1. Re: How often should I post new chapters?

      My first story here I got myself into a hole.  I was several chapters ahead and got lazy.   "I have four chapters in the bank I have time, no need to write today."   Three releases later I'm staring (...)

    2. Re: How do you track your Plotting?

      Thanks for the replies.   Last night I dropped a whole lot of "must have" scene ideas into the bottom of my project.  I'm trying them all as "headings" to see if that makes them easier to shingle as (...)

    3. Re: How do you track your Plotting?

      Hi! I was wondering, how do you track your plot and scenes? Back when, I used index cards taped to the wall to plot the story arcs.  And each card had a scene on it. Is there a  better way? (...)

    4. Re: First draft or more polished?

      I was just reading one thread and smebody said something like:  don't publish your first draft, have a more polished work. I that the prevailing attitude?  My first story was a first draft.  As I start (...)

    5. RE: I just wanted to thank that one guy that followed my story. It was a hard road.

      I understand how you feel.... ok not the 50 followers part, but I have 3 followers who I'm grateful for. I hit a rough patch and just couldn't get any updates out and felt like I was disappointing them. (...)

    6. RE: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      For the story, 'The Costa Brava Scenario ( formerly: Space Opera )': Sorry for the long delay, you probably thought I forgot about your request, (...)

    7. RE: A little help please.

      Hi, I would take a look at the opening paragraph. It may be the style you are comfortable with, but my style wants a stronger opening. Is there a reason the main character is on the other side of (...)

    8. RE: Making characters meet up naturally.

      Try a shared experience..... what event can happen that they can all be swept up in? Bar fight? Run from authorities? Save somebody from a bully or mugger or monster? Family style dinner at the (...)

    9. RE: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      HI! I need some help. After not getting a lot of reads, I took a look at the basics- are the title and description interesting enough? I am worried the answer is NO. So, I am looking for some feedback (...)

    10. Title and Description opinion

      Hello Everybody! I need some help.  After not getting a lot of reads, I took a look at the basics- are the title and description interesting enough?  I am worried the answer is NO.  So, I am looking (...)

    11. RE: I Will Give You a Nice Review

      I would another set of eyes on Space Opera, a LITRPG-lite story In fact, not only will I take a look at yours, but randomly choose somebody else's story (...)

    12. RE: What levels of environment detail do you guys prefer, and why.

      One way to approach it is to ask "what's really important?" If you spend paragraphs describing a door or something, then that door should be very very important. Your readers will be put off if you (...)

    13. RE: New member, Need advice. I Keep rewriting my 1st chapter before even finishing it

      Personally, I start writing and don't stop. The goal is to get as much on paper as quickly as I can. I know that what I write is not perfect. I also know that if I start reading what I wrote the I'll (...)

    14. RE: Review for a review

      Hi Lukas. I put some comments after chapter 3. I'll go back and do the same for chap 1. I like the story enough to keep reading. I think you need to tighten it up though. Look for more chap comments (...)

    15. RE: Volunteering for reviews

      Hello! I'd love another set of eyes to take a look at my first story here. It's a Sci-Fi LITRPG. Another chapter or two will drop today. Space Opera (...)

    16. RE: Does anyone else sometimes feel overwhelmed?

      I feel your anxiety. I am nervous about sending my story out into the world. What if it just flat out stinks. Compared to the authors I read the most, it's not great. I think that I need to just go (...)

    17. RE: Drafts or final?

      I post my first drafts which tends to work fine ... I may try that.  I think I just want to send my story into the world and see if it's any good.