Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

 I didnt read this at first because the title is a total turn off; but it's AWESOME. Thanks @bearilicious from the LItrpg discord for the reccomendation

This shit was funny as fuck, i couldnt stop reading it till i got caught up and now the author needs to finish the next 100 chapters by tomorrwo night.

Mine from the Abyss

this is insanely awesome and crazy and fun. keep it up

Song of the Void

This story is fugging epic. 
Go read it. Immediately. 

Also, @author. Put Lament of the Fallen on audiobook, kthxbai


Cutest in the Omniverse

I really enjoy this slice of life

This is a pretty great slice of life story so far. The beginning was a bit shaky, but once she gets into the new world it really picks up pace.

It's obviously going to be an INCREDIBLY long time before she becomes even close to an adult, so i really hope the update doesn't slow down.

Still a solid story, with just a few minor grammer issues so far. Otherwise well paced for what it is. Only really disliked 1.5 chapters so far, and that was more taste than anything. 


Very well written slice of life "clueless hero" adventure novel. 

*Warning though, it has some INCREDIBLY dark themes that are FREQUENTLY at the forefront of the story. Be wary if sexual assault is a trigger for you.

Slime and Punishment

I am really loving this story. It's very well done and im excited to see it progress.

Also, the narration is pretty strong as well


I really enjoy this story. I will say, it is getting excessively wordy so i find myself skimming chapters and not missing much of substance, so maybe work on putting more content in each chapter, but less words? It reads poorly.

But the story is fantastic. Not as good right now as it was around chapter 20, but very good nontheless

Thieves' Dungeon

Needs a lot of planning and thought

Solid writing and characters. Most of the main cast, Core/Rat/Snake/Golem are interesting and have good growth potential.
All the villains are the same rote "evil for evil's sake" bad villians with no thought every other story has though.

The story itself is meandering, aimless, and has no real idea what it wants to be or do. Neeeds a lot of work and plot planning. As is, the story doesn't hold up well long term and will end up fading to obscurity like 98% of every other D Core story on RR. 

I hope the author gets his plot planned and in order, and the story picks up with same magic the first several chapters had. But im dropping it myself

Revenge of the Sorcerer King

So far, i've been really enjoying this. The concept is so interesting. It's nice to finally see a story on RR where the name Lucifer is used as a bad guy, rather than another misunderstood antihero lol

Heather the Necromancer

It isn't perfect; but it's very very good nontheless

I enjoyed it a lot. Im not a big YA fan; but its still a good solid read.