The Voyager: Remastered

I like the way the author decided to go with the story. Original in my opinion. I also enjoy the MC as she is. Have 5 stars.

Edit: The second part of the story when they go into the dimension with the sun and moon empire feels less interesting to me. I feel like the first arc was better. I especially dislike Adam and his character. I also dislike how somethings are hyped up to be super good and then suddenly an enemy appears that can easily beat said thing. Don't get me wrong it's still an interesting story and I'm still reading but there has definitely been a drop in enjoyment for me. 

On the Road to Elspar (Book 1)

The story is slow paced but well made. I had doubts reading this as it said in the tags reader interactive (which to me often means isekai with lots of fanservice) however after reading I am happy to say that the readers who make choices aren't like that at all. 

The style is not for everyone as it is in first person. I personally enjoy third person more but even then I find that I don't dislike or hate the first person view. Let's just say if you stick around it grows on you.

Grammar is well done. (Probably better than my review ) Above the standard quality of royalroad.

Characters are not 1 side of a coin (Meaning they aren't one dimensional.) which is good. The characters also don't spill all their secrets the moment you meet them. A bit of a problem for me was that sometimes it's a bit hard to remember all the names. A glossary would be nice.

All in all. Very enjoyable read if you can get by the first person view.


I feel like this story is so incredibly slow. This is not without reason :P 87 chapters in and the story is still only on day 8. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Sure a story can have long days, But when the day is mostly side characters praising her for her smarts by thinking of something simple they apparantly never tried. :l

Spoiler: Spoiler

This all adds up to the side characters being extremely abnoxious since they all never have any problems with her. You know the prince of a country for half a day? threaten his friend in front of him while he is eating. Steal his library pass? Sure why not. Demand a better library pass when you need to give it back? That's also fine... maybe not.

I officially quit this story. reading until ch87 (more skimming through it since ch73 or something) Because I finally can't take it anymore.

I shall leave two Pro's at least. This story has great grammar and the very beginning of this story was enjoyable due to the unique way of her special ability. Though my enjoyment for this story is dead now.

The New Humans

This story is brutal at times and I feel like you really start feeling for the mc and other characters which makes those brutal scenes even better. I also really like the mc and her powers. Can't wait for more chapters.

Misadventures of a Rampaging Demon

I love Tanya as a character. Same with Lily. 5 Stars for you.


I feel like I own the author a review because I gave such a low rating so here we go.

The style is abysmal at times the fonts change sizes really often. It isn't even that hard to fix. Thats why 1.5 stars.

The story is not bad. But, it is the direction that the story takes after chapter: Small fish, Smaller pond. That I just cannot accept.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 The grammar is meh~ Not bad not good. (Not saying I can do better. :P )

Now we come to what made me drop this story. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

I have never been this critical about a story but for all mentioned reasons above I have decided in giving such a low rating. (such a huge rant.)

 Edit: read it again and got past that section. I feel like I should rate higher so :/

The Vespidian

A solid story like turnip

I absolutely adore this. (Really small spoiler... Maybe?)


Style... might not be for everyone but that's just how Vesper is and I love it.

Story... I enjoy that too but sometimes the story will be a little too much about how Vesper will get laid with the next person. (i.m.o)

Grammer... mistakes what are they are they tasty?

Character... I just love Vesper and Glitter Kitten (there were some others here but r.i.p?)

My conclusion... This story is like turnip beautiful and ruthless.

In the Shadow of Heaven

The story is nice but, the plot progresses so slow at times. The main reason is because there is a lot of different pov's which do start to get annoying in my opinion. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I like most characters. Grammar is great.World building is also done pretty good. Just that the pace is too slow.

Metaworld Chronicles

I love this story but I cringe so hard with some of the interactions Gwen has with some people like Percy. She is way too kind for the annoying shit.

Spoiler: Spoiler

Also I dislike that some words are in Chinese/Mandarin? like babulya or mao but I won't give you a lower rating for that cuz there are normal swear words in your story. So here have a good rating you deserve it.


Song of the Void

If this comes even remotely close to your last story you can't go wrong.

I like it so far but 2 chapters isn't a lot to go on.

Still have 5 stars cuz you finished your last story for now. (Which loads of people don't.)