Really enjoying this story. I enjoy stories from a non-human perspective and the author makes great efforts to keep the thought processes and ideas of the Kobold familiar but different from ours. 

Very well written, excellent update pace and just plain good fun.

The Crimson Mage

Complex characters, fascinating world.

This is one of the best portrayals of someone writing an intelligent child I have seen in a long time. She is nieve but smart. In her conversations with other children and adults, you see her apparent age come through well. Highly recommend giving this a read.

RE: Trailer Trash

This story is excellent. It is a typical concept with a twist done well. It makes you think how hard it would be to do what this MC wants to do.

If you could go back to when you were younger what would you change?

How much do you relaly remember about your high school friends or classmates? 

How useful is your knowledge of 'the future' really? And who would listen to you if you tried to later it?

This is the story I look for eagerly on RRL right now. I thoroughly enjoy all the others, but this one stands out, it is different, well written and easy to picture in my mind as I read it. The author knows to write characters that have flaws, have positives and negatives, and are clearly shown to be influenced by society and the times they live in. 

This is one of the few stories on this site that makes me actaully think about it when I'm not reading it. 



My favotie works on this site.

This is my most anticipated story on the site. The only story I currently am a Patreon of. It is very well written and covers so many issues. It is also really unpredictable and has some amazing non human species in it. There is heavy emphasis on a f/f romance but it is not the norm. Anything but. Highly recommended.

Liminal Radiance: Path Of Old Dreams

Very well written, much better dialogue, character development than most on this site. Very impressive. It is easy to visualize the combat, and we see hints of the backstory as we progress. The slow burn romance and issues both characters struggle with are brilliant, it is nice to see characters with a mixed set of feelings. The action gives you a very Dark Souls like vibe, so does the setting. You can see the inspiration, but this is its own story and very well done.

Avine: The Journey

Fantastic Journey & Great Characters

This is a great story. The world buliding is slow and seen from the point of view of a young demon girl. She lives in the human realms with her adopted parents. We slowly learn about the politics, slvarery, magic, and various magical creatures. She is caught up in a magical ritual and she is suddenly thrust onto another part of the world. 

The author takes great care to build interesting characters. One of my favorites so far is a blind human girl. 

In terms of romance there is none as of the 'Recovery' Arc but we get some hints. 

I highly recommend this book and hope others read it too.

Azarinth Healer

Amazing Cover Art and Great Story

The MC is fantastic, a nice mix of action orientated, firm in her decision making but smart enough to do some reading and investigate her options. Author easily evades all my pet peeves on how people react or handle situations when transmigrated to another world. Great update speed and very well written. Highly recommended.

Is it Reincarnation if I'm Still Dead?

This story is not for me. It starts out very promising and the MC seems ... slightly intelligent. This fades fast, he turns int oa rather stupid MC who then over reacts emotionally to almost everything. I've read up to the 3rd Arc and basically everything after the first Arc fell really flat for me. I don't understand how this person ca nbe so emotional with NO BRAIN CHEMISTRY or any hormones. Story could have been great, it is well written but it just turnd into a whinge poor me fest. Really not for me.

The World beyond the Veil

As a 30's Male this is the first genderbending story I have read that takes the genderbending part very seriously. Martin did not harbour any desire to become a woman, let alone a teenaged girl. Now he has to deal with periods, crazy teenage hormones, different emotions as well as being in a semi-dangerous and somewhat exciting situation.

The latest Arc looks like a bit of a magic school element which I'm really excited about. Thoroughly enjoying this book, the writing, grammer and word choices are excellent. The characters are well done, I feel like Martin is an older man. I feel like Caroline/Britney are older women. The 'bad guys' are a bit 2D villainy but hardly a complaint, and we will probably get more depth to them as the plot progresses.


Thankyou for your creative efforts, please keep writing your great sotry!

Devil Princess Reincarnation

Interesting Deep OP MC with a strong dash of Politics

This story is different from most of what's on the site. It is deeper and more complex with a lot of focus on Nobility and what that means in society. Our MC is OP strong female lead. We have magic. The whole feel of the story has a very interesting tone to it that is hard to describe but very interesting. Great battle scenes too.