My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror

  OK so hear reasons gave score did & thought's.   

I'll start by saying idea for this was brilliant and original read author review was excited, 4-5 stars and idea of eldritch horror summons,  cultivation & magic with mistakes and just sounded amazing, also the banter between mc & Henry + offer characters like Mark Delph wear good too,  for first few chapters was very good read but unfortunately didn't last for me at least and below are a few reasons why.

I'll do reasons bulletin style hope that OK all..

#. Cultivation in story.  What Cultivation should say was excited see this and looking forward read how author did it, improvements made and how effected character body, mind, soul, magic extra.  So can understand my dissapoitment when did none of this,  and didn't really do anything with it.

#. Cultivation Manuals:  thought yeah going be fun of looking through and seeing if one or ones suitable or for research with Henry make fitting one for mc and different types including what do and effecs have including even bad ones extra.  Yet all got was teachers saying pick anyone one want as all do same thing was beyond dissapointing & just seemed tad lazy author. (And thats it never really menchaned again or used.)

#. Levels,  say core development, magic, soul, body and so forth just to menchan a few story needs these offerwise how supposed know as reader strengths and just exiting to add and read about, also add greatly to any story.   Yet all we got when he did do core level up was, it changed and that was basically it not even a name for level for new core nothing.  (Really why even bother left me thinking.)

#. Damien. His constantly needing be with slyph all the time constantly was frustrating & made for me not fun read, he not seem be able to do anything without her there with him became just annoying & downgrade for both character.    For instance when had school break would of been brilliant if both went separate ways and showed what both did and there growth of characters and powers,  ability extra before met again at school when went back.  (Without constantly thinking about offers too just doing own thing.)     But no what did author do they went together 'sigh' yawn.    Needs before like Mark say as he is a capable strong and person who can get job done without needing someone to (hold his hand) constantly be there with them yeah he a great character and more what mc should be like.

#. System: I love System stats extra so when showed a bit as watch thing wearing, thought yeah it needs work as just flat numbers with no explanation of meanings  behind them but at least something and could be great,  but only menchaned twice belive and no explanation what numbers mean,  or what expected, average,  or high numbers say would be it needed work honestly but could of been an excellentadd to story.   (Shame was just forgotten/ abandoned.?)

#. Slyph,   I'll start by saying she could be decant/good character if not another mc or didn't easily succeed in everything did, and win every fight was in, then add OP corruption and just dissapointed what did with her would of been great.  If say was temp & she getting rid of it, or it was slowly taking over her and she needed get rid of it after healed her, leading to summons creature extra but didn't.   Also this character needs to do more on her own too and not with Damien all the time, gone from sweet friendship to just weird & annoying.

#. Magic: not going to menchan levels because seems be none of them in story so moving on.   Will say ideas had for this wear interesting & could of been amazing shame seems only used them mainly or touched on one's for combat, so much more could done with it for instance was really good when used for runes offer then combat, and for making things like did rooms and door shame didn't do more.   And as for mc's magic say would be good if used more spells for offer affinitys say Light for energy beams from hands and eyes would be alsome and very powerful, also a shield that is an actual shield not terrible one he got that supposed be that, yet is more like grabs spell directed at him and holds it for later use & no effect of fiscal attacks at all.

#. Fighting:  this story is bit too heavy on that to extent that all offer thing's kinda pit to way side in order to combat or one way or another.   (Also bit annoying that seems be all teachers think is that they ifer going front line like Delph wants or adventurer.)  

#. When he had a break and all this time yet not once in any of this time got in touch with mom who he was close to and was very good to him, not even just say I'm doing fine how are you, was harsh I mean she is probably worried sick about him.


I'll finally say I'm sorry author could not give higher stars or better review, as story had excellent and exciting ideas and started of amazing, but had to be honest with my opinions and thought and this is what ended up with could easily go on but won't and will stop hear.   Thank you author-san for sharing your story vision with us all and please don't take anything said personally or bad way...   thank you everyone who read this review you all deserve a 🍪 and will.miss reading your fun reviews.

Read to chapter 162 before gave up on read as just could not take it anymore that spell no just no....

Mark of the Fool

I found story really promising and interesting when first started and full of potential even if made no sense what so ever that Theresa went with him and her perants ok with it moving on.

Yeah I like his little sister she great character and most offers are good to OK too. (But too many of them.)  May need character page.

Found frustrating and weird that no matter what they face or come up against always succeed and without losing anyone.  

Shame so obsessed most time seems with golems but I'll say no more, except mc terrible at naming things funny thought. 

Spelling and grammar are great seen no major problems. 

Author interaction none anymore seems so that is a shame.

Found very dissapointing that Alex is relegated to support character in combat or constantly needing offers to get job done, would be alsome if did more on his own.                 (Except for one alsome moment of greatness wear he was fighting mana vampire alone that was really good.)

Also chapters have gotten too long/big for me and find self falling sleep at times sorry but do.  

Don't hate me for my opinions I tried best be nice and fair with them and rating given.

Final thoughts...      started great with a lot of potential but soon got too redicula & far fetched at times with mc more like support character, with everything working out for him & friends just fine even when shouldn't and probably made for better read if didn't.

Don't won't be anymore down on this story so will stop hear and apologise for not giving a better review.   And thanks author for sharing your story with us all.

Shamrock Samurai

Read to chapter 8 and was ok but seemed to suddenly change or something and not fit properly with what came before...    was still an ok read but could of been much better ill try keep with for few more chapters at least and may change review slightly.  

The 50 word count is really annoying at times....


Wishful Cultivation

I am highly enjoying this series its really good and fun cultivation with magic types and high technology that all works well at time wrote this and good character that's just well written.

Only bad is waiting for next chapter to be released which is great with one or more a week.


Grave Digger Gary

This was a decent story had some good and bad but looked like was going to be good series not much happened at time wrote this so can not say too much at this time sorry all.  Basically guy becomes a glitch zombie error in system induced world.

Ahh the dreaded 50 words count....

Interstellar Domination

I'll start by saying really am enjoying this at this time and review really caught my attention and excitement what fun and it's an  interesting story full of potential.

Was a solid 4 or more star's for me until made it look like going be one heavy on teamwork that soon going be happening sorry I love when mainly solo and just rarely group up and then usually only around 3 team max, as more then that especially for long periods just get messy and often hard visuals all that's happening.  So when it should say if that happens I'll likely stop reading.

Also lack of progress on cultivation of any kind at this time as well as system or state is disappointing and feels like a huge missed opportunity & is disappointing.

Also personally hoping can use saber to deflect and block blast too just think it would be great read.

That said I am enjoying story at this time but worried about future and way seems to be heading as want keep enjoying it but looking more and more unlikely. Also think would be nice and good if some interaction from author in comments.

thanks for story at this time it is a fun read...