Rick Scott

Rick Scott

Battle Avatars: A Gamelit/Xianxia Novel

There is alot going on in this story. While it starts off as most typical litRPGs there are hints that there is more going on than just the game.

Very detailed rpg mechnaics will make this a treat for readers who like to keep scope withiout getting overly crunchy. 

Some very interesting sci-fi concepts are buried into the story as well. Like the Lenscape, there is more to this story than meets the eye.


Sentenced to Troll 3

Something different yet awesome!

This one is definately worth your time to check out.

The premise sets the main character up for an ingame sentence of full immersion where he has to play a troll. Worse than that, he'll be playing againt other players.

Althouugh there are not too many chapters thus far, the story is really coming together fast, with quick pacing and very likable characters.

What's sets it apart for me is the conflict brerwing between his adopted Troll village and the player characters who appear to be min maxing and already OP by the time the story starts. The troll abilities are also fantastic and even though he's a monster, the author portrays both him and the other trolls with lots of humanity so you reallty gain an empathy for them.


In alot of ways, it almost reminds me of Avatar. Anyway, very good story this far.


Check it out!

Brian the Drow: A Worldshapers & Realmbreakers LitRPG

Not too many chapters so far, but the story hooks you immediately with a very relatable MC. The action starts right away and the gaming system is really comprehensive and fun. To add more fun there is humor and the start of a great harem element as well. 

I can see this one going to the top of the charts very quickly.




Really nice POV. Great gaming system 5/5




Really clean, but a few small errors here and there but great flow and descriptions. 4.5/5




So far so freaking Good! 5/5 (Will adjust as the story goes along)




Really nice characters. Looking forward to seeing how they develop 5/5 


Overall 5/5


A really cool new ficiton with tons of potential and a really comprehensive and unique gaming system. Fans of old school D&D and table top games will be in for a treat. Very accessible.