The Power of Ten: Sama Rantha

Overall: Make sure you read the glossary before starting the novel. It's good and definitely something I could and have recommended to others.

Style: Oh boy the style. Well first off if you don't like gamelit or litrpg you can just stop reading this review right now. Now initially in the story it is incredibly term heavy and tell not show. This is TO BE EXPECTED. This is TO BE EXPECTED. Important things should be repeated. This is a story that heavily pulls from game and D&D mechanics and you simply can't show that. How would you "show" that ability Example adds +4d4 damage when conditions x and y are satisfied when you have dozens of abilities. It simply isn't possible without a ton of filler text that would make the fights feel artificially slow and clunky. Not to worry like the synopsis states it goes way way down after the nightmare section, although it pops back up occasionally. This story has a very term heavy style simply because those things are all common knowledge within the world it is set in. I personally enjoy this style of writing. GIMME THE NUMBERS 5/5

Grammar: Grammr's gud adn has'nt had any reel errrors that I can remebmer. What moor do u wunt? 5/5

Story: The story has been coherent and while some events have initially seem to have come out of nowhere, once I think back I realize that multiple clues and different smaller things led to each occurence. I had simply not put them together originally without the benefit of hindsight. The beginning of the story, the nightmare section is something that I personally really enjoyed as Sama strung together disparate abilities into something much greater than the sum of its parts. Furthermore, I am enjoyed the initial arc of struggle against the Great Evil. 5/5

Character: The main character, Sama Rantha, is enjoyable to read about. While the other POV's  never quite reach the same level of development we do see multiple other perspectives and other characters' thoughts on things they are doing or that Sama did. The story provides a good grasp on the motives and the whys of the character's actions. 5/5

TL:DR Should read. Is good.

It's a bit term heavy in the beginning but it dies way down later. The storyline and character are interesting and I enjoy the combat and character interactions.


Divine Construct

Having read up to and including chapter 21, it feels very convoluted. It is almost like there are two separate storylines and main characters despite there only being one. I understand the author's explanation of how the body affects the mind, however, he keeps those memories and experiences when he returns. Despite his attempts to rationalize it. He should have a much more emotional response to killing and eating other sapients. Especially since he apparently hasn't had much life experience to begin with as a bedridden ill person from the start of high school. In my opinion it is too unrealistic to have such little response to it. Not even a minor crisis from killing and eating other beings raw? Seriously? I would likely being willing to read either story on its own as it appears very interesting. I am aware the author was trying to go with something different than a standard reincarnation story, but it just isn't really working for me. That said, the world building and reasoning behind a lot of the background and plot points is great. I am genuinely interested in some of the mysteries and secrets hinted at and they will likely be how the author tries to tie the stories together. It still remains to be seen how well it will work however. I might be willing to revisit it at some point in the future.

Tl:Dr The grammar, background, and plot are well written and compelling. My issue is mostly personal and stems from a dislike of how there are two disparate stories being mashed together.

P.S Winterwisp feel free to reach out to me with a pm about any questions, answers, rebuttals, or things I may have missed or misinterpreted etc.

Lone: The Wanderer

Fluffiness is Love! Fluffiness is Life! ~mofumofu

Style: In terms of style this story is a fantasy LitRPG, which is a pretty popular way of writing, and is set in a swords & magic world. I appreciate the way he uses the LitRPG aspects as well. He doesn't have boxes and numbers for every little thing; however, when something important happens he also isn't stingy about showing us what's changed in our main character's stat sheet or in a crafted item. 5/5

Story: In terms of story, I love the way Lone, that's the author name as well, by the way, builds his world with bits and pieces of the bigger picture slowly being revealed. Unlike some novels where if you compare what you know about the lore of the world at the beginning versus a couple thousand pages in you realize hardly anything has changed Lone: The Wanderer isn't like that. Where I am at in the story, Book 4 Chapter 12, I can look back and say with certainty that I know much more about what is going on in the background then I did in the start. Moreover, I can determine that there is still a lot missing in my understanding of events. 5/5

Grammar: Well I can't remember noticing any major errors that weren't corrected shortly after posting if there were any. I also don't recall any minor errors. I might have just not noticed them, but then they don't really matter do they? 5/5

Character:  Spoiler: Spoiler

Overall: In conclusion, this story is awesome and you should definitely read it even if you have skip sleeping or eating. This story is more important than those things anyway. Fluffiness is the best! Pauses writing to go kowtow to the fluffiness gods 5/5

The Wolf's Progeny

I have read The Void Wolf and it was a great novel. As long as Monad upholds the same standards, as a bare minimum, within this sequel then it will be great.

Magical Girl Gang Wars

I love how twisted this novel is. I want to read more about the completely unrestrained magical girls. They just give into their desires. They also swear all the time. This stuff is great. Also some parts are kinky. 

