A Journey in Darkness

Well written. Most stories rely on magic to survive the "Lost in a strange monster infested cave" scenario, but this story takes an more organic direction. The main character's mostly survives by harvesting dead parts of the monsters and using them in interesting ways. There is a well defined ecosystem, where each organism plays a unique role. The main chara uses this to her advantage while she explores and becomes better acqainted with her relatively small, but useful "magic". A fantasy story that works with realism. Writing is good, and so far it has been interesting.

Salvos (A Monster Evolution LitRPG)

Really good start and system, but the characters seem a bit corny to me. I liked it better when it was just salvos in the demon world. It makes sense that the story is written this way salvos is technically a newborn, but I'd rather have an entertaining story rather than one that is technically accurate. Even still, the story is better than average.


Good story. Unique and interesting.

(Possible minor spoilers)

The premise sounds cliché, but the execution is anything but. Esentially the story has telekentic people, each having a unique spin on their abilities. The power of their mind lets them create illusions, manipulate anything that they understand, even transfer their consciousness over to a new body. This idea is taken to extreme detail. There is unwanted gender swapping, being scammed with poorly made bodies with disesases, forcibly taking over someone's identity, and I'm sure the author will throw in even more twists on their powers.

Again to prove that it isn't another setup to a cliché slice of life academy story, there is a lot of tension. In the short run there are battles that involve a lot of strategy and blood. Overall, some comes from things like criminals, warring countries, civil unrest from class disparity and mysticism of powers. 

The writing style and world building is good. There is a prestigious academy that trains students to protect the nation from. The main character and others have a fantastical and hopeful view of it, but they're always kicked away from their dream. I would reccomend it.

Tree of Aeons (An isekai story)

The past dozen or so chapters feel like they have entirely been Aeon talking about nobles, politics, or trade routes. It can be very bland, and there hasn't been much tension in terms of the demon attacks. It used to be Aeon fighting for survivial, but now it seems like a failure would mean next to nothing. His personal army or beetles fight all his battles for him. Even if he were to lose every last one of them it wouldn't matter. At the end of the day he is a tree who cares little for those around him. Great premise, but the tension slows down considerably for long stretches of time. The tension is why I began reading it, not the lacking socialisation aspect.

Just a Bystander

Refined style. Top tier story. Humor and mystery is well done. It doesn't feel cliche or like a 2d academy story at all. It's very interesting.

The Menocht Loop

This is a story centered around magical power and growth, but it does so in a very lifelike fashion. The setting has a modern and realistic portion with technology and mundane applications to magic, but the world also has a dangerous aspect to it. It has life and death contracts, warring countries, terrorists, and massive beasts. The wild part of the world is interesting and imaginative, while the peaceful part grounds the story in reality.

The approach is just as authentic as the setting. Iggy, the main character, is powerful. Unfortunately, power isn't enough to fix all his problems. He is weak to surprise attacks and often doesn't know how to best handle or interpret the complex world around him. A large part of that is due to the unrevealed nature of the time loop, but it stands even in smaller interactions. We get to watch him fill in his lack of knowledge about various forces, factions, and daily life all in a well spread mix. 

As for how Iggy interacts with the world around him, I believe it is extremely well done. The dialogue between characters are easy to digest while still showcasing the ocassional bit of complex vocabulary and emotions. The main characters are varied, as seen by their respective feelings towards the time loop. Some claimed they would feel appreciation, some apprehension, some curisoity. These reactions are fitting for each character and show how well developed their personalities are in the initial stages of this story. The characters show subtle humor and use their heads. You can tell that side-characters have thought put into them. All in all, the conections that Iggy shares with people are pretty engaging. Iggy himself has a likeable personality as well. 

Overall, it is interesting, original, and well written. I recommend it to anyone.

Infinite Realm: Monsters & Legends

I'm at chapter 80. So far it is very high quality with good pacing & a good focus on action & prouctivity. The system and world are simple, but they have interesting quirks. I think that it deserves to be on the front page.

The Salamanders

Top quality writing. I'm only at 2.2 right now, but the story is consistently strong in pacing, intensity, and presentation. The interactions between characters can be pretty humorous and there are subtle feelings that are expressed very naturally. There is also some world building outside of just the mystery/murdering monsters aspect. It feels like it all has a purpose, and fighting is always written well enough to keep things interesting.  I binged most of it. With how long that I've been on this site I'm very surprised that I haven't heard more recommendations for it. 5 stars easily. I'll try to find some constructive criticism for it after I've caught up to the current chapter.

Defiance of the Fall

Very high quality. Grammar has next to no flaws. The tone is easy to read but complex enough to make it interesting.

Mother of Learning

I read it before it was published here and was surprised to see it listed. I get that the author wants to reach a larger audience, but the novel is honestly too good for this website. It seems sorely out of place with how high quality it is. 10/10