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l nimbus

    1. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      Poor Cal will never catch up.  Smh.

    2. Re: New stories to watch out for

      Found a new batch, quite enjoyed these ones.  https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/26219/the-wild-baneesh https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/26656/paternum-a-superhero-story https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/23349/the-whimsical-dungeon

    3. Re: Hi everyone

      Hullo. Do yourself a favor and go over the rules. (You'd be surprised how many people don't.) Also read the F.A.Q, it has some VERY useful posting tips to maximize your readerbase.  That said, welcome (...)

    4. Re: Forgot title

      Could you provide a few more details? Kind of hard to find a story given only a character name. 

    5. Re: looking for comedy/fantasy story

      THIS is AAA comedy.  https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/24853/adventures-of-the-goldthirst-company I've read a lot of the stories mentioned here, but none that brought me the pure enjoyment this one (...)

    6. Re: chatting

      ^ True. 

    7. Re: Opening a small writing group...

      I'd join ya'll, but you need some competition. namely, me and Zeth. competition? Psh, yeah right it’s not like many read my novels anyway. I’m pretty sure your novels outclass my own in terms of readership, (...)

    8. Re: Opening a small writing group...

      I'd join ya'll, but you need some competition. namely, me and Zeth. 

    9. Re: New stories to watch out for

      Second Queen in the Mud. It's exceptional in quality, and goes a different route than many of the reborn-as-a-monster stories.  Hello, welcome to read my new Romantic story - Excruciating Deep Love (...)

    10. Re: Looking for superhero fics

      Inheritors. Not all Heroes. (Warning: Darkness ahead.) The Vespidian. (Kinda weird and kinky.) Super!  Star Child. The Lightning Brigade. Graven.  Worm: Hemorrhage v2

    11. Re: What unpopular gaming opinions do you have?

      Peace Walker should have been Metal Gear Solid 5, not a side game. 

    12. Re: MC with system

      My own story has a system where people can buy nearly anything, (with crazy results). Check siggy for original version and rewrite. 

    13. Re: Reach to 10 chapters and 10k words today. May I ask......

      I second what TheDude is saying. it not only lets you interact with other writers, but doing reviews can help you become a better writer as well. 

    14. Re: I got my first 0.5 rating and now I'm sad.

      Ignore them altogether. it's better that way, believe me. Despite lots of vocal followers, i've never made it into the Top 300. Someone always 0.5 bombs me before then. One of my stories as 20 some 0.5 (...)

    15. Re: Any recomendations?

      Hello, I am new to the site and admit being utterly lost. I have searched for stories, but until the moment I have found nothing that really interests me so I am almost begging for help. I love fanfiction (...)

    16. Re: Finding a Book

      Barbarians?  That's a book title here on RR.

    17. Re: My rewrite needs beta-readers

      Let me sort a few facts here, just to clarify this.  In your original post, you asked for a beta reader.  I volunteered, as i have experience in reading stories and writing comprehensive, insightful (...)

    18. Re: another guy looking for another slime story

      One of the key things was that the MC had a group called a Triumvirate before being betrayed. Going to look deeper for it. 

    19. Re: Looking for (professional) Beta-Read

      Okay, sure, i'll do it. I usually straight up review, but i can read and answer questions as well.  How much am I getting paid? And do you wan't ego-stroking or honest brutality?

    20. Re: Nimbus reviewing services.

      With my phone being destroyed recently, i have no way of continuing my writing and reviews, at least till i get a new one. Once i do that, and catch up with my massive backlog, i'll continue going through (...)