1. RE: Looking for Serious Review Swaps (LitRPG)

      I'm down for a swap, I'll check out you WIP soon

    2. RE: Looking for Serious Review Swaps (LitRPG)

      Have at it, I understand and that's what I'm looking for. I have plans for beta readers and professional editing already, but a prelook at the draft and focus areas are for sure welcome.

    3. RE: Let me review your story, no need to review swap

      Hi, Have you read my OP?  I'm being more careful as I need not another writer came and attack me for no particular reasons that saying 3.5 stars are terrible and 4 stars are terrible review.  (...)

    4. RE: Let me review your story, no need to review swap

      Hello! If you are looking for more to read and review, I'll never turn down a thorough and detailed review to help me out in my writing. Been writing fiction for about 4 months now so I have a lot to learn. (...)

    5. Looking for Serious Review Swaps (LitRPG)

      Hello! I am looking for some folks that'd be willing to do some review swapping. I've got a couple of reviews that provide good feedback and things to work on, but largely they aren't that helpful for (...)

    6. Apocalypse? Check! Mutated Monsters? Check! New Post-Apocalypse LitRPG

      The year is 3000...something. No one knows the exact year anymore after nuclear fallout destroyed 90% of the world's population 500 years ago. It wasn't until ten years ago an eccentric old scientist created (...)

    7. Dungeon Quest Online: NEW Gamelit/LitRPG Series

      Hey Everyone! I am relatively new to Royal Road as a writer, but long time reader. I started here with LMS and have read many others since. I recently started writing my own LitRPG/Gamelit series and posted (...)