Mud's Mission

Mud's Mission
by ushnor
296 pages

The story begins with an elderly hermit mage living on the outskirts of a labyrinth town. Invoking spellwork that is trivial for a mage of his caliber, he creates a simple mud automaton to aid him in household chores. However, in the middle of his efforts, something goes wrong; his ancient heart finally fails. Now, half complete and with limited understanding of the world, an artificial being of mud stirs. Despite its limitations, it has a mission to fulfill. The last instructions of a dying creator. "Defend my home, and my possessions." To the mechanical mind of Mud, only absolute perfection is acceptable when fulfilling the orders of The Master. Mud will make sure nothing in the universe will ever threaten The Master's home! 


This fiction contains RPG elements such as skills and levels. The protagonist has an inhuman mind and acts on instincts and preferences that are completely different from those of a normal human, and may at times fly in the face of common sense.

The general tone is lighthearted, but there are some scenes with disturbing content such as mind control and references to torture.

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The Menocht Loop

The Menocht Loop
by caerulex
339 pages

Additional tags: OP protagonist, time loop, character-focused

Ian Dunai has been trapped in a nightmarish loop filled with contagion, captives, and decemancy for the past three or four years. In that time, he's become a master of decemancy with the ability to control dead matter, whether dried leaves, yellowed skeletons, or hulking corpses.

Little does he know, he's just been stuck on layer one.

Release schedule: Tues-Thurs-Sat releases (3 chapters/week) at 11:30 am EST. 

Note: The Menocht Loop's first draft is complete at over 80k words. As an exercise in forcing myself to revise this draft in a timely manner, I will be posting a new chapter here every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The sequel is in progress and currently sits at about 60k words. There is not yet romance in the 140k words I've written of this fiction between both books, but it is planned.

Constructive criticism welcome. Alternative synopses also welcome. If you're interested in helping me proofread/edit, reach out and we can talk.

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by kosnik4
310 pages

Full disclosure, the cover image isn't mine. Check out the full image here.

I put all the warning tags to give myself creative freedom, but I'm not going to write a story filled with gore or swearing.

This is my first time writing, other than for school projects. I put the gender-bender tag because I wanted to try writing from a female's perspective, and needed an excuse for why my MC reads a little tomboyish. The gender-bender fades into the background over the first few chapters, please don't let the tag keep you away from trying out my story.


Second chances are rarely earned, and even rarer given. Follow a new life in a new world, where anything is possible. Our MC wakes up, stuck as a baby, needing to decide how she will live her new life. Let's see what future she can forge for herself, when hard work is rewarded with status points and skill levels.

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The Cosmic Interloper

The Cosmic Interloper
by Marmoset Threat
206 pages

A cyborg transhuman escapes corporate indenture and through cosmic coincidence ends up in a fantasy world of full of unique magic, angry people with sharp things, and malicious divine entities.


- No blue boxes!

- Hard-ish Sci-Fi

- Hard-ish magic

- There will be fighting occasionally, but this isn't a combat-grinder

- Generally trying to keep this "rational". Please call me out if I slip up

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Fantasy World Epsilon 30-10

Fantasy World Epsilon (...)
by Phillip Rayne
442 pages

New Dive Assignment: 0B5

Personnel: Citizen of Gamma G-037-072 Jonathan Kelly 

World Designation: Epsilon H-037-072-030-010

Classification: Pre-industrial Exotic World, significant outliers in biosphere including atypical flora and fauna. Quarantine protocol in effect pending more data and acclimation testing. Further anomalies include populations of morphologically distinct humanoids, and aberrations in otherwise normative physics laws. Causal chain appears provisionally stable. For the purposes of delaying onset of collapse as well as above mentioned factors, only one subject is cleared to Dive. Initial mandates shall proceed with scouting and surveillance.

Further details are classified. Warning: All other qualifying personnel are currently dispatched. Refusal will result in deployment delays and possible unsupervised causal decay.

Do you wish to accept this assignment?

Note to Readers:

This is not MC isolated in a new world. This is new world joins the multiverse. What I'm tentatively coining Subverted Isekai (Formerly I used 'reversed' but, as pointed out, that would be fantasy MC goes to the modern world. Hey, there's idea! Not this book though.).

There is plenty of scientific and philosophical stuff; I know that can be a turn off for some. It has a strong bearing on the story, but is mainly covered in the 'Comments & Calculations' section (optional reading of course). If you are looking for an extreme suspension of natural laws with no technical considerations, you will not find it here.

Formatting Notes:

Audio chatter from characters that are not currently in the scene I format in "inverted commas and italics". Given the layered nature of modern communication, I thought this distinction was best denoted visually in my prose. Critique is welcome.

Language Notes

Jon is a South African ex-pat. As such he will use some Afrikaans colloquialisms plus a dash of Japanese.

Most importantly he says “Ja” meaning “Yes”. Pronounced with a J sound like “yo” and an A sound like “bar”. As in:

“Yo, let’s go to the strip bar.” 


And not the Rastafarian /jya/.

Other words:

Nee - /niya/ : no

Juffrou - /yif-row/ : Miss

Lekker - /lacker/ : nice, good, delicious

Nooit - /noit/: never

The rest is mostly swear words. Indisputably the most useful words in any language and simultaneously holding the least innate meaning.

