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Drew Walker


      Welcome, Fitical Crailure! Hope you enjoy your experience sharing your writing on RR. 

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      Congrats Angry Spider! That's impressive

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      Welcome, Shermuqfil! Hope you enjoy the community, and good luck with your story!

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      Welcome, Space_Pirate_Morgana!  I'm actually playing through Ghost of Tsushima right now, and having a blast. I keep toggling on Kurosawa mode, as I'm a huge fan of his movies. Good times.  Hope you (...)

    5. Re: The Ethics of Consent with Reincarnation

      I think there's a factor here that a few posts have hinted at, but we haven't openly addressed. Memories vs. consciousness against the body's physical brain and the chemical composition that brain provides. (...)

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      Welcome, Robert F. Mason!  I hope you enjoy the community. A lot of people suffer from imposter syndrome, and not just as writers - I see it all the time in my day job, and have experienced it myself (...)

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      Welcome, Spinnernite! Hope you enjoy your time here! 

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      Welcome, CroseBelle! Hope you enjoy the community!

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      Something else occurred to me that I wanted to explore with regards to your original question. Let's say that someone dies when they are 20, and attending University - they're reborn with full memory (...)

    10. Re: Illustrations from my story :)

      I absolutely adore how you draw her glasses, letting the lines fade away. Really gives a glass effect, and is just all around very neat.  Also, due to the previous image, I imagine she's using magic or (...)

    11. Re: The Ethics of Consent with Reincarnation

      I'm going to have a possibly quite different view of this than some people, so a quick disclaimer is in order: My father was 20 years older than my mother. Some people would define their relationship (...)

    12. Re: PLEASE HELP ME!!!

      I also like the third, but admit the effect on the NT was making me try to refocus, thinking for a split second there was something wrong with my eyes.  I wear contacts/glasses, so that is a legitimate (...)

    13. Re: What Musical Memories Do You Have?

      It's amazing how music can imprint such vivid memories in our minds. At the risk of sounding too old... John Denver immediately puts me back into my child's-height perspective of my parents rust-colored, (...)

    14. Re: What Writing Exercises Have Helped You The Most?

      Before I get to my post, I love that you had a teacher/professor who put you through that exercise. I wish I'd been able to experience that all those years ago. Very cool. I'm not entirely sure these (...)

    15. Re: Completed artwork of my MC's new transformation - "Ouroboros, the Dragon-headed Serpent Who Devours Tyran (...)

      If you don't mind, could you give me your interpretation? I'd love to know the POV of someone who doesn't have the underlying context. Sure! I'm familiar with Ouroboros mythology and am immediately (...)

    16. Re: Writing Process

      This post made me laugh Ayane, as I think we've all been there! Most of us, at least. I will contend with your comment about it being the least professional writing process we'd ever hear about, though. (...)

    17. Re: Descriptions of Distance, Time, And Numbers

      A lot of great ideas here, and Bizmatech nailed a lot of what I was thinking of writing as I read their comment.  If you're looking to keep your sample sentence simple, I think the first one can still (...)

    18. Re: Training Arc?

      Have you ever seen the animated film Mulan? I think they do a pretty decent job of consolidating her training into a montage. You could aim for a montage-like series of short scenes, hopping from one exercise (...)

    19. Re: Completed artwork of my MC's new transformation - "Ouroboros, the Dragon-headed Serpent Who Devours Tyran (...)

      Very cool! Love the purple back-lighting. The imagery is fantastic, basically tells a story on its own.