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Bio: Hello there!
Im just a reader that enjoys reading all kinds of stories, but mainly the quality ones.
Since recently, i have been starting to put out reviews in large amounts, to share my thoughts on a story. I enjoy being able to help the authors in some way, considering they do wonderful work at creating stories. So that's a part of why i review, to share good stories on this site with other readers, this is doubly so for those hidden gems that i find from time to time. Currently i can call myself at best only a decent reviewer, not a skilled one like some others on this site.

If you like reading my reviews and so thus follow them, have found something new to read thanks to them, or just want to talk, be sure to do so! It always makes me happy knowing that i helped someone find a good story.

Just as a warning, my tastes range very widely, with there being barely anything that actually turns me off from reading a story, i try to account for that in some of my reviews, but i sadly do not always do that. So please try to take that in account when considering to read a story i recommend, it may be not to your tastes.
And on the topic of my reviews, some of them are likely outdated after the story has progressed a ton, either for better or worse, this does apply to many of my older reviews, please keep that in mind as they may be not accurate anymore, in those cases i also recommend looking at other, more recent reviews for that story.

Feel free to ask me for new stories to read, there are some hidden gems of all types, or just generally good stories.

And other reviewers on this site worth checking out are :
l nimbus : for his really lengthy in-depth reviews which are also fair, and provides great feedback.
KoboldPatrol : good lengthy reviews, is fair and honest with their reviews, and straight to the point.
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