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Demonic Heroine

Demonic Heroine
by Botsuraku_Akuma
69 pages

Were you ever shot in the face by a guy robbing a bank?

No? Well, lucky you!

Our dear protagonist didn't have the same luck. She just wanted to get some money, only to end up with a bullet making her brain splatter all over the place.

You would think that she's dead now right?

Normally that would be the case, but what if her whole being suddenly gets pulled through some sort of rainbow that made her think she accidentally took some crazy drug?

Well, she wakes up in a foreign room, the only light being given by candles placed around some sort of bloody summoning circle she was standing in. Also, there was this fat old man who was muttering while staring at her as if he just won the lottery.

Oh! And of course, the fact that her body wasn't human anymore and somehow came along with a whole set of knowledge how to use magic that could probably wipe out nations...

(Another story from me. Those who read my 'Shadow Adventuress' story and wait for an update over there: I'm sorry but you'll have to wait more. I'm writing this story mainly for the fun of it and to get my mind cleared from the idea. Also, this will be Yuri. Pictures don't belong to me. Don't expect regular updates.)

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Chasing Experience

Chasing Experience
by PraxisInPractice
277 pages

Alex Hunter lived a life of missed opportunities, fear of what may be giving way to what might have been. Just when he thought he was getting a second chance, it turned out he was one of a small fraction of humanity immune to the complex gene therapy that was providing his peers with eternal youth.

At 82 he's informed that he has weeks to live in a rapidly failing body, while those around him turn towards an eternity amidst the stars. Alex chooses to cut what life he has left short.

He wakes to find a strange dragon offering him a second chance in truth - a new body of his own design, and fantastic new abilities, all for helping out a few gods in need.

Alex finds himself on a planet populated by the incredible, where even children have the strength kill him. Still bound to complete the tasks sent directly to his mind, Alex struggles to wring what he can from his second life, all the while trying to stay alive and Chasing Experience.

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by ulrc
224 pages

( ---->

P.A.T.R.E.O.N link

My email for PAYONNER: [email protected]

A world where all myth clash. Three great factions vying for supremacy. A multitude of power eyeing them from the shadow.


In this world, à child was born. One so rare that his kind was basically unseen. Bestowed with a name synonymous with death, known as the uncrowned king of the church, what kind of storm will this child bring?


Follow our hero as he visits the world and brings change to the society.


Disclaimer: The DxD franchise does not belong to me. I am just a fan trying to bring an alternative story to a novel I like. The cover picture doesn't belong to me either. 


Note: This story will be mainly in the Slashdog part which is part of the DxD universe but set 4 four years prior to the event of DxD. Also, DxD is a light novel with 25 volumes + side volumes and a sequel with already 3 volumes called Shin Highschool DxD. Only the first ten volumes and some side stories have been adapted in Anime. As such many terms and characters, I use may be unknown. But don't worry I will do my best so that everyone can follow.


NOTE 2: I AM currently writing another fanfic called THE TRIALS: PATH TOWARD GODHOOD. Try it. The mc is different in personality but I hope you'll like it nonetheless.

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Monster Buffet

Monster Buffet
by Deathless
56 pages

Earth was changed forever when the first gate opened. Damon's parents were among those who survived the event.

Most of the people born to the survivors of the first gate had inordinate powers compared to the other avatars. Incredible systems, skills, and stats. Damon only gained incredible struggles. He fought tooth and nail just to provide for his parents, spending years raiding, but was never able to level up.

Trapped inside of a gate and abandoned by his party, he finally learns what it takes to level up- and it's all you can eat.

Inspired by stories like Solo Leveling and Dungeon Mage

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The might of humanity

The might of humanity
by tumag
5 pages

people always seem to assume that the apocalypse is going to come unannounced, suprising everybody and panic would then follow. People would fight against each other and no one would really know the answer to "why?" Why is this happening and who would i need to punch in the face, to make it right.

Thats not what happened. Humanity was prepared, united and rose to never before seen heights. But everybody knows that with new heights comes steeper precipices and the danger of falling is always close.

This will answer the questions: What if humanity was prepared? And what if we stood united?


Will we still lose?


This is my first story, where it all doesnt go to hell right away. I have always been interested in the question of what if humanities greatest strenght, wasnt some single dude with amazing powers, but rather our numbers and coordination, which is what we have depended on, since crawling out of the muck. (I take no credit for the picture. If you want it removed, i will)

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Giant Eater (LITRPG)

Giant Eater (LITRPG)
by Sig Kusanagi
232 pages

A father and son get revenge by killing the Giant that devoured their family. But this unlocks something otherwise unknown to them at the time: Adventure Classes.

