Tristan Kerry

Tristan Kerry

    1. Re: I will write a good review for your story!

      Could you review mine? Thank you!

    2. Re: The Movie Nobody

      I loved the first half, but the second half got a little too goofy for me. It was cool seeing Christopher Lloyd kick some ass though.

    3. Re: I Review, you Shoutout.

      I'd happily give you a shout out for a review. Put me on the list please. :D

    4. Re: What's the biggest achievement in your writing history to date?

      I got second place in a drabble contest and was actually published, I've gotten on trending on Royal Road, and I've finished a book. They are all kind of up there for me, but if I had to choose it would (...)

    5. Re: 1000 comments and (almost) 7K reads

      That's an amazing level of engagement! Congrats!

    6. Re: Would you rather have it dark or vanilla?

      It depends on how it's written. If you can absolutely nail a fluffy romance, then go for it. If you feel like you can write a broody, dark romance, then write that. People say they hate certain things, (...)

    7. Re: Vampires: Are they overdone? Is there still something you can do with them?

      People love tropes and want more of them but they don't want the same old stories. If you have a twist on Vampires that's unique then let's have at it!

    8. Re: Well, Val Hit Trending…

      Still confused on how this even works. Under tragedy by the way. From what I know, it doesn’t seem like it takes into account much really. There are massive fluctuations between what a book has. For (...)

    9. Re: Are there any words or phrases that you have negative associations or aversions to?

      I can't take the word "dank" seriously anymore. It's just way too dank now.

    10. Re: how do people get to the comments so quickly?

      There are various ways to get notified when a new chapter is released.  For premium, you can get push notifications.  I think there might be other kinds (email?) you can set up as well, but never played (...)

    11. Re: I made it onto Trending!

      That's a good thing, I think. If everyone knew it would be almost impossible to get on there. As far as we know, it has something to do with exposure. In the end, it is reliant on others doing specific (...)

    12. Re: I made it onto Trending!

      Thank you! Embrace the trending, since no one knows what the hell determines it. 😂 That's a good thing, I think. If everyone knew it would be almost impossible to get on there.

    13. Re: I made it onto Trending!

      I wasn't actually sure if I would ever make it onto there, but my book has made it onto Fantasy Trending. I'm super pumped right now and excited to see where my book goes from here. Thanks for all (...)

    14. Re: Questions for Authors: What is your impression of a reader who comments in every chapter?

      Comments and validation keep authors going. Like almost anything, if authors feel like they're writing into an empty void, most will eventually stop. For me at least, those who make the effort to comment (...)

    15. Re: I made it onto Trending!

      Oooh, that's great! Congratulations on getting there!  :DrakanWine: Thank you! 

    16. Re: I made it onto Trending!

      Super cool! I hope to reach the trending page one day :) Super excited for you. Thanks! I hope to see you there! 

    17. Re: I made it onto Trending!

      Congratulations on making it! Are there any tips that you can provide for newbie writers like me? Thank you! As for advice, I'll just tell you what I did: First, make sure you have a backlog. (...)

    18. Re: I made it onto Trending!

      That's awesome! Great job!! Thank you! 

    19. Re: I made it onto Trending!

      Congratulations. That's a wonderful achievement.  Thank you!