Shameless Overkill

Read up to chapter 4 and reviewed.

That was...

I don't know what that was.  It was fun, zany and extrememly tongue in cheek.  This is the kind of story that is a light-hearted and a wild romp through game-apocalypse territory.  The story unapologetically does not give a Texas f**k and barrels forward with the crazy hijinks of Gus and friends.

While this sort of story is not actually my personal scene (I like more grounded stuff), I can still review it on it's own merit.  The primary one being of course, writing style.  The writing is very stylish and feels like it would be right at home in a comedic version of duke nukem. 

There is also a plethora of cultural references for those who like that sort of thing.  It also feels like Texas being written about by what the rest of the world thinks Texas is actually like (I am saying this as one of those same ignorant outsiders myself).

The characters don't have much in the way of development yet, given only four chapters out and it feels like they won't receive much anyway.  But that's okay, it's not really that kind of story.  This is about wild people doing things for fun, with flair.

The never ending crazy continues and our characters roll with the punches as we fumble through skinning slimes and bird poop attacks.  Enjoy.

Him and Her - An Odd(?) Story

Diabetes level love story, if a little inconsistent

This one was a five star for me all the way up to chapter 30.  It was a cute and funny romance with nice character chemistry and tons of banter (think 'spice and wolf').  And i loved it!

Although after chapter 30 it just turns into a slice of life.  The lovebirds are still bantering, but it isnt for me anyore at that point.

My only gripe would be Aya's personality feels just a little bit inconsistent at times.  Like there are things she shows no embarressment over and other times, very similar things that suddenly she's a blushing maiden.  Sometimes she's treated as sexually naieve and other times experienced.  It was a bit weird.

But overall i really loved the story (at least the first 30 chapters anyway)

Song of the Void

A story about world building

I have rather mixed feelings about this one.  I like the others other work lamen of the fallen, even if the ending did feel a bit anticlimatic to me.  This one was really interesting though.  The author starts out by building a interesting world.  And the after that keeps building his world.  And keeps world building.  And it just never stops.  OK mr. author its an interesting world you've been building, but you can stop building it now?

Like seriously the final chapter was announced and I was so shocked as the way things were going I GENUINELY thought the story was only about to begin now lol.

That being said that a story can stay in 'world building' mode the entire time and still keep someone like be reading (someone who enjoys novels like re: hamster), is remarkable in and of itself and speaks volumes to the authors talent.

But yeah, this was a bit of a weird one for me.