Dungeon I/O (⚒ Crafting ⚒)

I haven't read a dungeon story for a while so I'm probably a bit resistant to their tropes for now. Even still I feel this one has a rather unique take on the whole thing as the core feels a lot less like some sort of tower defense manager and more like some weirdly bound-in-place semi-immortal reincarnator.

Overall the vibe and character give off feelings similar to Dr. Stone and maybe a hint of How To Tame Your Princess.

Pacing is also quite good as the story doesn't get bogged down focusing on one thing at a time. For example while the MC is off grinding out data about slime death a resource counts we get a side chapter following the first character to(/in) discover(ing) the dungeon.

Borne of Caution

*Sticks his head out of the closet he's digging in.*

A review? Oh, sure. It's really good. One of the gnarliest isekai starts and... hang on.

*Digs around in the closet some more before returning*

I don't know a lot of the Pokemon cause I'm older but the emotions and the battles are real and enthralling enough to make me... oh, there it is.

*Pulls something rectangular from the depths of the closet or perhaps his past*

Review? Oh, umm... Lemme just pick my starter...

What is god to a non believer

A Perfectly Executed Terribad Fanfic

The technical aspects of this story are atrocious. However, I don't give a duck! Know why? Because most of the Godzilla movies are trash too and they're still great. So, basically you just ignore the B-movie feel of the writing and enjoy watching Godzilla smash through a cultivation world.

The System is accepting applications

Normally, a story with this many characters and possible plotlines and whatnot feels scattered or leaves you feeling too spread out. However, System manages it all quite well. The characters have realistic and interesting personalities and backstories. The idea that one of the mcs is the system itself is quite novel and adds an enjoyable perspective to the whole thing.

I really like that it didn't take three arcs for many of the System Users to meet up and form parties. At the same time I also like how it's not an instant 'everyone joins the same party' plot.

I could go on about finer details like the interesting romance subplots, the non-binary gender/sexuality identity exploration, or even the well foreshadowed character backstory plotlines. But I don't think anyone who hasn't been swayed already will read more so I'll stop my review here.

Nice job. Followed. Favorited. Rated.

Binary Soul

All this review is is a request for an audiobook

Seriously, it would be awesome. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I probably read this story 2-3 times a year. Maybe more.

Cutest in the Omniverse

The MC may be cute but the story is beautiful

While I admit that the story is quite saccharine I do enjoy it. I find that the somewhat wry perspective of the MC adds enough spice to the recipe to finish the "sweet and spice and everything nice" combo that a proper cutest in the Omniverse must adhere to.

In technical respects the writing is good but not perfect. So, typos are expected but few and don't usually impede the understanding of the content.

Don't label me!

Fantastic story. But you should drop the comedy tag.

Auntie toasts the VRMMORPG

The characters are all original and fun, particularly the MC. Not to mention a seriously underrepresented demographic here (60+ women AND women in tech). The story (10 chapters) hasn't really gone anywhere yet but we've got a great understanding of the main character and a little world building on the side.

Honestly, I'm just happy to find another story that has the comedy tag that is comedy first.

The Vespidian

This is a fantastic and well written book but you seriously need to drop the comedy tag. Good job but I'm out.

There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

This story never fails to make me feel good. Most stories hinge on conflict and drama. Puns meanders through a field of whimsy and charming irony.