1. Need a story for my game

      Let me preface by saying this, I am more than willing to pay for any particularly good offerings or work if needs be. I am busy developing a game to be published on steam.  The concept is basically (...)

    2. Re: To readers: Share your recommendations at EVERY opportunity!

      Some of my recomendations: Re: Hamster - was deleted off the site because its content is let's say very, very extreme.  But it was the funniest thing I ever read.  Since it was deleted, I included an (...)

    3. Re: Want a free (semi)promotion for your story?!

      Ha Ha.  I'm not passing this up: My ongoing writathon novel would appreciate it: "Gamer wars" Link in my signature, synopses can be: Andy is a gamer that has failed at life and is at the end of (...)

    4. Re: Multiple POVs: How many is too many, and what's your limit?

      I've read stories with multiple POV's as well as without.  I'm sure you'll find plenty of people on both sides of the coin.   Here however, is where the actual problem lies.  I've seen it amongst  my (...)

    5. Re: Why most of the authors drop their stories

      A little late to the party, this came up while I was googling for something else. I have a whole string of dropped novels (although there are a few I may still carry on with in future).  And if you (...)

    6. Re: Tips for avoiding drive by 1 star ratings

      Lol.  When one of my favourite RR novels suffered in ratings because of two guys kissing, I was so annoyed that I was tempted to do exactly that.  I considered making an Isekai with some extremely macho, (...)

    7. Re: Tips for avoiding drive by 1 star ratings

      Avoid sensitive things - Avoid sensitive events like NTR stuff, or sensitive topics like having two guys kissing (Yeah, I'm just going to roll my eyes here and sigh at the state of humanity, but the (...)

    8. Re: Tips for avoiding drive by 1 star ratings

      I might add humanizing yourself towards the readers as an option. It’s easier to troll if you feel like there aren’t any real human consequences. Readers being anonymous is one part of this, but the (...)

    9. Re: Tips for avoiding drive by 1 star ratings

      Hi all, I'm here to talk about those annoying 1 star ratings that has been discussed to death already.  But I'm not here to complain or ask for RR to 'fix it', there are already many discussions surrounding (...)

    10. Writing a creepy novel, is giving me the creeps

      Hi all, don't mind the random post, but I am currently writing a apocalypse survival horror and it is 11pm here in South Africa at the moment. Let me tell you, the novel is too damn creepy,  I am busy (...)