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Mr.Bloody Panda

    1. Re: In-depth Feedback for Grimdark Litrpg

      Regrettably, I am one of the lazier human beings out there. Doing a bunch of reviews to boost my story and try to get it on the trending page is too much work for me. Reading an interesting story and (...)

    2. Re: Something new requiring feedback

      I'm trying something new, and while that sounds merry to everyone who is tired of the same old, it rarely works. The issue for me, is that I do not know whether it is working or not. Trying a new type (...)

    3. Re: How to encourage feedback?

      I'm sure this was asked before, and is the bane of every Royal Road author, but my viewers are largely incognito. There is 100 of them regularly reading it, but only one of them respond. When I ask how (...)

    4. Re: Free editor, can i have this delicious fruit?

      Your mistakes are basic English blunders. Instead of looking for an editor, improve on the skill itself. Look up guides on youtube for English grammar and writing. Also read published books and copy their (...)

    5. Re: weird, different, off, etc...

      Read L. The first chapter is a bit weird, the fucked up really happens after chapter 20

    6. Re: Villain/Evil main character.

      What do you mean by evil?  I'm thinking of two types of characters; one who despises the world, and goes out of his way to make things dreadful for other people, and two, someone who lives only for (...)

    7. Re: Interesting MC + Story

      I have the interesting, and though I wouldn't call my character kind and virtuous, he does have an abundance of hearts. Check out L. 

    8. Re: Click here to see conceited author get mind broken by LARGE critiques

      Your link doesn't work, but I assume "L" is the fiction you want reviewed? And I'll gladly review your story if you review mine, the link is in the description. Got it. I'll probably leave one in (...)

    9. Re: Click here to see conceited author get mind broken by LARGE critiques

      Willing to give meaning to your life by allowing you to review my story:

    10. Re: Let me review your story, no need to review swap

      I'll throw mine into the endless mixture

    11. Re: Review & Proofreading Services for New Authors

      Let me know if you're still interested. Here is the link:

    12. Re: A New Take On The Joker

      Remember those side-characters that smile all the time? That seem silly and clownish, but really they're one of the most vicious and downright dreadful characters? Yeah, that's my main character. Instead (...)

    13. RE: Good novel with gigantic breasted female lead

      Try Everybody Loves Large Chests. Thank you for suggestion, but: 2. Female lead is only one absurdly busty character, while all other girls and women are small or have some reasonably big (...)

    14. RE: Advanced Review Wanted

      Not at all, this was hell of a helpful. You've given me much to think about.  The only thing is that in the status screen he had the path of "deserter." He's  not an assassin, just a trained soldier, (...)

    15. RE: Advanced Review Wanted

      Alright, I've read ten chapters, and I think I'm done. Here's a few more critiques. You put in numerals for a lot of numbers that I'd normally expect to see as words. 5 foot 6, for example, instead (...)

    16. RE: Advanced Review Wanted

      I'm not a big fan of the stars review system, but I'll leave you some critique here. First off, your summary. Please switch it around. You have the actual summary at the bottom, underneath your (...)

    17. RE: Looking for a story where the MC is neutral

      Im looking for anything really for example an mc that wont help in anything political or a war but will help innocent people. nevermind, don't bother with mine.

    18. RE: Advanced Review Wanted

      So just to be clear, you're not offering a review in return, but love letters?  I'll at least have a look b/c that made me laugh. They might not be genuine, but they will be from the bottom of my (...)

    19. Advanced Review Wanted

      I have no soul, so feel free to critically review mine. 5 stars are always nice, but the more in-depth the review, the more love letters I'll send you.  Link is in the Sig.  Have fun.

    20. RE: I Will Give You a Nice Review

      If you're still free to review my work, that will be awesome. If you do, I just request that in addition to telling me what you like, please tell me what you want to see more of what you like, if that (...)