Drew Walker

Drew Walker

    1. Re: Requesting feedback

      Hi Gyeig, Way to keep consistent with your uploads! That's a challenge for many a first time poster. Well done. I have a few thoughts I'd like to share, but I want to stress you're off to a great (...)

    2. Re: NaNoWriMo Hype, anyone?

      It's the final day! How's everybody doing?  I had mixed results. I managed to "win" NaNoWriMo and reach my 50k of overall words. Unfortunately some of my inspiration didn't align well with the Writathon (...)

    3. Re: Looking for feedback (especially on grammar)

      Great question! First though, my thoughts on eternity: Eternity really only has a handful of meanings and uses.  Eternity as a structure of actual time is infinite, unending. As such, having worlds (...)

    4. Re: Looking for feedback

      Hi Kunyit. I always like to look at the first couple paragraphs to begin forming my feedback, as often what is discovered there can apply throughout. What program do you use to compose your stories? (...)

    5. Re: Looking for feedback (especially on grammar)

      Hi Crisyah! If English is not your native language, I'm impressed. There are things here and there that suggest this to be the case, but overall your handle of the language is better than that of some (...)

    6. Re: Do you have any requirements to start reading a story?

      I second that, april18. It all comes down to time, and priorities. I miss the days when I read more voraciously, and somehow still had time to watch every movie that caught my eye, and not only play (...)

    7. Re: NaNoWriMo Hype, anyone?

      I'm on track to hit my 50k for NaNoWrimo. I'm doing less well on the RRL Writathon as many of my words were for a different story, but with Thanksgiving break I hope to pull it off. Good luck everybody!

    8. Re: Do you have any requirements to start reading a story?

      I'm sure there will be a wide gamut of responses.  I start by skimming the first paragraph or two, looking at grammar and syntax. If it's shoddy, I tend to head elsewhere right away.  If it seems (...)

    9. Re: Do you perform Post Mortem's on your completed stories?

      I'm curious how many authors here take the time to perform a Post Mortem on their stories, once they've marked them complete, to analyze the process and the evolution of the story and writing? It may (...)

    10. Re: quick help needed on [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]...

      I put mine as the first line of the Synopsis. Hopefully that was the right thing to do!

    11. Re: How can I encourage more discussion on my stories?

      All great points here. In my personal experience, I get the most comment activity either when I use the box at the bottom to illicit feedback specifically, or when I have an event or dialog between characters (...)

    12. Re: Looking for feedback. New to writing.

      I'll mirror Rabid Fan's note about Chapter 1 being a wall of text. Simply inserting an empty line between each paragraph should fix that, as you do in successive chapters. As a reader I'm always grateful (...)

    13. Re: Should novels have a prologue?

      I think a question like this will always prove to be a solid discussion, with people on both sides of the fence and a handful walking it. I, myself, am a fence-walker on this topic.  I agree that by (...)

    14. Re: NaNoWriMo Hype, anyone?

      Well, we're past the halfway point! How are you all doing? Are your fingers flying across the keys at the pace you want? I may or may not have picked up a certain Star Wars game that came out this (...)

    15. Re: Finding Your Audience

      As others have said, each platform has its target audience, but is nevertheless populated by users with an array of interests. If your audience is niche, you may still want to explore additional platforms (...)

    16. Re: Is this site dead?

      Welcome to the site! I actually left the discord for the same reason batotit did - I can't keep up with it.  That's true of my relationship with discord in general, not only with this community - but (...)

    17. Re: NaNoWriMo Hype, anyone?

      Alright, four days in!  How's everybody doing? I wasn't able to write yesterday, so I'm just edging out the "on-track" word-count of 6,668 at 6,910.  I feel that tackling an entirely new storyline (...)

    18. Re: NaNoWriMo Hype, anyone?

      Taking a quick break. I'm 1,600 words in and want to keep taking advantage of the forward momentum starting a project always brings, before it inevitably diminishes to a trickle and starts requiring real (...)

    19. Re: NaNoWriMo Hype, anyone?

      And so it begins - good luck everybody!

    20. Re: Which blurb is more enticing?

      Personally, I would vote for Option A with a little tweaking. Each of these blurbs sound like a totally different story from the other, which is a touch confusing.  Regardless, I think Option A gives (...)