1. Re: What's your favourite food?

      Steak, obviously. Or maybe alfredo? Hmm... there's a lot of good seafood out there too, like calamari. Ya know what, if it tastes good in the moment, that's my favorite.

    2. Re: How to Join Us

      Hey all, sorry about the lack of replies. I, personally, have been particularly busy with things irl. If you know you haven't been added to the group yet, please send me a pm either here or on discord (...)

    3. Re: How to Join Us

      So, I went through and added a bunch of your names to our member list here on Royal Road. If any of you have not yet joined our discord, feel free to do so:

    4. Re: How to Join Us

      Hello, my name is Kevin. I've been in the discord for a few weeks, under the same username. I'm currently writing a novel probably called "The Forsaken Tribe" that is not released yet.  Hi, Dustyacer, (...)

    5. Re: Mod Vote October to February: Applications

      You must vote for me, for I am blessed by Karen-chan.

    6. RE: How to Join Us

      Hey I'm justin, I'm currently working on my first novel which has about 10 chapters so far. I've been writing it for a friend, but his criticism/comments aren't in depth! I know I struggle in some aspects, (...)

    7. RE: How to Join Us

      Hello Everyone, I'm really new on this forum and just want to create novel that worth to read at. I'm willing to help out everyone and give input about some matter. I'm got too much drugged by fiction (...)

    8. RE: How to Join Us

      Hey guys. You probs all be thinking "wow that's the Worst Name Ever!" and "what a bad name :P"and I get it, it is the worst name ever ;). Either way about meself eyyy. Alright, I am in college atm tryna (...)

    9. RE: How to Join Us

      Hi, I'm timesen and have just uploaded my fifth chapter for my novel A hero's legacy. I'm currently in my compulsory internship for my game design studies which takes almost all my time and work on a (...)

    10. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      Telling me to take it easy and "don't over do it" implies I did more than reply to a single person looking for not only my genre but my specific sub-genre (apocalyptic LitRPG). I also clearly identified (...)

    11. RE: Mod vote March to July 2018: Applications

      For those of you who are unaware, I am Karen-chan's most faithful servant. Therefore, you should vote for me. Also, I'll actually take care of forum stuff. In the event that you do not know me, vote for (...)

    12. RE: Wing vs WriTE new challenge

      So, I just found out about this, but I'll definitely go for it. It might take a while, but it's certainly doable. Become my stepping stones to greatness. Current word count between two ongoing novels: (...)

    13. RE: Members' ongoing fictions

      Hey, peoples in Karen's belly. Just wanted to mention that I have another ongoing fiction called Ancientblood in case the thread is still relevant.

    14. RE: The Pledge (Details)

      So, just wanted to mention that the cover and synopsis in this thread for Hidden Forge are outdated. Just wondering if those could get updated.

    15. What happens when a man can travel between a futurist Earth and a world of fantasy?

      Hello everybody! AstralTempest here shamelessly promoting my story, Hidden Forge: Lucem Ac Tenebras. The story takes a slightly different approach to fantasy. Originally, the idea began with a simple (...)

    16. Looking to commission some cover art for Hidden Forge: Lucem Ac Tenebras

      Currently, I have a temporary cover art I made for my story, but I would like to commission some cover art for the story. If you are up for it, please reply or send me a pm. Thanks!

    17. RE: Mod vote November to March: Applications

      Gets on stage. You should vote for AstralTempest! (please don't vote for me) If I am elected, everyone will receive a free loli catgirl maid! Other options include: lolita catgirl, onakishi catgirl, (...)

    18. RE: The Pledge (Details) Hey, not totally clear on whether I qualified for the pledge or not, but I have the story planned out and everything. "Might as well (...)

    19. RE: The Pledge (Details) It is still a few days from being a full month, but I would like to give this novel a satisfying ending. Signing the pledge seemed (...)

    20. RE: Members' ongoing fictions

      Working on this fic right now.