1. RE: Review swap

      Hey Not_a_hat, thanks for the review.   The MC is pretty passive for the first third of the story, only becoming active as she becomes more knowledgeable which (unfortunately) only kicks in around the (...)

    2. RE: Feedback Exchange

      Hey there @renascant I gave your story a read through. My initial thought was to comment on minor grammar and punctuation bits like you had for me, but I found so many that I think using an app like (...)

    3. Review swap

      Specifics are:  - First ten chapters only to a maximum of 10k words (mention if you want prologue, otherwise I'll skip).  - Will write the review on your page if it's four stars +  Anything below (...)

    4. RE: Feedback Exchange

      Thanks for the feedback.  Definitely, think my style won't suit every reader.  I loathe info dumps and flashbacks in books and never use them in my writing.  I try much harder to convey character through (...)

    5. RE: I'll trade reviews with you!

      I'm in.

    6. RE: Feedback Exchange

      I'm interested in a review swap :D let me know. Here's the link to my story:

    7. RE: Another Review Exchange

      Finished your review. @Volos Great story. Loved the idea most of all, as it's something that I haven't seen before. It was very well written and you have good control over your grammar and storytelling (...)

    8. RE: Another Review Exchange

      Appreciate the feedack and the advice on the map and chapter 4.  Will have a look into those things, thanks!  I'll review your story right now (sorry got caught up IRL).  I'll take you up on your (...)

    9. RE: Title and Description opinion

      I like the old description, but you need to shorten your points so they create impact. Make them bullet point length if you can. Also, try switch out your cover art for something more RoyalRoad style. (...)

    10. RE: Another Review Exchange

      Sounds good. I'm working through Blackwell's 1st, then I will get to yours. Spent American Thanksgiving in a very rural area away from internet and cell service. Awesome.  I'll do yours first (...)

    11. RE: Writing is Suffering (A B****y Rant)

      Stick it out, pal! I believe in ya. Do it for the story, not for the girls with salami nipples and agents with dog-eared cheques!

    12. RE: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Hi, I think my description is pretty okay. But I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks

    13. RE: Volunteering for reviews

      Would love your help. I count my story as Reincarnation, but it may or may not be considered so. Here's the link: let me know if I can return (...)

    14. RE: Willing to do a review for a review

      Willing to do 7 chapters for 7. Let me know!

    15. RE: Review for review [Immersion]

      I'm game.

    16. RE: Another Review Exchange

      I'm interested. I'll do the same for your story.

    17. RE: I Will Give You a Nice Review

      Heaven vs Hell in an all out war.  I'd appreciate a review and any feedback. Link Thanks and let me know if I can return the favour!

    18. RE: Hidden female lead novels?

      Check out my female lead story set in the afterlife:

    19. Three reasons why you should read about Angels fighting with swords! (bcuzitsawsum)

      You heard that right.  Angels. Swords. Guns. Blood. . . lot's of blood . . . too much blood!  Oh gaaaaaad, I'm feeling queasy.  Let's cut to the chase.  You can instantly read my new approach to the (...)

    20. RE: Speed versus Quality

      I've gotta go with the momentum or I'll stop writing the story :P  Quantity first!