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F.L. Riley

    1. Re: Trolling Author's

      I saw a funny post about Trolls on Facebook today.  Thought I would share! "Internet trolls are harder to kill than real ones, and they have almost no XP."

    2. Re: Trolling Author's

      The second one, the question remains: what do you suggest (we do)? For me, I would really suggest that the author not publish it and seek help in a more private manner (PM or email or other websites (...)

    3. Re: Trolling Author's

      Personally for my current story I don’t really mind getting any sort of rating or comments. I am writing it more for myself and for practice and publishing it just makes my progress more psychologically (...)

    4. Re: From Inception to Self Publication: an all Inclusive Guide with Price and Process

      Cool Bananas, if anyone got Q,s about writing or whatever, just fire away.  I would love to read the very first chapter before you did all the editing and the polished chapter to see how it evolved. (...)

    5. Re: Trolling Author's

      I think one of the best responses, other than to ignore what isn't constructive, is to have two accounts.  One for reading, one for writing.   I comment a lot.   I work to be constructive, and I (...)

    6. Re: Trolling Author's

      It happens at the top as well.  Ever time someone needs a leg up into the top 10, I get 0.5 rating. This is from someone who started at Rank 2000 + and made it to no.6.  Currently @ 35 x 0.5 stars and (...)

    7. Re: Trolling Author's

      What I find frustrating is when an account is created, intentionally to trash a story.  I have a .5 star review and when I clicked on the person's name.  He had no favorites.  No posts.  No reputation. (...)

    8. Re: My Guide On How To Gain Traction On RoyalRoad And How To Potentially Turn Your Writing Into A Career

      My rank and trending seem to be heavily affected by reviews.  Any time I get a review both go up dramatically.  Do you know why this seems to be weighed so much more than followers?

    9. Re: Harems: Are they even worth your time?

      Easy answer.  Nope.  I just ignore any story that has Harem as a tag.  It might mean I'm missing out on some great stories, but I've been burned too often.  I get invested in a great story that devolves (...)

    10. Re: Storylines We Hate

      Harems.  I can't be bothered anymore.  The stories invariably devolve into relationship/sex issues and the narrative I'm interested in becomes secondary.

    11. Re: Trolling Author's

      I had an Author pull his work from the site recently because of negative feedback and trolls.  His work wasn't perfect, but his storyline was original and the 'voice' he'd established for his MC was original (...)

    12. Re: 70+ Things to Read

      Tidal Lock is active again.