1. Re: Reader Interactive

      The site supports chapters so you can just label your chapters appropriately and add the correct chapters to go to when it's time to make a choice. The only downside is that there doesn't seem to be a (...)

    2. Re: I got my first 0.5 rating and now I'm sad.

      Just remember how generous the vast majority of the userbase is! I also got my first 0.5 recently, and I'm already halfway to recovery thanks to many new ratings.

    3. Re: Grammar Vs. Plot

      I've picked up stories and read well up to halfway, only to get enraged with how the plot turns out and stop, but I've never read more than a paragraph of a story with bad grammar. So, maybe... grammar? (...)

    4. Re: Long-Winded War Arcs

      I think a problem with many 'war arcs' is that some people think war is just battle after battle after battle until the final boss. This is just not true, and on the point by the poster above, you don't (...)

    5. Re: Writing software with black background and white font? Anyone?

      I use notepad++ to write, and you can freely customize its colors any way you want.

    6. Re: I’m in need of battle ideas

      Can't you just imagine how they would fight, then? If you're using pre-existing mythological creatures, then I'm sure you could easily research a list of their abilities, and then play them off one another. (...)

    7. Re: Can Someone who commit a Mass Genocide be considered "morally grey"?

      Morality is a matter of opinion, and thus whether or not it is morally grey will be decided by your readers, irrespective of what you thought it might come across at time of writing. At best, you might (...)

    8. Re: Should I merge my chapters to make them longer?

      Personally, I'm not very particular with word count. Instead, I keep track of whether the chapter has completed a sort of story arc. Roughly that old chart of intro->rising action->climax->denoument->conclusion. (...)

    9. Re: I dont remember my email I used to log in to royal road

      It doesn't directly answer your question, but if you're just preparing for the update, the change email function doesn't seem to ask your old email, so to be sure, you can just pop in an email address (...)

    10. Re: Isn't It Sad...

      On the bright side, it's happy when they give 5s without leaving a reason!

    11. Re: Help needed please!

      There is only one story on the OP’s account, it is: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/22381/the-light-the-dark-and-whats-in-between It could be that, or it might be another story OP hasn't posted (...)

    12. Re: Help needed please!

      Link to your story?

    13. Re: Searching for game elements novel

      Hi! My story, Isekai Strategy Game has the MC sort of reincarnating into the game (actually trapped inside it as they were playing, as their character). And if you're looking for more professional (...)

    14. Re: Offering Feedback

      Overall... Thank you very much, this is exactly what I was looking for! I'll take your advice and shift my focus to story planning. And in the writing front, I get that these are the areas I (...)

    15. Re: Offering Feedback

      I'm happy to just review the last few chapters. Is there a chapter you think would be a good point to start from? Starting towards the end means that I will be missing lots of setup, so keep that in (...)

    16. Re: Can someone review my synopsis?

      The start was a bit shaky, but the rest of the first paragraph made me want to read it right now. I get what the 2nd paragraph is trying to do, and I think it... might be on the right track? But needs (...)

    17. Re: Offering Feedback

      My story's already way too long to apply in full, but if you would allow it, I would be okay with just a review of the last few chapters. What are you writing? It is a light fantasy whisked-into-another-world (...)

    18. Re: OP MC with interesting setting.

      Maou-sama Retry is a really good one I'm following. It gives a sort of Overlord feel, but a lot wackier. The MC is really cool, too. I read it as a manga, though I think it might have an LN base if you (...)

    19. Re: Help with Names in novel?? Advice Please.

      As for names I have a few quick guidelines for myself: 1. Does it have to be realistic? (in relation to the the story/the setting) If not, it doesn't matter even if you pick some cool fantasy low-germanic (...)

    20. Re: Reordering Chapters/Drafts List

      I see, thanks. I suppose I ought to make it a suggestion then. It would be pretty convenient!