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    1. Re: Trending List Glitch???

      Aight. Time to party.  Let me address several things of relevance.  1. Coming to RR, then attacking Wing and Kana, who have worked long and hard to build themselves a reputation as fair, helpful (...)

    2. Re: Does anyone know about this?

      *loads flamer* Aight.  I've read all this, and the way I see it's you seem to have created this thread for the sole purpose of trying to troll people and stir controversy (under an alt, mind you, (...)

    3. Re: How do we bring in more female/other readers to RR?

      So adding diversity is pandering now? Having anything other than straight male characters is pandering and not what an author wants to write?  M'sorry, but who's forcing people to read those diverse (...)

    4. Re: Revenge Reviews and Ratings.

      Now, I have been an asshole in this thread when I was nice to you before. Because I lack any sort of patience for people unwilling to admit mistakes, Oom.  Don't be like that.

    5. Re: Revenge Reviews and Ratings.

      You are spouting incomprehensible gibbrish, attempting to justify yourself in ways that don't make sense. It's childish and embarrassing. I can't even follow what you're trying to say.  But essentially, (...)

    6. Re: Revenge Reviews and Ratings.

      I explained why, and even offered to delete it. "an attack" against a reviewer is still inappropriate, regardless of the content of the review. that's like saying I asked for it... Which isn't (...)

    7. Re: Revenge Reviews and Ratings.

      That doesn't end it, but that's simple solution.. even though it sounds shady when i say it out loud. Its ridiculous.  And I know there really isn't a better way.. I even had some typed out that I (...)

    8. Re: Revenge Reviews and Ratings.

      Let me be clear:  Most of your reviews are garbage. In a sense where there is nothing valuable to be gleaned from reading them other than you whining about small story aspects and stylistic choices (...)

    9. Re: Looking for good Vampire novels

      The only vampire web novels I know with a male protagonist and a vampire MC are BL, which you didn't specify no to but.... Is it a no? I dont.think he's going to respond, given that this thread (...)

    10. Re: Map Commissions

      He really does make the best maps. Just saying. 

    11. Re: Revenge fics

      As books? Try The Rage of Dragons or anything by Joe Abercrombie.  On RR, The Sunset Squire and How to Survive a Summoning 101. 

    12. Re: Looking for good Vampire novels

      I WAS going to reccomend A Journey of Red and Black, since it's stellar and at the top of Best Rated, but you don't want female MCs, so you'll have to settle for substandard quality. Sucks to be you, eh.

    13. Re: War core military sci-fi

      If it isn't in your history, thr author might have deleted the story outright and pulled it from RR, likely to publish. 

    14. Re: Two bros go to another world.... but where????

      The Ten Realms. Isk if it's still on RR. Author wrote chaps for a first version that was great, then scrapped and rewrote for a less great version. 

    15. Re: MC's with Disabilities

      Challenger's Call (not on RR) and No Longer a Game might be what you're looking for. 

    16. Re: I can't read normal novels anymore. Please help.

      Im going to suggest a quick yehno read which may help you a little.  Hyperion Cantos.  Just check it out and get back to me. 

    17. Re: Want an awesome book cover?

      The shameless self-promotion of Vowron Prime... Me likes. 

    18. Re: Here's a guide to read my story

      This is spam and we both know it. 

    19. Re: My story is a masterpiece of art that is better than Mona Lisa, sue me

      Yup. Insulting the community is a brilliant idea. Not like members might actually rate you 1 star for that.

    20. Re: Empire building with competence

      I second Burning Stars above.  Also throw in Enlightened Empire.  The first response here had a lot of recs, but I'd urge you to read up on them first. Re: Monster for one has a protagonist who is (...)