The Trickster's Tale: A Bard Is Born (LitRPG)

I reviewed this story in its first iteration and it had some... Issues with it to say the least. 

This time around the author is obviously taking much more time to flesh out his story, really making his characters feel believable and not just blindly rushing through to the second arc as soon as he can which is nice. 


The style of his writing is great, definitley has a dramatic flare to it thats great. 

Story is amazing, with the author taking more time to actually flesh out the story instead of rushing through it as before its taken a much more solid grounding and has done nothing but improve. 


Grammar wise the story is very good, no errors or mistakes. 


Characters are strong. It shows the influence and interactions of characters very nicely, they all feel like real people with their own drives and motives.


All around very solid story super worth reading. Dont pass it up just because the previous iterations were not as good. This is almost a completely different story and has a ton of potential to go very far. A must read for people who really want a good charisma max story. 


Im still not at 200 words jesus christ. Just let me post it I've said enough!!!!!! Pleaseeeeee. Of course i didnt put any points in charisma for this review smh


Virtuous Sons: A Greco Roman Xianxia

This is the first time i've reviewd something with so few chapters but i believe it warrents it. 

This is an absolute gorgeous piece of work, a Complete change of setting and pace and everything from any Cultivation novel i've ever seen, and it does it in just the right way to inspire you to want to write your own novel based in a similar world. 

The style is perfect, everything is well fleshed out, beautifully done, takes a POV that most wouldn't expect and is just beautiful. 

The grammar is great, haven't noticed any major or minor errors while reading. 95% sure he runs it through grammerly then re-reads it. 

Story. If this site had a 10 star rating instead it would easily get a 10 star story rating. The entire world is unique, vast, and well thought out. For being in a Stuffy Sect you can see the personality in it, In the way it interacts in the way everything comes together, it's just so unique and good i can't rave about it enough. 

All of the Characters are absoultely phenominal. The way that the world, and people on the actual path of cultivation view it and approach it are out standing, and shows how people would really see it. The mistakes that people make in regards to it and how they handle it, and also how character flaws can cause the failure and bottle necks. It really feels like becoming an Enlightened Immortal God causes you to become a better person, almost requires you to be not only strong, but also wise. Unlike most other novels in the Xian type universes where some asshole gets strong by running over everyone and just being lucky. 

Overall, perfect 5/5, i Definitley see this getting on the most popular list right up there with, oh god i haven't even checked that list last i saw it Threadbare and Boxxy were on the top, i know it's moved around a lot since then though lol; aslong as the author continues to post and avoids burnout i see this being one of the greats honestly.

Invincible Canadian Hermaphrodite Goddess Cultivator.

Yes Yes Yes. 

Story's super good, has some good plot, giant grand schemes, Idiotic Cultivators. What more could one story ask? 

Grammar is good, i haven't noticed any big errors. Flow's very consitently. 

Characters feel like actual characters for the most part, so thats nice. 

Style, what screams style like a female Orc ramming her woman meat into a bulging stomach? Nothing thats what. 

Overall a good story, Not hard to understand not overly complex, interesting lead. good character interaction. 

All and All a great story definitley worth the read and the interlewds are well done.

And of course the 200 character limit strikes again. Damn you i just want to throw out a good review for our author :( 

Umm, so essentially what i'm saying is, that what had happened was, is the story is really really good, and everyone should read it and give it 5 stars because the author is really schweet. Anyway theres also magic wiener which is nice, a cocky emperor if you will, and the author said that the worst part of the story is over. Everything that happened until now is kind of a preface ya know, introducing characters and all that. It's also super fast paced,  only negative i can think of is the author uses a lot of different names for people some times, and the POV switches feel like it's trying to force it to be smooth causing it to feel, well, not smooth.


Path of Divinity

Can't decide on a title so ughhh MC relatable.

Alright so here goes. This story is really really good. Thats it. 

It's style reminds me of some of the greats, Ghosthound and Healer. 
It's grammer could use an editor but you show me one story without an editorial team that you go," You know what, this is so good grammar wise, i don't think it needs one." and i'll shit a brick. 
The story is a nice middle of the road, MC doesn't have some intense need to fight for good or evil, hell he doesn't even know what he wants out of life to such an extent essentially god said," Lol bro idfk what you want good luck finding it out." And dropped him in a hell hole
Character development is good, about average MC doesn't have a strong personality, but it's not weak either. Kinda like him very middle ground, generic MC, but he has a good background and building to him and the god-like character that was like a major priest or something was cool so good job. 

And the review has to be 200 words long fml. Author is great he does a really cool thing where he will release bonus chapters for full reviews and milestones in his journey writing. Seems like a laid back dude all around. Self-insert anybody????


Interesting premise, unique, and super cool all around. Can be a little bit cringy at times but it's pretty easily glossed over. Writings super good to, only found like 2 typos in my entire binge read that stood out to me so thats great.

The Strongest Skill: Getting rich while becoming stronger

Pretty bold cash grab, I was here when it started he pretty instantly had a pattern with like a big number of chapters ahead, and he knew his writing was mediocre so he just targeted tropes he knew he could sell and rushed through as much as he could to try and get on the pay train authors have, going through pattern lol, story is shit but he sticks to the style so that's alright if you can deal with sub-par writing

So This is what i'm fucking talking about. 

I Personally lost all interest in this story when the dungeon arc started, i was barely hanging on when grendal didn't ransack the town to begin with. But now it brings back the thrill i had when i first read started reading this series. While i can tell the grimdark part of the series isn't amazing, it still manages to give you the," Fuck these are all great twists i dig it." My only real complaint is new foes for our OP MC to deal with. I'm sure the power scale is going to jump up by like a lot, but it still kinda feels like he's insanely busted when it comes to dealing with humans. 

All in all, solid 5 star for me, i love it and i love the grim and hopless setting. Keep up the good work Author 

Reincarnated as a Troll in a Dark Fantasy World

Pretty damn good, a lot of the time to me the  timeframes seem off, but it's getting better and probably just me misreading it. 

While the chapters we're, well mediocre as of the first several, the writing has gotten a lot better by a very large amount, not like BEST STORY EVER level yet, but definetly a solid," Pretty Good." Level. As such, 5 stars because it's going good and author's trying his best. 

The Morrigan

Basically this storyhas me very interested, its taking the reborn as a spider trope and moving it very quickly compared to the other popoular ones in this category, which is great in my opinion. 

The writing isn't bad, not any really noticable mistakes, i tend to have a huge pet peeve over shitty writing and this hasn't bugged (heh get it) me yet, so its doing great


Also, the MC actually makes decisions in some parts that make me go," Wait any other MC woulda picked this instead.... fuck it lets see how it turns out." i remember atleast two choices that wern't standard withwhat i thought she would pick so thats pretty cool. 

overall great story, would love a faster release date but its good and i'd reccomed it.  

A Snake's Rise


For Any one wondering, this is the continuation of A Snakes Life, and holy crap its gonna be good. Only the first chapter is out but im already stoked as hell. The authors good and this upcoming book looks like its gonna be crazy good, huge time skip with lots of interesting things that happened during it, overall its going to be great!