Now joining up with the ranks of the Heroes in the world, their realm gets a whole lot bigger, including the stakes. 

Leaving their simple life in the woods behind, they become the Giant Slayer and Giant Eater, two extremely rare classes that will be the key to toppling the monolith evil that plagues the land.

With these new powers and responsibilities come consequences, and both father and son's burdens become heavy when they realize exactly what it is they've stumbled onto.


 This is a LitRPG set in another world. There is no Isekai or VR.

This story switches POV's.

Chapters updated several times per week (typically four or five.)

This story is also available on Scribble Hub.

Higher Quality version of the cover:

Kingdom of Cygnus map:

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[RETIRED] Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur

[RETIRED] Gamer's Guide (...)
by SavageMercy
209 pages

This project has been moved to Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur. Please see the updated project under my fictions.

Cover art is "Playtime" by Kerem Beyit.

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Ideascape: An Adventure LitRPG

Ideascape: An Adventure (...)
by Falc0n
742 pages

35 years ago, the Greene wave swept across the world, baffling scientists as to its purpose and origin. Now, that purpose is finally revealed. 

Victoria Gale was bored with the world.

Stuck looking for work just to get by, she was ready for things to change. Just as she gains hope for the future, the world decided to take her plans and put them through the wringer.

Experiencing changes to her body and mind, Vic is forced headfirst into conflict with a changing world, as supers, monsters, mad scientists, and perhaps worst of all, terrible Japanese/wuxia/isekai tropes begin to become reality. 

Join her and many others as they begin an adventure in a new world, that no one is ready for. 

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The Boneless Dungeon

The Boneless Dungeon
by Devin Auspland
43 pages

Breck was living in an overpopulated grim future before an accident at work broke his bones and killed him. Before he died, he received odd messages awarding him skills and abilities. Little did he know that he was about to be reborn as a dungeon core, a specialized living gem in charge of creating and managing a dungeon. A dungeon handicapped with the inability to create bones, the very building blocks that comprise most living creatures. Breck just wants his life back, his humanity, and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. His trusty AI companion from Earth gives him hope of becoming human again if he can gain enough ranks to transcend.
Zach is a new adventurer at the lowest ranks. Because of a random turn of events, he is given the opportunity of a lifetime. A quest to find the source of new cosmic energy that has made itself known, the same cosmic energy that creates dungeon cores. This quest was created directly from the head of the adventurer’s guild and offers a high payout. This could be the lucky break he needs to make something of himself. That is, if others allow him to complete it alive.
Can Breck gain enough essence to rank up and become human again? Can he create a competent dungeon without the ability to create bones? Will Zach be able to complete his quest while other guild members are hunting him? Can the new adventurer gain the skills to pay the bills? What happens when their paths collide? Find all this out and more in this exciting GameLit, The Boneless Dungeon: Rebirth.
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The Great Dungeon

The Great Dungeon
by DaDiamondBro
215 pages

Dylan was an ordinary young man living on Earth, doing his best to enjoy a normal school life when tragedy struck.  One day, at a meet for his sports, Dylan was caught in an explosion and promptly passed away.  The regrets he had on how little he had done with his life, along with the regrets of others who died, caught the attention of the Will of the World, which decided to reincarnate Dylan into the world of Thunnberg as a Dungeon!

Now Dylan must struggle to survive in this confusing new world in a 'body' that is no longer human, doing his best to survive in a world that aims to tear him apart.  Will Dylan survive and grow while retaining his humanity, succumb to the dungeon's instincts and devour everything in his quest for power, or fail once again in his second chance at life?

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Cat Girl Was Not My First Choice

Cat Girl Was Not My First (...)
by BlenderNeutral
31 pages

No truck-kun, no death, no clear transition: one moment I was standing in my apartment eating a microwave dinner over the sink and the next I was floating in an endless space filled with small pastel lights.

On the one hand: WTF?!

On the other hand: I doubt my student loans can follow me here...

Ch. 1-10, Catastrophe! Or, Thorn’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ch. 11-20, Eye of the Tiger or, Cat Training for Fun and Profit

Ch. 21-30, Cat Hard or, the Curious Incident of the Cat in the Status Screen


[Cover image is from a Public Domain website.]

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Titanomachy - A Mecha Pilot In Another World

Titanomachy - A Mecha (...)
by NoDragons
74 pages

As he waits for death in the ruins of a battlefield, mecha-pilot Pike is given a last chance at life - a new life, on a new world, one where Skill and magic reigns supreme. A world built on the gutted ruins of old technology, where ancient mechas become the foundations of new cities. Strange alien races, impossible odds, and endless war lie in his path.

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