1. Re: How could an NPC prove to a player they are sentient (in an mmo)

      There is no way to do so. That was my first reaction when I saw the question.  My second reaction was to reflect that different human beings would find different things to be "sufficiently persuasive." (...)

    2. Re: Oops! All Orphans! Or why you should let your protagonist have families.

      Robert Jordan, author of (most of) the bestselling fantasy series "The Wheel of Time," did something odd with a major character's family when he wanted to have a sad homecoming scene. Near the beginning (...)

    3. Re: How to write good action scenes?

      If I'm being honest, all of my action scenes feel like absolute garbage, and I think I have been improving, but it's still a pile of garbage. So, what are your tips for writing better action scenes? (...)

    4. Re: Writing Tools: Weasel Words

      Words like: Likely, Many, May, Might, Could(This is MY biggest offender), Just, Seems, Some, the list goes on! You seem to be saying that it is always a mistake to use any of those words, and there (...)

    5. Re: Quick Q about Prologues

      I don't care either way. If a story is good, it doesn't matter how the sections are named. That's basically my attitude. I have read thousands of novels. I have never developed the habit of saying (...)

    6. Re: Writers: What do you consider the basic fundamentals of writing? What would be the advanced fundamentals?

      I see an awful lot of online writing posted by people who clearly do not understand some of the rules of punctuation, spelling, and grammar in the English language. Those are the people who strike (...)

    7. Re: Writers: What do you consider the basic fundamentals of writing? What would be the advanced fundamentals?

      Robert A. Heinlein once offered the following advice in an essay about writing speculative fiction:  I shall assume that you can type, that you know the accepted commercial format or can be trusted (...)

    8. Re: Comma confusion

      There's an old anecdote about Oscar Wilde. I've seen variations of this story, and it may not have happened at all, but I will paraphrase the first version of it I ever stumbled across.  Wilde was a (...)

    9. Re: Words and Phrases that authors should avoid.

      Actually/Totally/Honestly/Literally/Really/Quite: More meaningless words. I think you're being unfair to those words when you lump them all together as "meaningless," and therefore never serving (...)

    10. Re: reviews should not be on if the story is good or not, but on...

      You are basically saying that reviewers shouldn't be reviewing, but rewriting the author's synopsis for them.  I'm sorry, but I'm going to disagree with you.   That's pretty much what I was thinking (...)

    11. Re: I hate litrpgs

      I find them boring, tedious, and usually quite shallow. I've read one litrpg I liked, it's called Mogworld, and it mentions no stats whatsoever. The entire rest of the genre is just... I can't. I've (...)

    12. Re: Star Wars Episode 8 is trash.

      And the last couple of points I want to make are these:  There's this frustrating theme that the series all mirror each other.  And I can't stand it.  On some level I get it.  History repeats.  There's (...)

    13. Re: What would be the best profession to have in case the person would get isekaied?

      Maybe a cooker or baker so you can invent mayo and other commodities and make medieval people all obese. Easy millionaire status. Already done in mine, lol. A while back, I glanced at the first (...)

    14. Re: What is your favorite POV?

      I'm fine with both first and third, provided they're written well. They each work well in different stories. Second is of course quite exhausting for anything longer than a short story. I feel (...)

    15. Re: Stories about uplifting medieval society's

      I call that sort of thing "a Connecticut Yankee story." In honor of Mark Twain's novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, which may have been the first novel to get this subgenre of SF/Fantasy (...)

    16. Re: Star Wars Episode 8 is trash.

      This suddenly reminds me of how, a couple of decades ago, I wrote an online book review of the "Illustrated Screenplay" edition of the final script for Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.  I had seen that (...)

    17. Re: The Call to Adventure - Taking a Razor to Stumbling into the Plot

      I'm just going to quote the bits of the original post which I'm directly responding to: Scenario 1:  The Orb falls from the sky in the middle of the night, splashing down into the well of a small (...)

    18. Re: I need advice for dialog/character thoughts and formating

      I'm probably overdoing it and I will likely have to reduce the number of them. Thank you very much for your help!  You are experiencing a growing pain of all authors -- what to include in your story (...)

    19. Re: Should I write a prologue?

      This one is complicated. I know many readers here don't even read a prologue. They'll skip it entirely and go to chapter 1. And what's the fundamental point of a prologue anyways? Most of the time, the (...)

    20. Re: Researching the History of GameLit

      The story needs to have some form of computerlike system which controls the abilities or status of at least 1 character in the story I would argue that the DnD-based system stories should be classed (...)