by SJ Reaver
219 pages

Now sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip

That started at the end-of-days, aboard this tiny ship.

The skipper was a gamer lass who brought along her cat,

and so survived her flooding town, along with some snakes and rats.

Demons swarmed into the world and elementals woke

Battles raged within the sky, until the planet broke. (Until the planet broke!)

The ship was tossed onto the shore of an Earth newly reborn

With magic spells

A System too

Dungeons and monsters!

"If this is my home, I'll make it my own."

Welcome to Mossharbor.

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Mine from the Abyss

Mine from the Abyss
by Jisatsu Sakuru
162 pages

A dungeon core awakens into its new life. With barely any time to understand its own existence, a group of goblins appears, seeking to settle in the dungeon. In the name of self preservation the dungeon core begins creating abominations that will terrify the world. By breaking all the conventional rules of creating a dungeon, this core develops into an unwitting monster, seeking to undo the status-quo of the world it finds itself in.

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Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

Arrogant Young Master (...)
by LivingSpoon
701 pages

What would a Xianxia MC do?

Seriously, what would they do? Asking for a friend.

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Slime and Punishment

Slime and Punishment
by AwakenedKingdoms
350 pages

Waking up in a white room, surrounded by bones wasn't how Chris planned on spending the rest of his life. He hadn't planned on ending up in an alien laboratory full of caged monsters either.

Inducted into a world with strange blue screens that hint at a world of fantasy, magic, and danger, Chris must survive until the System whisks him away for the promised Tutorial. If help comes too late, Chris risks becoming something less than human, or something more...


Note: This story contains comedy as well as grimdark elements, that some readers might find out of place in a grimdark story. If you are one of those readers, this might not be the story for you.

(A more comprehensive list of tags is below.)

Contains: LitRPG, Fantasy, Xianxia

Settlement/Kingdom Building, Crafting

Dungeon Diving, Tower Ascension, Tower Defense

Lots of Combat, Dark/Grimdark Scenes, Comedy/Comedic Scenes

Fantasy, Magic, Post Apocalyptic (later), Sci-Fi (later)

Overpowered/OP MC, Some Monster MC Mechanics, Half-human MC

No Sex, No Harems, No Pseudo-harems


Releases: 5 per week (weekdays)

(If you have any problems or questions, feel free to post a comment (or send me a PM), I'm friendly and love hearing from you, I promise I don't bite!)

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Locking Horns, Breaking Teeth. [Minotaur Paladin Rewrite.]

Locking Horns, Breaking (...)
by l nimbus
259 pages

 The aliens are here. And they want blood, money and reality tv. They don't particularly care how they get it. 

 Garok, a minotaur from another world, is summoned to be one of their Boss Monsters. Understandably miffed at being cut off from his gods and powers, he sticks a giant middle finger to that and stomps off to do what he does best: break undead skulls and heal people. 

 Clair is far from home, fed up with the random bullshit of a world going to hell in a handbasket, and generally not in the best of moods. With a dark past, warrants out for her arrest and a tag-along she doesn't want or need, she's not having such a great day.

 Well, neither is Dumrye. Turns out, being tech support for the alien invasion isn't the glamorous job this little droid dreamed of when it joined up with Tiipenet. All those random Earth trolls are getting on its bad side, and a Droidian with a skewed temper control algorithm is something you usually stay away from. 

 So, with our little band of misfits introduced (we may have forgotten the lonely demi-lich, genocidal redneck and a hyper-responsible summoner-to-be, but, eh, who cares?) lets get on with it. Sounds like all the trappings of a good reality show, no? 



 [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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The Nothing Mage

The Nothing Mage
by Nixia
570 pages

Beware, oh friend, the Nothing Mage,

The man himself a blight,

With magic cursed and spells unseen,

That none can stand and fight.


Beware, oh King, the Nothing Mage,

A force that pierces all,

The tolling bell that sings of death,

‘Till lords and empires fall.


Beware, oh love, the Nothing Mage,

A vengeful man is he,

So if you dare to draw his wrath,

Then nothing ye shall be.


There’s nothing there.  The words may as well have been a death sentence to young Declan.  Without mana, there could be no studying at the sky-piercing Pinnacle Towers, there could be no great monster hunts, and there could be no following in his father’s legendary footsteps. 

He’d be a cripple.  

But when a terrible accident forces him to flee, Declan learns the true nature of his mana.  Just because it doesn’t resonate at any known frequency, doesn’t mean it isn’t magic.  Just because he can’t cast the same spells as everyone else doesn’t mean he isn’t a mage.  And just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

|This is not a romance story; there is no sexual content.  There is a m/m kiss in one chapter.|

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Take Two!

