1. Re: Female Romance (amateur) Author MC Reincarnates in Unfinished Works to Capture Male Villain

      I made a post over at novel updates too and someone found it there for me. Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke

    2. Re: Female Romance (amateur) Author MC Reincarnates in Unfinished Works to Capture Male Villain

      So, from what I remember of the plot the protagonist is a woman who may or may not have been an amateur author who constantly gave up on the stories she wrote. She hates the (I think it was called) "fairy (...)

    3. Re: MC fighting alongside lover

      Lazy Dragon Queen may or may not be what you're looking for. Rom-com.

    4. Re: Moving on to bigger and brighter things; webnovel edition.

      Ahh, no. I meant: tell me what those books are so I can go get them. I know they're not here or I would already be reading them.

    5. Re: Moving on to bigger and brighter things; webnovel edition.

      Hey all. I'm looking for books from RR that have moved on to Kindle unlimited or even just published at all. I'm not a fan of paying for works in progress despite what the count of my steam early access (...)

    6. Re: Enjoyable Harem

      Ah, yea. I just rediscovered Scottf14. Reading Galataea Crystallim: Redux. Which can honestly and without aspersion be called Pokemon XXX.

    7. Re: LF stories where the MC is a non-human

      Hah, this is gonna be fun. I'm gonna go through my entire bookshelf for this one. Btw, these are all worth reading despite my lackluster descriptions. Also, I left out all the dungeon core stories because (...)

    8. Re: Best Abandoned Stories

      If I can only choose one from that mountain then it has to be Artisan. Super Hero/Villian VRMMO and the MC chooses an alien AI as his character and goes the Batman gadgets and intel route.

    9. Re: i'm looking for: vampire fictions or light novels

      Dating Trials of a Vampire Queen I found it to be too dark for my taste but it was a novel take on the vampire mechanics and (...)

    10. Re: Enjoyable Harem

      I'm a ways into Atros Imperium but it's a bit heavier than I'm looking for right now (which in no ways is me saying it's a bad story I think it's one of the best on RR). I read most of My Fiance Is (...)

    11. Re: Enjoyable Harem

      I just want something pleasant to read that's all about people loving each other. I don't care if it's explicit heavy or not at all. Yuri is fine as well. Something along the lines of In Another World (...)

    12. Re: Science meets Fantasy

      Crashed Into Fantasy is pretty solid.

    13. Re: Looking for and offering Super hero stories

      Hmm, the Watchmen preference sets a strange tone that I don't personally choose to read or notice that much. The Vespidian is probably the darkest/grittiest (...)

    14. Re: Looking for the Gay LitRPG

      The First Archmage? That one was pretty gay, but all the main characters are still kids, though, so it might not be too enjoyable. It's not like they're sexually active, though, so that's a plus, but they're (...)

    15. Re: Non-hiatus Advanced Search Parameter

      I would like to be able to get both completed and ongoing in the same search results. Right now I would have to do two searches.

    16. Re: Story focus on survival

      I am Urist is quite good. Bunch of reincarnated dwarfs forced to build a new life on a hostile planet. Out of Space is a good spaceship crashed on fantasy planet and stuck there surviving. Atros Imperium (...)

    17. Re: What's the god-tier fiction around these parts?

      Anything from Andur. My personal favorite is Coeus. He has a lot of completed works which is a nice difference from the usual go until they get tired of it style that most authors use. Arcane Emperor (...)

    18. Re: Looking For Robots (Not Mecha)

      AI is fine too. I really liked Clockwork and Artisan and generally anything involving non-biological life. Also already read re install.

    19. Re: RR Authors are all secretly anime characters

      Because they're always getting sick. It's honestly kinda weird how often people seem to get sick here. Makes me glad I don't have to leave the house to read RR.

    20. Re: Margins?