Corvus Handly

Corvus Handly

    1. Re: Anyone up for a review swap?

      I'm also interested. I've worked with Daniel before and I can say that he's both helpful and insightful, but if you could use another review to add on to his then I'd be more than happy to oblige. You (...)

    2. Re: December Thread - Promote your Story

      The Ghost of Providence On an island isolated from the old world, tales of a ghost flit through drunken lips--the word magic lies along the tongue's tip. And while tensions boil between denizens of this (...)


      The Many-Faced Man A man of many faces walked all alone, never having known the face that he owned. A mask was what he wore, outside and in Because his was a face they never let in Not accepted (...)

    4. Re: What to do if your story sucks...

      What do you do if you are writing a story and you realize it sucks? I'd like to see some specific, concrete exercises for analyzing literature for its writing style and narrative structure and how (...)

    5. Re: a good hook?

      The opening of a novel is critical to how readers enter a narrative. They orient us to the setting, to character, to plot. They often suggest generic categories (mystery, romance, etc.) that are in play. (...)

    6. Re: Any other struggling authors here?

      There's a lot of valuable information here above provided by Thedude3445 and IvyVeritas. As someone not much older than you are, and about the same age when I began uploading the first time, you should (...)

    7. Re: Organized writing vs chaotic writing

      The first fiction I ever wrote was in the manner you're talking about: loose, unstructured, and undisciplined. It didn't require any forethought, and so events came and went as I thought them up. That (...)

    8. Re: Writing contest vets - halp!!!

      The opening parag--well, the sentence runs on a bit too long. And I'd imagine the wording comes across as too immediately convoluted: "unscheduled awakening from suspended animation" is an exciting premise, (...)

    9. Re: need help / how to embed soundcloud files?

      Did you try my old tutorial?  That worked perfectly. Thank you. I luv you

    10. Re: need help / how to embed soundcloud files?

      How do you embed soundcloud files into your published chapter? I've poured over hours of 'how to's' and I can get the embed within the editing portion - like the audio file shows up - but then it disappears (...)