1. Re: The Fancy Pants Kids of RoyalRoad

      That first comment was mainly because of my own mistake, and its indeed rare for it to happen (thats why he got so much)

    2. Re: Other websites

      Well, there are also Scribblehub.com Tapas.io Reddit.com/r/Redditserials Some forums like Sufficientvelocity.com / spacebattles.com Cant recommend webnovel, oh and whatever you do, dont sign a contract (...)

    3. Re: Forgot the Title. OP Isekai where MC gangs on a god with his allies.

      Could be Inexorable Chaos, but the god part& home being burnt on earth is weird, everything else fits though

    4. Re: Forgot the Title

      Could that be Breath of Creation (dropped by author)

    5. Re: Recommendations on Funny/Idiotic reviews

      Not implented as far i know, following is only for when they post new fictions.

    6. Re: Recommendations on Funny/Idiotic reviews

      Nimbus absolutely has one of the highests with his Wandering Inn review, if not THE highest, that review is sitting at near 600 upvotes. Compared to him im just a medicore reviewer tbh, even if i try (...)

    7. Re: Most Rep?

      Well, dont be too certain about that kind of comments standing given that most of the rep of those comments were from repeat repping which got disabled (by that i mean the comments that are 1-2K rep). (...)

    8. Re: What do you guys use the follow and favorite buttons for?

      Basically what they are intended for in my eyes, follows as a way to bookmark a story. Favourite for stories i really liked & deem worth sharing that way, and read later doesn't even have to be explained. (...)

    9. Re: Why did you choose your username?

      This one? No idea honestly, already near 11 years ago that i first started using it, though it wasnt as prevalent as another username at first. Then it gradually changed until this one was the prominent (...)

    10. Re: Best and Worst Movie/TV Adaptations of Books/Comics/Etc, Go!

      My condolences, my first comment was much tamer, not even acknowledging its name, but then it got wiped and i just couldn't be bothered to retype it all.

    11. Re: Best and Worst Movie/TV Adaptations of Books/Comics/Etc, Go!

      Since you included manga adaptions, there is simply no contest, Dragonball Evolution. And sorry for making anyone remember it exists.

    12. Re: Phoenix Border

      Its so damn pretty in its own way, but also my current one is great, that makes it darn hard to decide between this border and the phoenix one. So currently with my own border, but im tempted.

    13. Re: Recommendations by Zethuron

      List updated, mostly 2 new stories in the 2nd category. Also, i hate the forums editor, it is such a chore to remove all those empty lines that spring up from nowhere when i preview/post.

    14. Re: Team Pumpkin or Team Wreath

      Well, joined #teamwreath because 'Its the Season' now!

    15. Re: Complete stories not tagged accordingly

      For the  first list, you do have a point there, it makes them quite harder to find or easier to overlook since they arent correctly categorized as complete. And for those in the latter list, it is just (...)

    16. Re: Paladin MC

      Hmm, dont know any such stories on RR, ongoing or otherwise. Though there is the Japanese novel Saihate No Paladin/The Faraway Paladin, one of the best Isekai stories to ever come out of Japan, and also (...)

    17. Re: What happened to Camille D'irithyl

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/38605/souls-war-apocalyse-restart Actually forget it, they reuploaded it.

    18. Re: What happened to Camille D'irithyl

      No idea, you could PM them or ask them on the old version https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/36355/apocalypse-war-survive-die-restart-expired-version which is still up.

    19. Re: Recommendations by Zethuron

      Edited the post, added an unexpected story in the second category (fanfic of all things, but really good, actually the second one in this list if i count that one among the mangas) Thank you all for (...)

    20. Re: Recommendations by Zethuron

      Reserved post because of character limit. Edit, got back to reading, will likely add some stories to list & update descriptions for some.