll get quite on nicely. 

    11. Re: Who founded and owns RR now?

      The almighty Wing rules you, feeble mortal. Oh, and her less glorious, but still somewhat trusty sidekick, Kanadaj. 

    12. Re: My Guide On How To Gain Traction On RoyalRoad And How To Potentially Turn Your Writing Into A Career

      Very well done, even if it isn't quite written like how i'd do it. But, eh, it's your guide, so i say it rocks.  Prolly a good idea to sticky it, if the mods allow. 

    13. Re: Do you like reading comics or word books?

       Both are fine, to me. Which one i prefer at the time often depends on my mood. But, neither is inherently better. My enjoyment of either depends entirely on the author/editor/artist's skills.   Manga (...)

    14. Re: What is the meaning of life?

      To get a higher rank than the sucker person above you. 

    15. Re: Why are Isekai's and LitRPGs so popular?

        Here are my thoughts on the matter. For some time now, both Isekai and LITrpg have been considered, to put it bluntly, amateur genres. While there are many good stories that fall into the Isekai genre, (...)

    16. Re: The Follow

      < Bookmarks. There, you'll see which stories you follow have updated recently. (...)

    17. Re: Hate-Reviews

      What the hell is up with some of these hateful-ass reviews? It's almost as if people don't realize 'Hey, that guy took multiple years to write this, it might've taken the slightest bit of effort!'. No, (...)

    18. Re: First person or third person?

      It can go either way, depending on how good of a writer you are and what you prefer. But, i reccomend 3rd person to newer authors. 

    19. Re: How to create conflict worth investing in?

      Conflict drives many stories, hell it's the reason why stories were made to begin with (most of them at least). You'd expect most fictional stories to have a main conflict/premise surrounding the plot (...)

    20. Re: Enjoyable Harem

      You could give mine a shot, but it might be a little too weeby for your tastes. https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/21414/animecon-harem I second this one. it's an actual QUALITY Harem story.  (...)