Death Cultivator (Cultivator in Another World Vol. I)
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Ben's Damn Adventure: The Prince Has No Pants

Finished volume one plus a few extra chapters. Story is really really good. Obviously I teared up the same spot that everybody else has, I've also actually laughed out loud. Characters arent cut and paste, world is interesting and fun, and the grammar is actually decent. Why are you still reading this review and not the story?

Street Cultivation - a modern wuxia/litrpg hybrid

Still early in the novel but this is an excellent take on the cultivation novel. Even the mentor bestowing a legacy on the MC has an interesting spin on it. Keep up the good work and keep it original and this could be one of the best stories on the site. 


Decent but needs work (spoilers)

The story is ok. MC is trying to get revenge on mega corp that is able to trigger a kill switch in the VR technology somehow. Grammar is excellent. I made it to chapter 18 or so but couldn't really go any farther. My main issue is the constant references to WoW, DaoC, etc. throughout the story in what can only be a dystopian future where people live in ?Megacities? or whatever. Honestly that's the biggest turn off. Second, the MC, who is a strategist and planner who dives into games to find exploits refuses to look at the forums on this new game  that is supposed to be the greatest ever?...Its the protagonists defining characteristic.

Nova Terra: Titan

Solid work- a bit slow with elements missing

Well written. I enjoy the story and the natural way that the character is immersed. the story can be a bit slow and some aspects of what makes a good litrpg are missing, magic and abilities are important parts of the experience and I hope to see those integrated into the story at some point. The story is up to ch 34 at this point and the mc doesnt have a class and has not developed/unlocked/discovered any skills or abilities. If the author ever integrates those aspects it would be a solid 5/5 story.

The Ten Realms

The guy basically released the first novel on RR in order to sell the rest of the novels on amazon. Kind of a dick move.