1. RE: dungeon stories problems and possible solutions

      Just checking, there's a difference between dungeon stories and dungeon core stories. I mean, in Japan, you have plenty of dungeon stories where the protagonists' goal is to conquer a dungeon (Dungeon (...)

    2. RE: dungeon stories problems and possible solutions

      A problem I'm having with dungeon stories is the dungeon structure.  It's like a pyramid or high-rise.  If you are going to make a dungeon story think about that for a second.  branching paths or (...)

    3. dungeon stories problems and possible solutions

      Dungeon stories and there problems. The concept of a dungeon with a soul is very alluring and fun to play with and explore but there are several traps and pit falls in the story that make continuing (...)

    4. RE: Acceptable level of plot twist?

      I agree with Nirb Any plot twist is ok but to go dues Ex machania all the time gets to be to much and the reader gets tired of it. The way to get around any massive plot twist though is foreshadowing. (...)

    5. RE: Need opinion for my new side project

      what I would love to see written is 3 but what you need is likely 2 you want a stress reliever something you don't have to think to deeply about and just enjoy writing and go all wacky on and just let (...)

    6. RE: Apply for an ID

      Slandrain Storyhunter Affiliation: Magus Domuna faction: enigmatic wanderers ( this is not a new contry different faction within one) ( lost faction of monks who left the country for reasons unknown (...)