There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.


So this is a dungeon story, cliche I know; however, this one is different and much better than many others. 5/5


So this story is the common trope of someone turning into a dungeon, but there are twists. This dungeon doesn't suddenly want to murder everyone and their grandmother after becoming a dungeon. The POV changes are done very well and contribute greatly to our knowledge and they go with the story well. Currently feels sort of slice-of-life as of chapter 23 (may be subject to change). Unique and well-done. Did I mention at the end of the chapter there is a map of the dungeon as it appears so far? It is also labeled and very easily understood +.5 stars 4.5/5 Sorry your story is great, author, but I can't justify giving another dungeon story 5 stars for style no matter how good it is. It just isn't original anymore. Keep up the great work with your story though.


The grammar is good and there are no major errors. The story flows well and is easily readable. There are no minor errors like missing commas, apostrophes, colons, etc. either that I can remember while writing this review. 6/5 Because most grammar on RRL is crap.


great world-building so far. We are slowly learning more about how dungeons are viewed and treated in this world as well as how they work. Other than that go read the story yourself I can't put much here without being vague or giving spoilers. 5/5


One of this novels strong points all the characters so far are great. The village nearby the dungeon seems like gathering place of DLC endgame content. Everybody, there is overpowered as hell but has some reason they live out here in the middle of nowhere. So far we have a confirmed dragonslayer, ex-archdruid, holy saint, and other miscellaneous powerhouses. The POV of different "villagers" is done splendidly. The menu has started developing a personality as well as of the latest chapters I have read. Amazing characters that aren't flat at all. Showers Author with gold stars 100/5

Shovels In Spades

Overall: I really enjoy the novel and it hits all the points I usually like in a novel. It is also well written 5/5

Style: I enjoy this author's style a lot as well as the way this novel has been going 5/5

Story: So far some overarching world ending/destroying problem hasn't been revealed yet but things are being discovered and hinted about subtly. 5/5

Grammar: It's grammar. I don't know what I supposed to say about it? Lone has great grammar and I don't remember noticing any errors, unlike another author I have read who has written 100+ chapters and still has terrible grammar and subpar spelling. 5/5

Character: I enjoy his characters and they seem rather unique. The main character has some sort of mysterious background which seems to slowly be getting unveiled. 5/5

I also recommend his other novel Lone: The Wanderer

The Godking's Legacy

Best Comedy Novel I have read on RoyalRoad

Overall: Amazing novel just amazing. I read from the beginning to Volume 2 Chapter 4 Sightseeing (5) in one session and ended up sleeping at 5:30 am. 5/5

Style: I love your writing style and it shines through here as well. 5/5

Story: Is comedic yet there is a plot in there as well if you pay attention. It has moving moments, d*mn you onion ninjas. Some of the best comedy I have ever had the pleasure to read. 5/5

Grammar: I didn't really notice anything? 5/5

Character: Unique personalities! There are no jade skinned beauties or trashy jp protagonists in this novel although the second volume seems to be cultivator based so I suppose that could change. I believe in you though Virlyce! I love the main character's scatterbrained and food-obsessed personality. She has here own system of values and sticks to them. Those were definitely rare spirit beasts. Uh huh sure they were.... 6/5

Best Quote So Far: Phoenixes are not erect peacocks!

Twice Lived

Overall: I love the story and enjoy it a lot and that's really all I need. It's also nice and gory. cackles madly 5/5

Style: The story is great and certainly has its own unique flair. It doesn't gloss over dark aspects of inquisitors or public executions. It shows how doing that sort of thing can twist you. It also has a hick who speaks with a god-awful accent which I find hilarious and definitely adds to the immersion. 5/5

Story: The story is still starting out, but there are the beginnings of hidden plots and an overarching story. There are also problems the protagonist will need to resolve in the future. He, which by extension means us, just don't know enough yet. 5/5

Grammar: The grammar is great and definitely not going to detract from the reading or break the immersion of the story. I don't remember any errors when I binge read the story yesterday night. Although I am sure they are there for very few things are perfect. 5/5

Character: They aren't flat. They have motives and the motives so far are believable; however, as I mentioned earlier in my review the story is still just starting out, chapter sixteen as of the moment, and more depth will probably be added. 5/5

Consuming Earths, Devouring Skies

Great Novel, Not So Great Cultivation Novel

The story is good; however, I have noticed that as a cultivation novel it somewhat fails. Not only does the main character grow as a person, but he also makes intelligent informed decisions and doesn't arrogantly try to take revenge on people with backgrounds much stronger than him. These are obviously not things that should usually be in a cultivation novel based on the Chinese cultivation novels I have read. Still a great novel though and I do recommend it if you can stomach character growth and intelligent main characters.