1. Re: Do you like reading comics or word books?

      I Like books more, but sometimes, just sometimes, I also read manga. Overall, though I'd say I like being in character's heads and having more detail like in books, rather than less detail but images of (...)

    2. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      Ok, I feel guilty already but: Genre: Adventure, Litrpg (Not a major part), fantasy, non-human So I saw way to many non-humans that basically just end up as humans and wanted to try writing a non-human (...)


      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/20568/tree-of-aeons-an-isekai-story This one  https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/25216/reborn-in-tales-of-demons-and-gods fanfic. Not bad so far. Though did you mean (...)

    4. Re: New stories to watch out for

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/25473/sleeping-through-the-apocalypse This one is fun, and I like the way the main character deals with his internal conflict. Nice opening too. Other than that, Litrpg (...)

    5. Re: Follower vs favorite.

      How do you see who followed and favorite your work? Is that possible, or no? I'm pretty sure no, because that would be uncomfortable for readers. 

    6. Re: If you using an unreliable narrator...

      I think that part of that comes down to trusting your readers to be both intelligent and paying attention. Don't try to dumb down your story or narration in order to make things too clear. Sometimes it's (...)

    7. Re: If you using an unreliable narrator...

      One thing that's important to remember is that there is no such thing as a reliable narrator. Even in truly omniscient, third person narration, what the author chooses to show or not show will shape the (...)

    8. Re: If you using an unreliable narrator...

      Do:  -Show the world through your character's eyes. Ignore details your character would miss, and focus on things her/she would notice. -Use first-person instead of third, at least if you're going (...)

    9. Re: If you are using an unreliable narrator...

      With an unreliable narrator, what are some do's and don't's? Also, if you are writing a slower story, then would you recommend posting chapters in bunches in same day as opposed to spread out over (...)

    10. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      If this is still going https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/24735/a-void-spirits-slightly-psychotic-tale Still pretty short though.  Thank you very much in advance!

    11. Re: Is it just me, or is the forum very dead?

      After all the constant "Starcraft is dead meme", forgive me for being salty and annoyed whenever I see someone accuse something of being "dead". It's just that 1) it's no longer funny and 2) it demeans (...)

    12. Re: Is it just me, or is the forum very dead?

      It is not dead. you have like 3-4 response to your leading question already. Yeah I see that now. Lol. Though I guess it's more to do with what the topic is?  This is starting to sound like the (...)

    13. Re: Is it just me, or is the forum very dead?

      It depends on what your baseline for 'busy' is - it definitely seems fairly slow, but my other main forum is rpg.net, which gets posts most minutes, and may be an outlier.  I suspect that, these days, (...)

    14. Re: Is it just me, or is the forum very dead?

      It is not dead. you have like 3-4 response to your leading question already. I highly suspect it's a clickbait title just to provoke those responses. This image comes to mind. https://tenor.com/view/attention-gif-5958886 (...)

    15. Re: Help With a Sci-Fi Story on a Frozen World

      I don't know much about sci-fi, but I'm gonna assume if there's other living things on the planet, something that exploits them as resources? Like culture tanks for special bacteria/archaea that can eat (...)

    16. Re: Is it just me, or is the forum very dead?

      I dunno, I don't really see a lot of people saying anything in here. 

    17. Re: What do you find annoying in books

      I think it's more a personal preference thing, but I hate it when characters are blind self-righteous and unreasonable. In wuxia type stuff, that's like killing off guards, and why? Because the poor guys (...)

    18. Re: Strange Reason Readers Stopped Reading

      I can't say I have gotten any legit 'I'm dropping this' comments yet, but yep, I too have seen a major drop in readers from chapter 1 compared to later chapters, and nobody telling me why. *shrugs* (...)