Alexis Keane

Alexis Keane

    1. RE: Looking for books about evil mc. (Read description below)

      This is flagrant self-promotion but you might enjoy my dungeon fic in my sig.

    2. RE: Don't click. This is a Glitch

      Great story, enjoyable and a real page turner that is hard to put down. The style is pretty good and is unobtrusive enough to make reading an absolute breeze. The story is great and the eponymous (...)

    3. RE: Does anyone use the hemingway editor?

      I use Hemingway editor, but only for its reading grade analysis so that I can keep all my writing between grades 5-7. Past that, I find Hemingway an interesting tool, but not a necessarily helpful one. (...)

    4. RE: "I don't know how to start a story. Please help."

      Meh, star wars ripped off literature, and the prequels ripped off moviegoers

    5. RE: "I don't know how to start a story. Please help."

      Nice guide. Now... show us how not to write a story, using the star wars prequels as an example :P

    6. RE: Smart Male MC

      Just to add, It’s not a rationalist fic to any extent, if that’s what you’re looking for. However the MCs are relatively smart and they do smart things, whether it’s what you’re looking for, I don’t know, (...)

    7. RE: Smart Male MC

      My fic is in my sig, it's a dungeon story set in an expansive fantasy world with strange magic, dead gods and morally ambiguous characters. It's very much character driven, although there is a large underlying (...)

    8. RE: What did you get this christmas?

      I got a sore throat and a cough... nasty combination...

    9. RE: What gender do you prefer for a protagonist?

      probably male, given the large *ahem* pro-tuber-ance

    10. RE: What gender do you prefer for a protagonist?

      Back on topic, unless the writer has already gone through all the mistakes and corrections many times already, I prefer main characters who have the same gender to the writer because otherwise they (...)

    11. RE: What gender do you prefer for a protagonist?

      Gender doesn’t matter when writing... unless you’re doing Yaoi/Yuri/Harem... write what you’re comfortable with. If you’re writing a different gender... go for it, but make sure you’re able to write a (...)

    12. RE: How do I get more comments and interactions.

      ^^^ This Fill your story with intrigue Make something unique Kill an important character (always a good one) Respond to comments (even just to say thank you for reading) Make your MC theorise about (...)

    13. RE: OP vs Non-OP

      It is best to ignore characters in terms of OP and non-OP. Having an eye in the land of the blind is potentially OP... And indeed powers or the application of them are vital to making your characters unique, (...)

    14. RE: Making a list of all "I am a Dungeon" type novels.

      The Dungeon Pact blatant self promotion...

    15. RE: Reincarnation stories: should the baby/childhood phase be skipped?

      You could always start with the MC reflecting on their childhood. It was strange to go through childhood twice. I was three when my memories of a past life began to return, but honestly I don't remember (...)

    16. RE: Writing is Suffering (A B****y Rant)

      Ah. my bad, I meant publishers, there.

    17. RE: Writing is Suffering (A B****y Rant)

      Remember that the thing with agents is that they don't pick the best books. They don't go around looking for the next biggest new idea. They are traditionalists, they stick with what they know works (...)

    18. RE: How much do you plan before writing?

      I don't really plan. I know where I begin and where I end. Once I have that I make arcs develop naturally as I go along, all working in service to further the finale and help create context to it. The (...)

    19. RE: New stories to watch out for

      but it was too late... he was already dead...

    20. RE: New stories to watch out for

      *Gasp* The plot thickens like chicken soup mixed with a truck of corn starch