Fok - “fork” without the “r”: fuck

Bliksem - /Bluksim/: darn, damn. Also common noun meaning damn person or thing.

Donner - “Dorner” without the “r”: originally meaning thunder, can also mean darn or damn. It is often used as a verb meaning: ‘to hit hard’

Kak - /kuck/: shit

Voetsek - /foot-sack/: go away

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by NineKeys
283 pages

A man has been brought back to life for a fell purpose. He inhabits the body of a ghoul: a lesser undead being. He must kill and eat, both to accrue power for himself and to serve the purposes of the mysterious woman who summoned him.

WARNING: This novel is not suitable for underage or otherwise susceptible readers. Take the tags seriously.

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Unto the Breach

Unto the Breach
by SJ Reaver
77 pages

Sophia is summoned to another world as a Hero. She and the others fail. Humanity falls before the monstrous horde. She awakens in her seventeen-year-old body, given a second chance by an unlikely ally.

This time she will not become a mere White Wizard and Sage, but ascend to the heights of Grand Archon. Sophia will show her fellow Heroes the path to victory and burn the army of her enemies to ash. 

The demon lords will tremble as they face a foe as terrible and powerful as they are.

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by captaink-19
451 pages

Domenic is a sailor who just wants a life at sea. A brewing war between nations turn the already dangerous seas into something perilous. Domenic is forced into an untenable position, one he escapes with his life – though there is a greater cost he’ll have to pay after his deal with the devil.

Join Domenic as he explores the meaning and cost of both servitude and freedom!

New content weekly!  (Sundays in the U.S.)

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Demon Heart

Demon Heart
by cnbaslin
351 pages

It almost feels like Mira is cursed. Her life is going from bad to worse, and just when it feels like she’s bottomed out, she gets kidnapped by a demon named Jorath and taken to another world. She quickly learns that worse is a relative term, and that her life’s trajectory is on a steep decline.

Now all she wants is to find a way back to Earth, to her normal boring life in a too-small apartment with a crappy retail job. Jorath has other ideas. He’s tired of being a slave, and he thinks Mira might just be the key to his freedom. He’ll return her home for a price. All she has to do is somehow survive long enough to confront the King of Demons and carve out his heart.

Updates Mondays and Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. eastern time.

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Summoner's Journey

Summoner's Journey
by Antillar
374 pages

In a magic world on the verge of an industrial revolution, Ari Ragnarsson must uncover the truth behind his parents' disappearance. They were part of an organization known as the Order, which protects mankind from various threats - both human and supernatural.

Now, after Ari's brands finally manifest, he leaves the safety of his village and travels to the continent. Strength is all that matters in this world and he must learn how to control his powers.

There, he meets a man from another world, who's being hunted for merely existing. Their fates become intertwined, but not in a way either of them would appreciate.

Author's note (contains minor non-story related spoilers about the MC and setting)

This is a progression fantasy with LITRPG elements sprinkled on top. The main character is not a spellsword, but a summoner/support mage hybrid. Since he wasn't ambushed by a random god, there's no cheat item/spell and he has to rely on his skills and wits to survive in a world full of monsters.

The story tries to show the moment when the old starts to be replaced by the new, with a healthy dose of magic and a little steampunk in the background. Also, it revolves around a party dynamic akin to RPG sessions.

No health/mana bars. Numbers are secondary and the LITRPG elements focus more on classes/spells/runes and their evolutions. Tables are sparse at the beginning, but from chapter 7 onwards they appear more often. Still, I won't be copy-pasting the whole character sheet dozens of times per chapter.

Few other things:

Non-native novice writer - some iffy wording and grammar issues may/will appear.

No Harem.

New chapters are released twice per week - on Monday and Thursday, each ~2500 words.

This story is also available at

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Eliona's Gate: Hesitant Healer

Eliona's Gate: Hesitant (...)
by AJ Wynter
730 pages

In which an introverted healer learns to deal with the greatest horrors of his life - socializing, dungeons, and psychopathic NPCs. 

Games have been his escape from reality for as long as he could remember.  So when Eliona's Gate is released  - an online game that's the very first of its kind - Seth Verigin doesn't hesitate to jump aboard. 

Thus,  Severance the healer is born. All he wants is to solo-quest his way across the land, to be able to enjoy the beauty of the world around him without the stress of other players to bring him down. 

Unfortunately for him, there's a few problems with that plan. Not only did he choose a class that's in high demand, but some players just won't take no for an answer. And the game NPCs? They definitely have a mind and an agenda of their own.

There's something a little off about Eliona's Gate, and he's going to have to decide if facing his personal fears are worth it to see what secrets the game is holding.

This is the first draft, completed at 200k words.  Book 1 of a series. Also posted on Wattpad.

Updates twice a week.

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Rise of the Night Stalkers: a GameLit Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

Rise of the Night Stalkers: (...)
by KurtisEckstein
4 pages

Waking up to discover the apocalypse had begun, and to find that I was no longer human, was not how I thought my day would go.

The city was a mess, with many buildings destroyed by massive black towers that rose into the sky like enormous thorns. And yet, despite all this, I was about to discover that the monsters and bizarre landscape weren’t the strangest things about the apocalypse.

At least, not if the visual hallucination that displayed game-like stats counted.

Cover Art Copyright © 2020 Kurtis Eckstein

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