1. Re: Finally, I feel like I'm back home again.

      I had been on hiatus from RR for a couple of months due to unforeseen circumstances. And for the lack of better words, I dreaded to be back. I just don't feel as connected as how I think it should be. (...)

    2. Re: Characters falling out of Love?

      Just a few cents of thoughts. 1. You have written yourself to a corner by following a certain notion that you have regarding relationships. Reading your post, I could sense that you wanted this 'perfect (...)

    3. Re: What unpopular gaming opinions do you have?

      Just some thoughts out of my head. 1. I don't understand the need of a pre-pubescent hero/heroines that can't wipe their noses clean or get their asses whooped by the local kid or even forgetting (...)

    4. Re: Present & Past Tenses

      Perhaps this link might be better to explain your dilemma. present or past tense when using a fact and backshifting

    5. Re: Present & Past Tenses

      As how @AlexM says it. As for myself, I stick with past tense in my whole storytelling and present tense when it involves most dialogues (When it involves the current scene). Only that. I find it easier (...)

    6. Re: Synopsis-Strength and Weakness

      Since I'm writing a LitRPG too, perhaps I could help you a little. Mind that I too am very much new in this :) Hi all, after rewriting and rewriting my synopsis with the input from everyone here (...)

    7. Re: I'm rating and recommending your stories

      If you have some free time on your hand, I would appreciate your input on my current work. 

    8. Re: Recommendations: The best and active novels on RRL

      If you have some free time, do give me your opinion on my current work. The link is below my siggy.

    9. Re: Bored Reader/Writer Looking to Proofread

      Hi, What a generous offer. It seems that you are full now so I'll drop by and reserved a spot for myself if you have some free time on your hands. The link is at my siggy below. Thanks in advance and (...)

    10. Re: Looking for stories with viedeogame elements

      Try mine, Legendary Twilight Farmer Hope that it contains what you liked and wanted. Have fun.

    11. Re: Why the hell do I see a ton of reviews criticizing grammar but mispelling it as grammer or gramer?

      It is easier to be a critic rather than the one who delve in the art itself. Writing is like singing competitions that is judge by arm-chair public critics nowadays. So, it is of no surprise to see critics, (...)

    12. Re: Help with battle scenes

      I too wondered why the thread was suddenly necro-bumped. But I could not pass up writing a battle scene. Hehe...

    13. Re: Help with battle scenes

      As I'm writing lots of battle scenes in my own story with one being a massive scale full fledged war, perhaps I could give a pointer or two. And perhaps too I could point out what exactly you were missing (...)

    14. Re: after lurking and reading for almost a year, here are the most common writing mistakes i see.

      The reason why Sigurd suggests this is because it is the fair thing to do, to base a review on the entirety of the novel, and not a tiny sample of it. By your excuse, i can just read the first word of (...)

    15. Re: Any novels with breast growth?

      There's tonnes of weird thread in this forum but this take the cake.  Should have one of the mods delete coz its not contributing anything to the forum rather than showing the fetishes of the OP and his/her (...)

    16. Re: The Huddlers ( Dedicated Thread for newbie authors. )

      Hi, I'm not sure how to join you guys, but I'll just apply here. The link to my story is in my siggy.

    17. Re: Grammar & Flow

      My fiction just received its first review, a 2/5, and it stings to be honest. The reviewer makes good arguments, part of them subjective and part of them objective. I would like to focus on the latter, (...)

    18. Re: after lurking and reading for almost a year, here are the most common writing mistakes i see.

      At first I thought, "Wow, yet another thread that I could learn something about English grammar." But, when I opened it up and read it, I did get a little disappointed hence my post below.   Item (...)

    19. Re: Surprised that the fan fiction is so weak

      You are looking at a few things here. 1. First is the general audience/readers/authors in RR. Most who come here and read the author's work are generally young adult. And these young adults are far (...)

    20. Re: Building Tension in a Novel

      Just my two cents. Since the OP did not mention what sort of 'tension' he wanted to write about, I'll go generally speaking first and the maybe a little more specific. Bear in mind, I'm still a noob (...)