1. Re: 🌦️ Weekend Snippets 24/3 | WEEK 86 🌸 Spring has Arrived! 🚴🏼

      An excerpt from chapter 21 of Discard Vengeance, book one of The Discarded Harem Member's Counterattack "Why? What have I done to make you fear me so much?" She had to hold back a grin when his vein (...)

    2. Re: Promote your story by talking about the backstory.

      TDHMC was inspired by the popular Korean isekai novel and manwha, Protecting the Female Lead's Brother (aka Roxana). I read some of the novel after finishing the comic and was so happy the MC was a true (...)

    3. Re: Initial "concept" that kickstarted your story's creation

      I had thought of a story where a girl is forced to play the role of a villain in a harem web novel. I then wondered how it would go if the girl accepted her new role and went nutty.

    4. Re: ☘️ Weekend Snippets 17/3 | WEEK 85 💚 Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍻

      Plus, Cleo's family name held more weight than his. The Bryants had gained admiration for the fear they struck in the hearts of pirates. Marines who fought beside them sat them as heroes. But as Yona took (...)

    5. Re: ☀️ Weekend Snippets 10/3 | WEEK 84 🕗🌟🕘 It's Daylight Savings Time! 🌕

      An excerpt of The Discarded Harem Member's Counterattack The teenager had debated using Cleo's magic on Charmaine. She didn't know how to control it yet or the consequences of misusing it. But she had (...)

    6. Re: Villainess Stories

      I write one myself with the Discarded Harem Member's Counterattacks but the protagonist is dropped into a dark fantasy web novel as the former female lead turned villainess rival. 

    7. Re: 🌻 Weekend Snippets 3/3 | WEEK 83 😀 World Wildlife Day! 🌍

      In the Discarded Harem Member's Counterattack, Leila finds her family's banquet is a perfect networking opportunity.  Leila blinked and realized she had heard of this soup before. Takeout places near (...)

    8. Re: What's troubling you?

      I'm constantly overwhelmed with guilt that I don't have a huge following to run a Patreon, as my mother is very much in debt. I spend my time out-of-school writing and debating giving it all up to get (...)

    9. Re: 3 things top web novelists are doing that you (probably) aren't

      Money and backlogs are definitely a barrier to success. I have noticed that the top stories here have commissioned covers for every volume and edited chapters posted multiple times a week. And I'm talking (...)

    10. Re: Other sites to release on

      I would say try scribble hub, I find it's easier to get readers on there depending on your genre. 

    11. Re: 🏆 Weekend Snippets 17/2 | WEEK 81 💻 The Royal Road Community Magazine Contest #3 🎖️ WINNERS! 🎖️

      "You look stunning!" Yeonhee exclaimed as Leila stood with a blank expression. The teenager had tried on three of the dresses already. The first one was a traditional Chinese dress that felt too tight (...)

    12. Re: Promote your story by telling me what's unique to it

      The Discarded Harem Member's Counterattack is told through the eyes of a typical villain/harem member of a fantasy web novel. Only its a reader whose been cursed to save the character as the MC and his (...)

    13. Re: Is "reverse isekai" a genre?

      The only time I've seen reverse isekai be used as a label was with someone being transported from a fantasy world to modern day. Both take place in high-school with the MCs being natives in their isekai (...)

    14. Re: the Buyout Dilemma

      Otome Isekai are usually 2 to 3 volumes so I could do it. However, I'd probably have to rewrite parts of V1 to extend the storyline.

    15. Re: I've been writing a web novel serial for 15 years, AMA

      I read some of shift in middle school so I want to ask, how did you stay motivated for so long? Did you ever want to stop and publish it traditionally? 

    16. Re: February Thread - Promote your Story

      A gothic fantasy set in a magical version of Eurasia. If you like portal fantasy (isekai), twisted protagonists, magic, and strategy over brute force this novel is for you!  Updates every Wednesday and (...)

    17. Re: 🌸 Weekend Snippets 10/2 | WEEK 80 ✳ Superbowl LVII Weekend 🏉 Featuring RIHANNA! 🎤

      Leila could hear her mother’s heart stop at her exclamation. The teenager tightened her grip on the older man and waited. She could feel the tension in the room hit its peak. If her mother agreed, she (...)

    18. Re: Do you like your MC?

      Nope. She's essentially a horrible person who just happened to be isekaid to a place with worse people. 

    19. Sorry, I'm interested in the OP main character! I'm after the author!

      Imagine this. You spend hours reading a popular web novel everyone's recommending. You're told it's a progression fantasy with a gothic setting. The main character is a disgraced and neglected prince who (...)

    20. Re: 🪅 Weekend Snippets 3/2 | WEEK 79 ❄️ The Royal Road Community Magazine #3 Writing Contest is CLOSED 🔒

      A snippet of the newest chapter of The Discarded Harem Member's Counterattack. Our MC is researching magic in the otome novel she's been cursed to play the villain in. The book felt heavy as she saw (...)