Alexis Keane

Alexis Keane

Star Child

Really nice premise, interesting to see how a whole world sprung up from a simple writing prompt. Whole thing was really well handled and co-ordinated. Occassional misspellings were present in the book, which was minorly annoying, but manageable. Wish the author would have said this was on amazon, since I prefer reading on a tablet :P

Deck of Souls

Soooo, this review might seem a bit premature, since it's been [checks watch] 30 minutes since this has been uploaded. But I don't care... it's just that good... (I've also read some of the chapters yet to be released, so shush...)


The style is enjoyable and tightly controlled. There a not a lot of wasted words and all in all it contributes toward a well-wrought story that flows nicely and keeps you engaged no matter the situation. The MC's perspective is interwoven nicely with this and helps to add a nice balance of verve and humor to help engage and sustain the narrative.


The story is good with plenty of good setup, foreshadowing, and twists. It can be a little slow at times, but regardless it is extremely entertaining and the world it is set in is absolutely exquisite. That being said, this will not appeal to everyone. Dick [coughs]... I mean, Deck of Souls is predominantly a character driven romance plot set in a fantasy world, somewhat like Throne of Glass, or A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas. If you liked those however, you'll find yourself spellbound by this.


Grammar is good, except that author misspelled first word of title, should be an i instead of an e...


This is the main draw of this novel, and may I just say that it is glorious. The characters are engaging, dynamic, and, most importantly, hilarious. Each character is varied and has a life of their own leading to an extremely entertaining and colorful cast that really brings the story to life. Some characters are a little extreme, as to be unrealistic, but meh [shrugs] I'll take it, it's part of what makes the story so entertaining. Character relationships are similarly well done and you'll find yourself screaming at your screen "Just f*** already."... alas, that seems unlikely to happen as the author is evil and seems to take a perverse pleasure in... [devolves into angry grumbling]


tl;dr if you're a fan of romance heavy fantasy novels (Throne of Glass, ACOTAR, etc.) then this is a great read. Dick of Souls is great.

Exponential Mana Regeneration

Good fic, just a shame it hasn’t updated recently. I hope the author picks it back up once they’ve settled down in japan


Great story, enjoyable and a real page turner that is hard to put down.

The style is pretty good and is unobtrusive enough to make reading an absolute breeze.

The story is great and the eponymous glitches are a breath of fresh air in face of the hackneyed tropes often found on rrl.

The grammar is pretty good. There are, as always, a few minor errors, but I'll chalk those down to glitches. Nothing distracting and the meaning of sentences are clear even when there are errors.

The characters are a major draw to the story. They're lively, realistic and able to be empathised with. There's a whole cast of characters so if one rubs you up the wrong way there are plenty more to suit your fancy.

Radioactive Evolution

Nice, and with a great deal of potential

TL;DR good, fun, post apocalyptic litrpg. Definitely worth a read.

So... this is pretty good. I, personally, love post apocalypse stories and this one really does tick all the (blue... well, gray) boxes. The grammar is well above average for RRL, although you will find the occassional mistake or two. However, this doesn't really have much of an impact on the story and in no way breaks immersion. The story is just getting started but seems interesting so far and there seems to be a great many options for the story to go down (which is awesome, because I want MOAR). Even with my favorable predisposition towards apocalypse and litrpg novels, this one stands out due to its abundance of imagination. The characters are few so far, but they are enjoyable to read about, my one criticism would be that they are somewhat one dimensional at infrequent intervals and have no distinct persistent and consistent driving force, although this may change as the story progresses. Still, the characters are engaging and a pleasure to come to know. The style is pretty sweet and well above RRL average. It is obvious that the author has spent a good deal of time honing the story to display its full potential, and this shows. There is a slight preponderence on flashbacks to tell backstory and past narrative (which I am personally not that fond of, but to each their own), regardless it is easy reading and the story flows really nicely in a way that compliments the author's long chapters.


The Mad One

Aliens invade earth, let the probing begin...

The probing of weaknesses, of course.

An extremely enjoyable story with a great deal of heart behind it. Indeed, Nefarious has already ripped a great deal of the beating organs out of his victims' living chests as sacrifices for the dark gods of writing whom he seeks to appease.

His sacrifices have not been in vain. Indeed those fell deities smile upon him and have treated with him favorably. The time is nigh, my brethren. The time of The Mad One has come!

Shovels In Spades

Here... have a review you miserable ba-

Well written and interesting. Daz is an enjoyable character to follow. There’s a slight over reliance on headswapping, but all in all it’s not too bad.

Nice work, great read, brilliant title!

The Crown of Sorrow

As of chapter 9

An extremely well written and refined fiction. The update times seem erratic, but hopefully that will change going forwards.

So... where to begin...

The characters each have well developed voices and seem to have a lives and motives of their own beyond those of the MC. This gives them an extraordinary degree of depth which is only aided by natural sounding dialogue. My one complaint is that characterization sometimes falls into caricature, however, it is not worth docking a quarter of a star for, much less half of one, given the otherwise excellent crafting of the author's characters. Character Score: 4.9/5

The story is still in its nascent stages, as of the time of writing this. Despite this, it seems to be progressing at a reasonable and engaging pace. Minor arcs are skillfully woven into the story so far, helping to maintain the pace, although some are generic... however, as stated, it is early days and not much further comment can be given beyond that. Story Score: 4.8/5

The style is good, crisp, clean and professional. It helps drive the narrative well and assists in the progression of the story. In my opinion, the style is exceeding well refined and on par with published literature. I can find little to fault it by except in matters of personal preference. Style Score: 5/5

Finally, the grammar, spelling and sentence/paragraph structure. The former two are pretty much impossible to complain about. Author has a solid grasp on the English language and wields it formidably with minimal but inevitable and excusable errors. Sentences are generally well laid out and there are only minor-to-non-existent issues with word order. Paragraph length is probably my biggest bugbear with this fic. Some paragraphs run on like a hyperactive squirrel's wedding speech and would benefit from a linebreak to help balance them out and prevent skimreading. As it is, I am only really mentioning this as I am particularly adverse to giving five star scores for everything, as it can often seem to come across as insincere. Grammar Score: 4.7/5 (N.B. no real issues with grammar or spelling, just some long paragraphs)

Avatar: The Wild Lands (A Medieval 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' Fiction)

A wonderful story set in the recognizable world of Avatar. 

I expected a legend of Korra spinoff, but nothing prepared me for the depth of wordlbuilding and the intensity of MiSanity's characters.

The story is both beautiful and compelling with all your favourite bending styles. While there are some spelling and grammatical errors, they are minor as well as being few and far between.

This story has everything I could ask for, up to and including a baker with a weird cabbage obsession.