An Unbound Soul

I loved the first fiction, and am keen to see how the author will write from our isekai protagonist's POV. It's an interesting litRPG system and I'm curious to see it explored more down the line.

It's still early days, but so far I'm loving it. I feel that it's a shoe-in for trending eventually!


Borne of Caution

This changed my favorite Pokemon

This is a great story that is a lot further along on Fanfiction.net and Spacebattles, so feel free to read ahead there. It is another example of a Pokemon fanfiction that brings more depth and realism to the world as the SI brings an outside perspective on Pokemon that allow him to make great leaps forward.

The writing style is smooth and engaging, and does not stray into the primary school level quality writing that many fanfictions/webnovels can. 

I love the story, and the new creative exploration of the Pokemon world. The author explores past the statistic and 4-move pool nature of the games and has thoughtfully developed a more realistic and very interesting version of Pokemon. The importance of skill, physical strengthening and thoughtful training routines allow the SI to develop as a trainer in an entertaining way.

Character Score:
The SI is a thoughtful, three dimensional character. However, what makes this fic so great is the the pokemon are not two dimensional puppets, but rather have their own individual characterisation that develops and changes. Relationships between characters, as well as between the pokemon and their trainer are not boring and shallow, but develop as trust is something that must be earned (which is realistic). Also, vulpix best pokemon!

Not much to say... Grammar is good. No mistakes, and the writing isn't stunted or awkward.

GREAT FIC! Try it out here, and if u want more check it out on Fanfiction.net or Spacebattles

Copy, Paste: The Misadventures of Milo Two

Has the potential to be another great fic on royalroad.

The writing is great and the story somehow feels new and refreshing despite a familiar and easily accessible litRPG setting and premise. Grammar is great and there aren't the clunky sentences and misspelled words that stop you from immersing yourself in some other fictions.

Characters and litRPG:

The characters are enjoyable to read and the author uses shifts in POV well to keep events exciting and give the classic incredulous external perspective on the MC. The MC is not overly munchkin-y but still makes smart decisions and carefully thinks about his progression, and the litRPG elements are notably present but don't dominate the story.


It's still early days but the shape of the story is already present and I'm eager to read more and find out what will happen. MC transmigrates to a litRPG fantasy world and falls into an instanced dungeon with a fantasy native, and now has to proceed through it. Classic problems around communication and not understanding each other are interesting and enjoyable, but are resolved before they reach tedium. 

The title and blurb didn't make this seem like it would be as amazing as it is, but within a few chapters you will be hooked, trust me. Just try it out!

Overall, LOVE IT!


There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

Did basic review, but this deserves ALL THE STARS

This story is a ray of sunshine. It is the most heartwarming and funny slice-of-life dungeon novel, but is in no way sickly sweet.

Every chapter feels me with anticipation, and then joy as I read through it. I can't count how many times I have caught myself smiling widely while reading, and there aren't even that many chapters!

Give it a read, finding this was an amazing moment for me.

The characters develop and the story itself is interesting and full of characters and details, while of course PUNS AND MUSHROOMS ARE AMAZING! (and I read that in my imagined Deo's voice...)

Star Child

I'm a follower on Reddit, and love it, so have some stars.

Check it out on Reddit, there are a lot more chapters there. SC has a very unique and interesting magic system, and the story is quite enjoyable.

Just give it a try.

Starcraft Unbound

CCAPRICE had it right, this feels quite similar to Terror Infinity in a Starcraft setting (before it got all weird with the human evolution stuff).

TL;DR: It's good, give it a try. You'll very quickly get a feel for the story.

It is still very much early days, and it is a little rough around the edges in terms of grammar and typos, but it's still a very enjoyable read. I can't wait for more!

Overall: This is an enjoyable litRPG, with lots of potential to grow. While knowledge of Starcraft really adds something to the experience, at the same time it isn't that necessary in order to enjoy the story (but it might be nice to do a few quick web searches). The strategy aspect and choices the MC makes have real repercussions and flow well into future chapters.


Style:  A bit unrefined (but this is an early draft, and releases are fast to be fair). Nevertheless, it is easy to get into, and the style never really detracts from the story. It's a good start.

             The litRPG elements of the story are integrated well, and don't dominate the real-time action or dull the intensity. The system works quite nicely in my opinion, with a kingdom-building element at his base while dangerous game missions occur frequently.

Story:  The plot is as the author says in the blurb. Very similar to Terror Infinity in base premise, but not derivative.  Pacing feels quite good at the moment, with fast-paced, intense missions, and more calm chapters of kingdom-building, litRPG development and personal growth. (Pretty much what CCAPRICE said....)

Grammar: While there are several grammatical errors as you read, they are all very minor, and easy to move on from.

Character:  The MC is not a Mary Sue, or ridiculously OP. The foundational StarCraft theme doesn't feel ignored, as he is just another unit in the scheme of things.
Nor does he have  some Wuxia-level personality bullshit. He starts a bit ignorant and ill-prepared, and does make wrong decisions. As the story has progressed, he has gotten more and more expressive and the narration is quite enjoyable. The author does a great job of integrating humour and fun character interactions with the story.