Take Two!
by SimonSaysWrite
1.1k pages

College student majoring in botany has a fateful encounter with truck-kun while trying to get back in shape after realizing that his freshman 15 turned into the sophomore 20, and then the junior 30.

After going through a very amusing(to some) hell, he gets the chance to transmigrate into a body of his own design on a magical world. Playing to his strengths, he chose the Plantkin race, and the new name of Sorrel to match.

This is a slow-paced, magical, slice-of-life story with a focus on relationships. There will be sex(I'll try to keep the explicit stuff to a minimum, but it will be there), swearing, really bad jokes, and enough food to spoil your diet. There will not be a lot of action, epic quests to save the world, or anything even remotely resembling a big-bad-evil-guy(a few smaller bad guys, sure. But, no BBEG).











Note: This is a re-write of my first story "Congratulations, You're Dead!". And, is much more what I wish I had written in the first place. The characters and the world are very similar, with a few key differences. The story may borrow some elements from Congrats, but should be considered as its own work. Reading Congrats first is not needed, or even reccommended, not unless you want to see some really cringey romance in the early chapters.

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Revenge of the Sorcerer King

Revenge of the Sorcerer (...)
by Dragonsunxx
24 pages

On Hiatus as of 1-28-20. Full Book can be found on Amazon! Story is being continued on Patreon!

Oberon Blackphoenix almost united all the races on his part of the world. It would have meant a term of peace yet unheard of. Sadly, he was betrayed by one of his most trusted advisors. With his once friend's sword piercing his chest, he cast his last spell. Unintended by even him, his spell incorporates a legendary item that results in the world being cursed. Now over a thousand years later, a certain sorcerer once again wakes... and he is not happy.

Alessa Darkfeather is hunted daily, all because of who her long lost ancestor was. She expected to die soon after her mother was stolen from her. Now... Now she might have a chance at revenge and she plans on taking it. If she can survive that is... 

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Vainqueur the Dragon

Vainqueur the Dragon
by Void Herald
690 pages

Vainqueur Knightsbane is your average dragon: a giant, fire-breathing lizard who loves to take naps on his golden hoard, kidnap princesses for fun, and make the life of adventurers miserable. Vainqueur's only pleasure in life is to watch his treasure get bigger, one coin at a time.

So when a would-be thief turned unwilling minion tells him about "classes," "levels," and "quests," Vainqueur wonders if maybe, just maybe, he should consider a career change. 

After all, why bother hunting monsters for free when you can get paid for it?

(The original art of the cover picture was made by Björn Lensig

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Queen in the Mud

Queen in the Mud
by Maari
273 pages

A girl suddenly vanishes from her world and finds herself drifting in and out of consciousness in a world of pure darkness. 

Queen in the Mud is an unusual litrpg novel featuring a female monster protagonist as she makes her way through a vicious untamed world ruled by a "system."


(Cover art by Monomus)

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He Who Fights With Monsters

He Who Fights With Monsters
by Shirtaloon
1.5k pages

Access the discord here.

Jason wakes up in a mysterious world of magic and monsters. He’ll face off against cannibals, cultists, wizards, monsters, and that’s just the first day. He’s going to need courage, he’s going to need wit and he’s going to need some magic powers of his own. But first, he’s going to need pants.

Follow Jason as he makes a place for himself in a world that is strange, yet sometimes strangely familiar. He’ll meet crime lords and aristocrats, gods and monsters on his path from would-be victim to heroic adventurer. At least, he tries to be heroic. It’s hard to be good when all your powers are evil.

Release schedule is 5 chapters per week, Monday-Friday USA time.

Please note: I am Australian and this story is written in Australian English, so there will be less of the letter Z and more of the letter U.

This web novel is also available at

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by MageOfSacks
200 pages

My name is Vak Tychus. Aside from the, regrettably striking name, there were very few things I'd judge, that made me - me. The name had to do with chance or fate. My last name was Latin, derived from the Latinized name Eutychus which was the combination of two Greek words corresponding to "good" and "luck, chance, and fortune." 

Now that you know why I'm so unhealthily and exceedingly prone to gambling I can begin to teach you why exactly I love it so much. 

There's a handful of things you'd have to know to really appreciate how to gamble. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn in two decades supposing you stuck with it your entire life. Although, there are some stark differences between betting a handful of cash and your life against monstrous creatures intent on your blood. Well, you learn a thing or two, if you can believe it.

Here, in fact, we can start with the first one: Taking a risk.

Try it now and start reading.

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