The Dungeon Traveler

Lots of potential at the start...

This story opens great, and if it were given room to breathe and perhaps LATER EDITED for a print release, I could see this story going far!


Unfortunately, the author is like a movie director who put two hours of film in the camera and says "when we run out, we're done!"


The back third of this book is both rushed and crammed to fit a word count target, and the quality of the characters, story itself, and the writing all suffer for it. Plans moving forward discussed in the comments and author post-chapter-box-thing make the future sound grim - the main character Dale the dungeon is going to get a "second main character" story roommate, and that's after the author heads off to write something else entirely in the meantime. 


This story may not be orphaned in the sense that the author abandoned the work - in his eyes, the first volume is complete. But in casting aside or killing off many of the characters with potential, and being dismissive of what should be the main protagonist as just a means to an end, the functional effect for the reader is very similar to the other orphaned works on the site - the story remains unpolished and I would argue unfinished/incomplete in even the first arc itself, and there's no telling when the author may get around to producing more, or tightening up what he's given us already. 


If you're a fan of ongoing RR serials, this is not the book for you. Maybe if you're completely burnt out on dungeon core tales, reading this will bring some form of inspiration - there are a lot of cool ideas/nuggets with potential here... Mostly still unused. If you're a dungeon core story author, you should definitely read this tale for bits and pieces to steal for your own nefarious purposes. For everyone else... Well... The first half or so is really good, and there is probably a way to salvage the rest should the story continue... But until you see a second volume appear here, the only reason to read the first is that the author has declared that he will take the first book down at some point in the future. 

Everybody Loves Large Chests

Was looking for a way to burn audible credits waiting for the next Critical Failures volume to come out, and happened upon ELLC... By the description I was torn between "oh yeah!" And "helllllllll no", but after some more searching, I kept winding back up on the page. Reviews were stellar, so I gave it a shot. Long story short, many hours later I was hooked, and looked for volume two... Which wasn't in print or audible format. A few Googles later I was here, and inevitably sucked into around 4000 pages of boxxitty goodness (counting Fizzy's standalone). 

Not the type to give spoilers, but definitely wanted to give my stars, as I keep hitting refresh waiting for the next chapter, while pondering writing my own stuff at some point. Inspirational stuff!