Congratulations, You're Dead!

I love it. It's fun, fairly lighthearted to start, but it gets dark just enough and well enough to keep the story interesting! 


This is one of, if not the single best story on this website that is ongoing right now. everything about it is absolutely fantastic, and incredibly well paced and thought out. That will probably be detractors that dislike that there are more than one focal character in the story, but the author doesn't do that randomly. There are very well done and portrayed reasons for each alternative character chapter, and it only enhances the story as a whole. The only downside I can think of to say about this story, is that it doesn't release daily. Seriously go read it as soon as you can

Margrave's Divinity

Okay, I don't think I'm going to continue to follow the story at least not for several months. However I don't think it's bad, I think it needs to be Rewritten. You're trying to write two separate stories right now. This is half of this story is a tower litrpg adventure, the second half of the story is a global Superhero by the numbers comic book story without pictures. You need to pick One Direction go with it, right now the blurb in the beginning and the first 20 or so chapter have almost no relation to the second half of the quote-unquote book. Your tower litrpg is okay, the world is completely underdeveloped in the first 20 chapters there's basically nothing, but that can be slowly revealed overtime, so that's not really a big issue that early on in the story.

Your superhero story is very disappointing to me personally because of how incredibly unoriginal it is. It's not always a bad thing, like it's okay to pull ideas and things from media story but if you just pull it out and leave it in it's barebone state in your story like you've been doing - where the main character has to help get money for his sister, where his mom is depressed because their dads incarcerated, where his family has daddy issues and that's what leads him to needing to get superpowers, where there is a mysterious all-powerful being quite trustworthy giving him his magic. - Very very very predictable.

I'm aware of how negative the sounds and that's because I have negative feelings towards a story, but I don't think it's bad I think you need to plan it out more and rewrite it and probably break it into two separate stories or remove the litrpg aspect altogether because it makes no f****** sense in this world at all. Having numerically defined statistics that cannot be influenced in any real way other than by the "chosen one" main character Is very very very weird and doesn't really mesh with the world. It feels like you did it because you wanted to write a litrpg and then you realized halfway through the story that litrpg doesn't really work well if you don't plan out your entire power curve. Wing it and the character gets too powerful too fast and your enemies have to be like enemies in cultivation novels. Every new enemy is the unbeatable Elder. boring.

DCO- Dungeon Core Online

The story has issues getting started, but once the adventurer's begin coming, the story gets it's legs under it. Then it's just nonstop fun. :)

Re:<Insert Title> ;Living/Surviving (Barely) in this new world as a Cactus

Not bad by any means, and the author is trying new things in his writing which is great to see. It has potential for a younger audiance, and is VERY heavily anime inspired. I'll keep track of it for now.
Would recommend for a casual read

Always Name Your Tools

It was really good until he started interacting with the criminals of the city like a complete fucking moron. Normal well adjusted adults don't walk into a dope den and start trying to smooth talk dealers. This guy tried that exact thing, and lived because of Deus Ex at leas 6 times in 4 chapters. I'm done with the story.

5/5 Until he started interacting with the theives guild
2/5 Afterwords.

It's moderately well written though?

Invincible Canadian Hermaphrodite Goddess Cultivator

This story is funny as shit. Go read it.


Blood and Honor

It's a very good VRMMO story. Where the game seems to be genuinely balanced, the politicing doesn't make me wanna beat my face with a hammer, the harem isn't boring, the MC has emotions and personality (even if i dont like him all the time), the world is super interesting, the "God Drama" every story has is NOT STEREOTYPICALLY 'evil god of light' !! Which makes it so much more interesting!

Overall, im loving it. 

Reborn as Living Mana

I'm really enjoying this story

This story is a load of fun to read for now. The chapters feel a bit short, and I'm worried about the idea of the main plot of the story being "level up", but that's something the author can address at any time. It's just fun to read, and the idea of sapient mist is neat. 

Better than one

I am enjoying it quite a lot

This is a fun read. It isn't the greatest story on RR, but it's definately above average. WAY above average. And the characters actually seem to HAVE character.