1. A short story. Any tips and criticism appreciated.

      The grand finale The men were fidgeting, awaiting orders that Soiviere doubted would ever come. Their hostages wouldn’t sit still either, all of them shouting profanities and swearing on their mothers (...)

    2. Re: Support

      Go to My Fictions -> Contend -> Settings -> Donations

    3. Re: Need assistance in deciding if i should change my title,

      Okay, I'ma respond to this and try to help.  First point of order; the link to your fiction page in your signature is broken. Just giving ya a heads up since you probably want to fix that. So, (...)

    4. Re: Need assistance on deciding if i should change my title,

      Right now i stand in front of a roadblock that is essential in deciding my story's fate. I am torn between keeping my fiction title as it is or changing it; Current title is: The Divine path My (...)

    5. Re: 'Sup I'm new

      Welcome to RoyalRoad! Enjoy your stay on this wonderful site and make sure to continue writing with passion and enjoyment so that one day you may end up writing something you are extremely proud of!

    6. Re: Showing vs. Telling

      Man this is some solid advice! It made me look at my story and reread it with a different percpective. I found so many instances where i was telling and not showing. My eyes opened widely and my arms trembled (...)

    7. Re: On the subject of chapter length

      As a new writer on this side i've been wondering about what the standard length of chapters should be. I've noticed all kinds of chapters ranging from 1000 words up to 5000 and i've been wondering how (...)

    8. Re: What Music do you listen to when Writing? Or reading for that matter.

      I like to listen to music with really low volume so as not to distract me. Its more of a background noise for me that makes the experience more enjoyable. Heres a playlist of mine that im rocking right (...)