How To Tame Your Princess


Donnerstag, 7. Dezember 2017

Fucking shit, I just wrote a third of this review and then my phone froze so I lost it ..... 😐😂
Ugh.... ok so this story is gold. It's random, interesting, exciting and hilarious. I love the characters, their weird quirks and ticks and I can't wait to see what'll happen in the future :D
(Spoiler alert I guess)
Also, this is my first detailed review on rrl so in case it's unusual... yeah. xD

It's great. The story is mainly written from first person POV (MC), with there being some chapters/passages from 3rd person POV (people the MC may or may not know). It's nice to see different perspectives, they're interesting and entertaining (though I have to admit I skipped exactly 4 chapters of the 3rd person ones cause I wanted to find out fast what happened to the leads .... to go back to read or not xD well later probably). The main part (first person MC) is interesting, random and hilarious - he has voices in his head talking to him, a rather short attention span and quite a unique view on things 😂😂. Although it can get a bit draggy sometimes (mainly descriptions in 3rd person POV chapters) and I had to google quite a few .... unusual... words (no wonder though, english isn't the language i'm most proficient at ... actually I like learning new words xD), the interesting, weird and funny aspects make up for it. Like tots. XD so 5/5

It's quite slow-paced and given the amount of chapters, I thought there'd be more story out already. Well never underestimate the slow pace of a novel lolol ... well it's not that slow. Anyway. I think the story is great, both the VR part and the real life one. I wanna see more of the leads adventuring in VR and spending time irl >w< (preferably without the MC getting abused by the FL ... which he likes. Ok nvmd. XD) the romance isn't really developed yet, though I can see it will be awesome (most likely). Same goes for the VR part, what else is possible given the MC and his usual crazy antics 😂😂 5/5

The characters are supreme, especially the MC. He's crazy af 😂, weird, funny, rather smart, random... he's a really interesting and unusual person. Basically all characters have some depth, you get to see their weird traits and interesting circumstances (which oftentimes make people real - also did I mention I really like the word "interesting"? lol). I kinda feel like this novel has influenced my way of thinking/writing a bit orz xD. The female lead is awesome too. Although both leads are fucked up, she is so in more obvious (to the outside) ways, having (ugh forgot the word for fear of men or so) and other issues. She's charming though, and strong. They both grow and change because of each other... I want moaaaah!!!! Ugh. xD 5/5 tots like really

I added spelling cause I don't really have anything to say about the grammar... well I guess it looks like bad grammar though if you make a typo and forget to add "a"/"the" before a noun or end up with wrong conjugations. There are about 3-5 of those in each chapter on average ... sth a bit of proofreading can fix easily. I was too lazy to point them out though ^^' I do remember a few though, like the chose/choose, lose/loose thing; "carving" ice cream instead of "craving" it (or did I miss a joke there >.> xD) and the rest I forgot. Sometimes it looks like the author's mind was way faster than their typing speed, skipping a word. Nothing major though and that's quite normal and easy to overlook so 4,5/5

Tl;dr: if you like weird and random stuff and are fine with a bit of gore and a slow pace, and romance cause that'll be there in the future, read it. Just do it! *shia labeouf pose* xD

Villager C & The Princess

I'm not used to paying attention to the rating categories so I'll just give an overall one. Everything seems to be at least at a good level, else I think I would've remembered sth (maybe I was half brain afk though, you never know xD).

This story seems interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing how the characters and their relationships will evolve. The leads are interesting, I wonder about their backstories that made them like that. 

The chapters are fairly short. So I can't really say a lot about this work cause the majority of it has yet to be created XD 

I hope you continue this story, author-san~ :)

Eterna's Source

As of now, I'm giving 5 stars cause it seems there'll be amazing stuff happening in the future of this story owo
It seems like the kind of romance I really like OwO I left my preference in a review of lonely light, the only novel I read on rrl, this one being the 2nd... with 9 months in between. I was like "holy shiiiiiiiiiiitttt wtf no really?!?!?????!!!! o____o" when I found out that these two had the same author, funny coincidence xD
Well no wonder they're both to my liking ^-^
It's really nice to see how the two leads cherish each other. I'm also really looking forward to seeing how Sery will grow in the magic department and if she'll be able to actually use magic somehow :D sooo looking forward to more >w<
Author-sama, please gimme more~ °w° xD

Lonely Light (Complete)

Tl;dr: a bit short but nice, kinda heartwarming and interesting (read on for more)

I read this one about 9 months ago (and only created an account now) so I don't remember very well about the specifics concerning the rated categories. I'd give it a 5 though, I remember really liking it. 

First off and what I find most interesting about this novel is its core concept of darkness and light. I'm really into philosophy/psychology and how humans work, and I didn't expect that kind of interesting ( + new to me) idea of darkness being motion/the will to change things and light being stasis/acceptance of things, those two existing in each human to varying degrees. Lolol now onto what actually happens in the novel xD 

Seriously I wish it was longer p~q whenever I'm in my *escaping reality* mode due to various reasons (xD), I most often turn to romance stories to fill that emptiness inside (or sometimes shounen power growth face slapping hero stuff - but let's be honest, romances are just better for that xD). And one-on-one no harem romances at that, with co-dependency/reliance where the two leads (preferably both strong, maybe in different fields) are important af to each other, maybe healing each other's emotional wounds, protecting and accepting each other. Seriously why isn't it longer TAT XD no, jokes aside, .... why am I writing a review this long for a 5 chapter long novel ._. :'D

Anyway I really liked it and you may too so just read it, it'll take 1-2 hours at max so you won't lose much even if you don't like it... well you'd have lost the chance to have your emptiness inside filled during that time but stories won't do that for you anytime in the long run ;D if only they could orz XDD