The Knight Eternal

Didn't see a review here yet, so here we go!

Alright so for now, I'm not going to do an advanced review, I'll wait for maybe another five chapters, but as of chapter 15 I'd say this is amazing!

First of all, the buildup is slower but much more thorough because of that while not becoming draggy. The pace is excellent and we get plenty of information without infodumps. 

The 'isekai' premise is twisted as one can see from the synopsis so that its fresh and the execution is done very well, where the character's conversations and the narration feel much more natural and less stilted or forced. 

We get a healthy mix of action and fantasy with world-building and conflicts between characters are much better than just some confrontational idiot picking a fight. 

I much appreciate the clean grammer of the author and the style which feels polished and quite fun to read.

Overall, if the synopsis isn't clear enough, it's about a whole section of city and the people in it (minus the females) being dropped into another world where soon, they get kickstarted into action. 

There are multiple lead characters but it fits and makes sense without just being the random jumping around that the 'multiple lead characters' label results in. 

I would definitely say to give this a go, and I'm sure you'll be hooked soon enough.

Beginners' Guide to Dungeoneering

So personally, I'll wait to give an advanced review, but so far the story is very interesting in that the author has really crafted an expansive world that you discover slowly along with the main character.

The author uses his own visuals as well as his own brand of wit to make the story stand out from any other isekai - though the power system and vibe is different as a whole anyway - and making for a great read!

So what are you waiting for? Get reading!