Azarinth Healer

No glaring mistranslations, pretty cool and unique class system. My only issue is that it can be hard to remember other characters when they are introduced for a few chapters and then vanish. Other than Illea, there's not that many other really fleshed out characters. 

My Girlfriend, the Necromancer

Great story, deep characters some prologue issues.

Yeah, having a prologue and then spending 20 chapters on everything needed to reach the prologue can be annoying. I get the feeling the author is trying to be too ambitious and is locking himself into shooting for a 900k word saga/story. That would really be the only way of justifying 20 chapters worth of content as "foundation" for the rest of the novel. Regardless, I think character development is the biggest plus of the novel. The romance is deep and tested by apocalyptic scenarios -- not just sappy banalities. I'm not sure how chelanite is going to grow his novel, but I can't wait. 

Mother of Learning

Read and then Reread and then reread again.

 There's mystery and there's a lot more side character development than you'd expect when repeating the same month over and over. We are constricted to what the MC knows, and as the MC grows over each loop he matures and becomes more understanding -- this translates to us seeing all the facets of the people that Zorian originally considered to be annoying or overbearing. 

Trails of Ascension

This has an OP MC who is not OP simply for the sake of being OP. If you like novels where teaching and passing on knowledge is a part, then this novel will show that nicely. No blatant syntax errors that popped out -- grammar didn't inhibit my reading of the story. The author actually spends the time to delve into the POVs of side characters -- even if they'll only be salient for one or two chapters. The main characters feel alive -- though there's only been some character development in the 24 chapters I read. However, I anticipate that they'll be far more fleshed out in the future. I liked what I read and I wanna read more.