Andrew Seiple

Andrew Seiple

    1. An animated teddy-bear has to deal with life in a LitRPG world

      A golem maker's project turns out to be far more than his creator bargained for. Fortunately for the golem, he's quick to find allies, learn skills, gain levels, and get himself out of horrible predicaments. (...)

    2. RE: Trouble with Dark Mode

      I'll give it a whirl... And, success. Not as clear in light mode, but now it's visible in both. It'll do for now. Thank you again!

    3. RE: Trouble with Dark Mode

      Except no, wait, I can't seem to find an auto option on the text color menu. I thought setting it to "no color" would do the trick, but it's not. Is there a menu or command I'm not seeing, somewhere?

    4. RE: Trouble with Dark Mode

      Set the color of your font to auto instead of black. That should help. Oh thank gods it's that simple. And thank YOU!

    5. Trouble with Dark Mode

      Hey there. I'm new to posting Royal Road, and quickly finding out that this site has a lot of little features that are giving me trouble.  Like this whole Dark Mode thing. I didn't know it was possible (...)